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You misjudge the value of medical GPs. They are the best people for looking at the whole person, physically and mentally. Specialists focus too tightly to see the whole picture. A person is much more than the sum total of all the charts and numbers, x-rays and tests.
If I remember correctly, the customer return rate was staggering...
No love for Zeiss...?
You owe it to your wife and future children to put the iPad away and attend to business...On another topic, because of line breaks I read the headlines to say: iPad mini 4'My first thought was that Apple was going to give all their competitors a complex by releasing a four foot iPad and calling it a "mini."
Think of it this way:"We are in freefall, but air resistance has increased to the point where we are no longer accelerating."For some reason so analysts think that is almost a "turnaround."
Intel X86 compatibility isn't an necessary as it once was. Google's crippled new laptop and Apple's iPad has made that evident. Balmer allowed the genii to get out of the bottle and there;s no getting it back in...
Most of today's fundamentalists Christian churches are not that different from the conservative Jews they replaced in that they reject Jesus' teachings and hold to the Laws that He came to supersede. If you understand exactly who the pharisees represent, and why Jesus hated them so, you would see that is what fundamentalists Christians are today.
I watched her little interview. She was incredibly cold and feelingless in person. Reading her words on this forum doesn't begin to reflect her strident and cold voice as she delivered her sound bites. Put her in charge at Guantánamo Bay and hardened terrorists will be begging for waterboarding to be brought back.
I'm not sure the S6 will bend as easily in the back pocket of an Android users since they have much broader asses than do iPhone users. http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
I'm glad Apple makes Samsung compete for their business... maybe even shave a little off their profit.
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