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Apple's competitor-wannabes suffer the death of a thousands cuts. In so many ways Apple makes it harder and harder to keep up. By the time Android/Microsoft/Black Berry have a base of users with 64-bit devices in their hands, Apple will have a fat base of applications that rely on 64-bits to function properly. Life is hard, but it's a lot harder when you are stupid Apple's competitor.
Bloomberg and their ilk try to look at Apple like it was like the rest of tech industry which is selling commodity hardware running on an undifferentiated OS to price-sensitive bottom feeders. Apple's customers are a loyal bunch that want what Apple has and will pay the extra dollars to have the integrated experience.
I hear they were dancing in Redmond!
Steve told us that Microsoft "lacked taste." They've done nothing to prove him wrong, only drove the fact home, So we do know what to expect... we just don't know how bad it will be.
My sources tell me the Microsoft watch will be called "Turd on an Imitation Leather Band." The battery will reside in a fake pocket protector in the shirt pocket, and the watch will include a small cooling fan to prevent flesh burns. There is disagreement about whether the TILB will have a "Start" menu but it will run MS Office.
The mere rumor that Apple was working on a wrist watch sent multiple tech companies off to create their own before Apple, or at least announce that they were working on one too. But Apple doesn't enter a market (or create one) without putting their own twist on the concept...and that's Apple's secret sauce. DED's statement, "Apple's ability to introduce new technologies, quickly bring them to market and just as rapidly gain widespread adoption for them is nothing short of...
Apple knows what is selling in huge numbers and will dump what isn't... you just have to keep that in mind. In our collective ignorance, it's easy to say that certain moves are not smart, but it will look that way to those who are not clued in...
I agree. I love how Apple has kept the top of the line iPad at the $499 price point, while teasing with four times the storage for only $100 more. It makes spending an additional C-note a no-brainer. Velly crevel those Chinese Cupertinoans...!
I was just doing some computing... If I wanted the new 5K iMac, a new iPad with 64G of storage, and the iPhone 6+ with 64G of storage, I could get the whole shebang for $3400. That's only $400 more then I paid for my 128K Mac and the dot matrix Apple printer.   The thought makes me dizzy to contemplate...
No one has ever won a grudge match with potential customers. Not to mention that most sports teams do like, and use, iPads where ever they can.
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