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Haven't you heard? Apple's shot past 4K and moved right on to 5K. Apple's also got the patent on the timing chip... Samsung is sooo last year!**the above was written with my tongue planted slightly in my cheek.
I think there may be accounts with more then one iPhone but have only one phone number on record. Anyway, I suspect there are accounts where what you mention makes complete sense. I know that I had used my iTunes account many times from my computer and iPad, but when I finally used my iPhone to purchase from iTunes, I got the verification request and it was super easy to do and only requested that one time.
This sounds like a perfect way to ensure the highest quality apps! One more way Apple steps out from the crowd.
...and what might this "much-maligned discoverability problems" that I've not heard of be," said one who has never heard of such a thing?
For what it's worth, it should be pointed out that those are not Tim Cook's sheets and tea towels hanging on the clothes line in the foreground of the second photo of this story. AppleInsider has failed to note that, so I decided to mention it immediately.
I have the same amazement at the news. Enterprise was such a closed door to Apple in the '80s and '90s. I just never get jaded with hearing the daily news and high numbers of sales related to Apple's success in the enterprise market. While Ballmer was dancin' and sweatin' to the oldies, Apple went from derision to a preferred brand in most corporate and government departments...with the possible exception of "kingdom building" IT managers.
if you look at eBay, a non-working phone is only worth a fraction of a working phone. Even then, an iPhone is usually worth about $100 more then a current model Android phone being sold for parts.
Hombre, Apple don' make no steekin' PeeCees!
Ironically the Android manufacturers would be in a world of hurt if they made decent quality phones and couldn't increase their sales by relying on replacement units. Fortunately for Android manufacturers there will always be a supply of dumb people who can't tell the difference between an iPhone and a paper weight.
It's not like Apple is hurting their competitors by using aggressively low prices. Or giving two-for-one pricing. Or blanketing the planet with $13 Billion in advertising expenditures. No, all Apple is doing is giving the customers the best possible user experience and charging the highest prices.
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