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I feel "Imaginary Data Cruncher" is even more on target....
As small as Fassbender's image is in that poster, he lacks even the silhouette of Steve Jobs... Can he even sound like Steve???Is Fassbender that poor of an actor, or is Steve Jobs that hard to portray...?
THIS the part of the smartphone market Apple is going to NEVER be interested in grabbing...
Better click your heels together and say, "I believe," three times...This user was trying to clear his personal data off his  Win Phone ... tell me again where I put in the disc???
Samsung has been working on transportation products for years. See below for an early model undergoing environmental testing.
Early autos had no need for fake grills, Why start with the fake sh*t now?!
Your answer, in essence, is that Apple in it for the long game...(While Samsung is in it for the current quarter results...)
 Yes, the future does look good for Dubai, but I must add that recently the traces of an ancient city was discovered in the desert of the mid-east that was found to be an important stop on the ancient silk road. It was only know in modern times by its name. It's location was long lost.
Unfortunately I won't live long enough to see Dubai turn into the spectacular deserted city in the dessert it is bound to someday become. I just don't see it as a sustainable location, especially once the oil money runs out and global weather heats up.
Even more than public image; it's that large pile of cash that attracts politician/lawyers."There's gotta be some damn way we can get our mitts on some of dat loot!"
New Posts  All Forums: