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Well, this IS Apple Watch 1.0 alpha The next iteration will be the beta version.
What we're seeing on our screens right now is "slo mo video."
Well, it folds out to that, but it ships billfold size so I don't know what 's taking up all the space unless there will be a bunch of Chinese aboard doing the final assembly of the iWatch at the last possible moment.
I bought the Fire phone knowing it's designed to suck all my money out of my wallet... so I carry it in my front pocket.
I thought the same and then realized that's about right for a door stop. If only they'd have sloped it a bit so a person could slide it partly under a door and then give it a kick to stay put...
Ohh, that was a hell-of-a weekend! I'm not sure she ever told me her name...
For Apple, it appears to not be the case in Japan, and it's projected to not be the case in China. Different strokes for the little folks.
You bring up some interesting points, but Apple is unlikely to enter any industries that are so peripheral to their main focus: Superior HW and SW.Furthermore, Apple is a money making company... why would they want to go toe-to-toe with Amazon, a money losing company? That's a game where you lose if you win.
In the USA, you may be correct, but in Asia, there may be a much different demand. Apple isn't like Samsung and just throwing shit out the door, hoping the market will accept it. You really need to think beyond your own back door in Podunk Nowhere, USA.
You just love Android because of all the free malware you get... and you don't even have to go look for it!
New Posts  All Forums: