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'Tis the season to don our gay apparel...tra la la la...
I don't know, you sound excessively careful. I use mine to break walnuts. I have to straighten it back out now and then, but otherwise, good as new!
Trust me, it's the same. What you think are scratches are where the Apple Genius glued your broken screen back together. Pretty fancy glue, but you can pick it up at any hardware store. Just ask for it by name; Gorilla Glue.
I wonder why Spanish isn't available in Pages, while it is in Numbers and Keynote?
The iWorks iCloud is designed for enterprise workers to collaborate on documents. There are hundreds of thousands of iPad/iPhone users in enterprise that are using the free iWorks suite, they need a version of the MS Office 360 to meet and collaborate on documents. SInce other workers (read: drones on peecees) can log into the iWorks iCloud too, it's a place where everyone in an enterprise office can exchange documents or collaborate on them. And now, of course, it's even...
Yeah, I remember Microslut's first phone after the iPhone. Was it the Kin... or was it the Windows 7 phone... one they buried in a landfill and the other they stopped upgrading before a year was out.I thought Apple opened Siri up to 3rd-party developers to access... but anyway I have not forgotten the demo Apple did over a year ago that offered more life-like female voices for Siri... WTF ever happened to that!!?
It's my understanding that iPad is still in Apple's lineup.I think that it's a strong measure of how well Apple is gonna do this quarter when it's the most advertised discounted tech device... like I don't know if anyone is discounting Galaxy Gear, but if they are, it's not a name being used to draw a crowd. Apple iDevices are everyone's "must have" items this year... like the last ten years of top toys rolled into one.
Foxconn will manufacture for whomever will pay them. It is the nature of their business plan. Just because the press connects Apple and Foxconn like they are practically one entity, don't go believing everything you read. Foxconn is a vendor for whomever brings them a job.Over the years Foxconn was contracts with Apple to also source components from various other vendors, then Apple took over that responsibility. This story is different in that Foxconn will be the supplier...
In 1854 China was very weak. In fact, 80 years later they couldn't respond against the Japanese. After WWII, when the Nationalist Chinese fled to Formosa (which the Japanese claimed prior to WWII) the Mao army was powerless to dislodge them. Hence the standoff which exists today. To grind the history even a bit further; the Formosan people view the Nationalist Chinese as foreign invaders and wold love to see them paddle bak to the mainland. So, there's really no strength...
Human Right, Human Right...all this talk about Human Right, and where may I ask are the Whale Rights? And who's looking out for the Miami Dolphins and no one is harping about the Navy Seals...!
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