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Yes and no. This article did give me a good idea of how the Touch specs compared to known existing iPhone specs. While the masses may have uses for the Touch different from a phone, this article defined the Touch around specs I could understand.
...and those who might have bought a GameBoy tomorrow have a much more compelling reason to re-think that decision. Right now nobody but Apple owns the portable gaming business like Apple. Apple is there with the speed, the price, and the quality HW.
The kids can call out from most public school campuses and even from colleges and university campuses due to the broad use of wifi... and you're right about the power of this 64-bit iPod... the new chip will support Metal-able apps... where the games are highly represented...
I'll bet paring the watch is not far off and is one of the goals of updating the iPod Touch.All it needs is its own Apps to watch and HealthKit.
Interesting... It's as if Apple has something up... I think September may see some surprises besides new iPhones and iPads... Right now Apple is moving some pawns around, but between now and September some bigger pieces may move and by the time the queen pounces it will be too late for the competition to do anything but shit their britches while saying stuff that hasn't been heard since Ballmer did his infamous chortle in 2007.
Once again Google skates to where the money isn't...!
In my mind I was wondering why Apple would upgrade the iPod Touch, especially after not giving it any love since 2012I've been really thinking about why Apple would update the iPod Touch after showing it no love since 2012. Your post was along the line of thinking my mind was headed.Let's say Apple was planning on letting the iPod Touch linger as a so-so gamer device, and then IBM came to Apple and said "we need a device that does this and this, but it can't be too...
In one way it makes sense, most of Apple's billions are outside the USA.Imagine what Apple could do stateside with all that money, if they could bring it home without double taxation.
 Barely enough, Young Grasshopper, but enough...
...and as the year wanes, BOGO will be joined with an offer for a free tablet...
New Posts  All Forums: