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Schweeeeet!!!! The judge is going in dry!!!!
How about a "viewer" that lets you AirPrint What you just viewed... like an iWork app.
Ha Ha! So, what you're saying is that MS Office Apps are for Content Consumption w00t!!!
If this continues for more then two or three weeks, Typo can just attend the Blackberry garage sale and pick up the patent for $10 as long as they take a box of unsold BB phones too.
To make rubies it takes a tiny about of chromium to give the pure aluminum a red tint. A different impurity to make green emeralds, and so forth. It's hard to believe that all these gems, including sapphire are 99.9999% chromium in a crystal form.
That's not the same "Mr Happy" that greets me each morning....
I remember him! He made a cameo in the movie "Forest Gump."
You're talking about a company that won't be around in two years... if fact, "Long Term Planning" at BB is anything beyond the current quarter...
People need to pour out of a black bus with signs that read, "Wake Up."
Ohhh! You're into pain, aren't you??
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