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You want camera roll...? Open Camera app. You want pictures, open pictures app. With six you get eggroll.
iPhone 6+ no problem http://www.imore.com/iphone-6-plus-skinny-and-not-so-skinny-jeans-test-will-it-pocket
I've wondered much the same thoughts. His failure at leading the charge to change up J C P, as he was fain to call it, was a spectacular failure. So much so, it calls into question his whole apparent Apple success.
Don't worry, Apple will have a software fix out shortly. As I understand it, when the iPhone senses unacceptable forces, Siri will start raising a fuss and screaming her head off. Things will go badly for you after that resulting in you being let go from whatever pro team you play for. Eventually you'll find yourself living under a bridge and being shunned by even the men on the sex registry.
Unless Ronnie adds pizza to the mix, this is gonna end very badly with Ronnie wearing a little delivery uniform behind the wheel of a delivery van where its former life with Circuit City is faintly visible.
Yeah, but lost it in a good way... now the Microsoft "shoe store ads" were lost it in a bad way. See the diff?
True... so 2014...get over it. That was then, this is now. Don't have a cow, man!"Dunnn Dunn Dunn!! Da Dunnnnnnn!!!" --- That's so October, really! Loved it!
Here in the midwest all I got was an extended Denny's commercial in Chinese. Had to wait 'til it was over to watch it recorded. All the energy of the event had been squeezed out. Next time Apple could hire some African drummers to pass the word along, it would be more reliable and interesting that what I witnessed.
I don't know about that, but I like a phone that fits with my big hands and feet...
Global Warming got changed to Climate Change when a bunch of Global Warming scientist got iced in down in Antarctica a couple years back. I've lived long enough to remember when they used to blame the climate changes on the A-tests. "We never used to have weather like this before they started blowing off all them atomic bombs."Yeah, that's a real quote.Now, I have to say it's kinda sad to see what we've done to this world just during the time I've been living on it, and I...
New Posts  All Forums: