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Smart!! Apple keeps raising the bar!
It's good to see Motorola has a fix for their cheap phone from overheating and being too hot to hold. "Just a minute mom, I gotta dunk the phone again...""Yes, I'd like to order an iced tea for me and my Moto phone would like a tall glass of ice water."
I'm with you 100% on this... Motorola barely got these phones announced before Apple's new iPhones debut with unexpected features that will make the Moto phone green with envy. Also more pixels slow down a phone, Apple's design allows for burst mode, stabilization and slo-mo filming. Can't do all that and refresh a boat load of pixels.
Gee, even pre-teen girls taking naked selfies in the bathroom don't have that problem with their iPhones.
Haha..."We had to kill the patient to save him." A perfectly secure Android phone is a "bricked" phone.
I agree Verizon, at the time, tried mighty hard to compete against iPhone with Android but AT&T/Apple was sucking off millions of Verizon customers and they could not stop the losses until they got the iPhone to sell too.Once Apple opened up Verizon as well as AT&T, both carriers tried to limit Apple's clout by selling Android phones too... I think the carriers are still nervous about Apple's clout and still promoting Android based on that concern. So, I think the...
I believe you all are right in your own way. I really think AT&T would nave have listened to Steve Jobs any more then Verizon. WHat Apple was demanding was just unheard of and never happened since by any other phone manufacturer. It's to AT&T's credit that they went along with the contract Apple had with Cingular when they bought them...Gad! I remember how Verizon wanted to rent me every tiny piece of upgrade to my dumb phone back then. Internet surfing was like trying to...
Tizen is much worse then Android in more ways then I can count. Plus no one's writing third party crapware for Tizen. I really doubt Samsung will ever switch to that dog.Samsung, like the rest of the Android crap is dependent on Google who is not dependent on Android and will work on the code as long as they don't get bored with it.
Meanwhile IBM is thanking their lucky star they partnered with Apple to promote and provide services for iDevices only. Android is proving to be an endless pool of exploits similar to Windows... no matter how many patches are applied, more will be needed....
And we all know how antivirus software bogs down computers... the normal hesitation of Android devices will be like trying to watch a movie by holding the film up to a light bulb, "Crap is as crap does...."
New Posts  All Forums: