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Actually, that idea is incorrect. Warrantees are a marketing device first and foremost. Marketing use warranties to instill confidence in completing a purchase.As usual, the big type giveth and the small type takeith away.
I suspect there was a lot of discussion around what to cal the device Apple eventually named "the watch." By calling it a watch, the mind instantly assumes that time-keeping is its primary purpose when that function is in a far second-place. Apple may have called it a "watch" to qualify it as a luxury item...or since it attaches to the body where a watch usually resides.
I made my silly comment before visiting the tear-down site and seeing how impossibly wired in the S1 is... It's such a part of the spider web inside the watch case that it's never gonna be removed intact.On the subject of the data port: It is one of two things. First, I'll bet it is there for final checkout of the watch. If Apple gets a pass/fail response, they either junk the watch or insert the non-removable plug/cover to cover the port and ship the watch. Secondly, and...
 There's no reason the S1 module can't be swapped out to upgrade the watch... newer modules can be more powerful and yet no larger. Apple has it all thought out...
I think you are absolutely correct... Queing up outside of high-end fashion outlets for a high end watch... no one has ever even thought of this before!! The reported scarcity of the watch is breaking all the old rules. Let's see if any of the old boys can make this happen when they shit out their answer to the watch... Bet it don't happen. 
Chester Gould would have so proud ...   Soon all of will be assuming the wrist cell phone position...  
Dang...they tore down a custom white gold legacy model!! Is there no respect for art??
Only one port, and it's a non-standard one at that. What was Apple thinking! Reminds me of my old 128K Mac... Steve Jobs would have loved this product!
You're right, he's not afraid to make fashion statements... AND he carries them off very well! (I'm thinking right now of the huge Canadian Mountie hat that was punched out of shape)  :-)
 Sooo... you're saying multiple versions of the watch then...??
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