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A keyboard is still an anachronistic input device from the 1800s. I don't think the layout is as big of an issue as the whole concept.
Go to your iPad App Store and do a search for "IBM". Be prepared to be hear your jaw hit the desk.
That "rest of the world" is becoming more irrelevant with the passing of each day. Now that iOS (as well as OSX) can run MS Office, my main reason for running a PC or any desktop has vanished. I remember the pissing and moaning that went on in the early eighties when office staff were asked to give up their Selectric typewriters...Also, all those in-house programs that could "only run on a PC" are now running just fine as a web version, or on iOS, or both. The unsinkable...
Apple's CPU, made by Samsung, is manufactured in a Texas factory. In addition the glass touch screen is as well. There are one or two minor components fabbed in the USA too.
A simple hydrophobic coating could be done by painting the interior of the iPhone with certain lyssaviruses...
R&D can include a lot about designing a specific UI that makes the iPhone more desirable to a country like Indonesia where multiple languages and writing scripts are normal. When Apple writes iOS is is very much aligned with American needs and ideas. The research arising out of the Indonesian culture and designed to fulfill needs the USA culture may be blind to, can do nothing but fuel sales in that part of the world. In passing, what is learned there, may be applicable to...
That makes a load of sense. I don't even answer any email if I don't know the sender. Well, with the exception of a few Nigerian officials who need my help moving small fortunes out of their country. How can I say no since they are always so upbeat, polite, and Christian?
That's insufficient.Apple needs to hire a Mexican drug cartel hit team to kill the developer and his immediate family, skin his head and publish the pictures.Then all this nonsense would come to a screeching stop.Zero tolerance is the only way to go—you notice no more kids are bringing their home made clocks to school any more.
That would be "magic" underwear.
 Patients, young grasshopper. They're gonna splash some color when start selling the iPad Pro in the stores...
New Posts  All Forums: