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People that order now will find that they've been enjoying using the iPad Pro for two months already. Time travel is so hard to wrap one's head around at times.
I lust in my heart for one of those....(apologies to Jimmy Carter)
With exploit-ware over-running the Android app business, turning smart phones into bricks, Google should be focusing on important things, like security. When every Android phone, from the Samsung high-end phones down to the while-box shit phones all become bricked, the Android buyer may just get smarter and buy an iPhone while they are replacing their phone.
MS with Win10 wants to stuff a desktop OS into a phone-sized package... and just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should. As time wears on and portability (weight and size) and battery life become more important, the ARM chip and a matching OS will carry the day...and the Intel/MS strategy will hit limits way before ARM/iOS will.The former is just bull-headed thinking, while Apple's way is imaginative thinking.
In a hundred years...maybe a bit less.... all smartphones may become commodities. However I think Apple, like many successful companies, wants to have multiple streams of income. Apple is too dependent on iPhone profits, and one or two other equally successful products would prevent them from being hurt financially if somehow that product hit a speed bump.
You totally missed the point of a very well written post. Those two contradictory statements define the problem of the Android handset market. That's why it's going no where.I particularly liked how the author, AlanAudio, described Apple's actions as creating "the perfect storm" for the whole Android/Google gang. The funny part of all that is that Apple is not going to let up and will continue to pull away from that pack of clowns.
But what joy and full utility of your purchases since you own Apple products!!
Yes, you're correct, the iPad 2 was on sale for a very long time. However, there really were two versions of the iPad 2. About the time Apple ame out with the iPad 3, they redesigned the iPad 2 internally with some better innards, and it was this version that remained on sale for much longer. It was the favorite version to give away during promotions by various companies... a place now occupied by one of the iPad Minis.The article didn't mention it, but does the iPad 2...
In other news today, Blackberry, which has slid into near-obscurity at under 1% of the market, announced today their first Android-based smart phone. For a mere $699 USD ($899 CD) you can have this little wonder with a slide-out keyboard. Like all Android crap phones, the Privy comes loaded with shitware. "You will be blown away by some of the apps you use and how much data they actually access of yours," said BlackBerry's head of devices, Ron Louks. So Blackberry added...
If I understand the article correctly, Google wants to standardize the hardware so they can update the software OS in a more timely manner, AND get the price down to under $100 per phone by getting a SoC like Apple's A9 and M9 ... but that can't happen unless most everyone gets on board and the chips are cheap due to the economy of scale... but that means no brand differentiation so no one wants to go along... I smell the stink of fear in the air... the desperation of...
New Posts  All Forums: