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It's not just freedom. Apple's team has the goal of creating an outstanding product. Usually other company's product teams have to deal with competition running the same OS; be it Winders or Android. So their objective is to fill a feature list at the lowest possible cost; even if that means "creative" spec writing.
I don't think Tim would have done anything differently if the Indiana governor were Dem or GOP, it wasn't politics; it was defending strong basic values of the humanity of every living person. Either everyone is to be considered equally valuable or we are only one step from owning slaves again.
Your example is BS because no religious organization would even have to deal with that - discrimination is protected in that situation.Hate to bust your bubble but that crap was added to Christianity about 600 CE... The alternate belief in Christianity at that time was that we were created in God's image and therefore inherently sinless... Unfortunately the "sinful" doctrine won out because it made better business (cash flow) sense than the latter.More BS. There were no...
It's the reverse of "freedom of association" because the person being discriminated against is being denied association. What it really is is an attempt to discriminate under the cover of religion. Christians have used that old argument against jews and moslems for centuries. This law is toast in modern America.On a broader view I hope the Indiana mess continues to fester and blow the "Party of Angry Old White Men's" little tin ship out of the water in 2016.
Good point. Apple is so micro-managing this rollout I'm sure it's being addressed in the best way possible.
This IS the limited list of pre-installed apps...imagine how many MORE there were going to be...
...and did I mention "cranky," I forgot cranky....
No, this is England, so it would be a Sinclair... This being parliament, where some exchanges get rather heated, I don't know how smart it may be to arm the members with anything that can be flung.On the plus side, I'm happy to see Apple being the choice product once more, where everyone can openly use the iPad and not have to hunker down behind a Surface Pro... :-)
WWDC is something I look forward to each year too - starting only a couple months after the last one is over.
It's above my pay grade to make any comments about one DB vs another, but Apple must have seen something in this purchase that has legs for the future; even if it's only the IP.
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