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Just send me $675 USD in small bills and I'll take care of it for you. No problem!Trust me.
The felonious owner of Samsung and his totally clueless number one son will have to order their goons to break more arms and legs this year than usual. In addition the Korean citizens are now demanding more accountability of the rich... caused in large due to the "nut case" daughter of the Korean airline owner... Life in Korea is getting tougher for the rich and reckless.
The Apple pencil is to be stored like any pencil... behind ones ear.
The M8 was where your fingerprint data was stored in an encoded form. It also stored your exercise performance, but I think you had to have your GPS turned on...and the GPS is/was a power-hungry monster. While I'm supposing that the M9 still does all that, but now can do the exercising calculating without needing the GPS on.
It's true. There's something about the M8 and now the M9 that allows the device to operate without using power like a usual chip. This story is about how it does far more as a M9 chip on a chip than it did when it was a separate M8 chip - which also didn't seem to use power. It's gotta be one of those technologies derived from captured UFOs...
I think that only means it gets more accurate as it listens to your voice... But Siri is a bit codependent, so if she hears her name she's gotta do what a Siri's gotta do...."Hey Siri, set up a three-way call between my wife and girlfriend and me..."
Isn't the WSJ one of the Apple-hatting piss-rags..?
Well, he's no longer a rolling stone...
It's possible that Apple Pay is not as universally available in retail locations yet... First Apple needed to get the banks and Credit Unions on board, which they have been quite good at doing, then they can work on the retailers, starting with the biggest. I'm starting to see more new terminals at checkout counters, and it may ramp up the closer we get to the Christmas buying seasons.While about 40% of the iPhone owners are using the latest iPhones, this may change...
If this survey only represents USA buyers, then you're right... however, there are some indications that in Asia, the mix may lean more toward the 6 Plus.
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