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You're wasting your time writing posts on this forum. You just showed you have the creative chops to write sci-fi disaster stories. Here's a story tip: San Francisco is hit with a R9 earthquake while a skyscraper is on fire... Title it "Shake and Bake,"Don't bother thanking me.
...and yet ADM is struggling to remain relevant to OEMs... Last I heard the engineers were fleeing the company. Maybe that's changed; I just don't follow them any more.
Virtualization was successfully done years before Apple switched to an Intel CPU. Fortunately in the last few years Windows has become a less important standard. In addition, Apple's developer kit makes rolling-your-own app much easier for small businesses to turn out.
Let me spin you a more successful sales pitch: You walk into an Apple store and ask to see a laptop. The genius asks you what are you using currently, and you say an iPhone and iPad. He then asks you if you'd like to use all your current programs on your new laptop, or do you want Intel compatibility at the cost of needing new software for your new purchase. When you learn that the A-series laptop also costs less and runs longer on a single charge, what's going to stop you...
Look, Apple is CURRENTLY producing two versions of OS. In addition, Apple is also doing work to squeeze more performance out of the A-series chips, Metal and Swift come to mind... and we are only on the first iteration of those. There is little to encourage Apple to leave the intel standard for the desktop or pro Mac products, but Apple's focus is on mobility where they make the most of their money today and projected forward. Apple doesn't even need to make the iOS Macs...
The story didn't mention it, but switching off of Intel will cut the CPH cost into one-tenth the cost or less. With MS Office already running on iOS, there isn't much left to spoil the switch-over since enterprise loves iOS phones and tablets already (and IBM's influence is only now kicking in and is focused on iOS as well) Since a MBA running on an A-series chip is not even an announced dream, it could be known to IBM and was part of cementing the partnership. On...
There's a third, and highly possible alternative, and that is a lot of Android users with escape their nightmare and upgrade to Apple. Now that the exploit available is well known, it will become well used too. After all 61% of them have their economic asses hanging in the wind and ripe for the picking.The allure of the iPhone is at its peak: Touch ID that really works, hooked up with ApplePay that is uber secure... no need even mentioning the other unique assets of the...
But we gotcha to click on the story!! Ha ha... Made ya do it!! Woohoo!!!
Ericsson? Ericsson? I've heard that name before..? Didn't they used to make something or other?
I could care less.... but then that would indicate I cared at all about this news.
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