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Only its mother would not call that "ugly!"
I remember back when 1000 nm was considered a boundary that may never be crossed. Now we are at 1.4% of that and making home electronics with the technology. I boggles my mind...I, who grew up on vacuum tube tech.If we had somehow got our hands on some of today's technology back in the '50s, I'm sure no one would have guessed it was only from 6 decades in the future.
Plug-ins for iWorks would be god-damned Genius!!! It keeps the programs simple for those who don't need all the bells and whistles and allows users to bedeck the apps with all the ribbons and bows anyone could want!
Would you feel less violent if Siri had a male voice?
Now Microsoft will have to go do the same in the few stores they haven't closed yet. I really like the change. The old stark white background banners were great in their time, but this is a good change and freshens the atmosphere. So much better then the previous idiot's idea of cutting back on the store cleaning to "save" money.
Now that the zombie has been sucked dry of talent, it's time for Google to swoop in and overpay for what's left.It's hard to believe Siri's out of Beta and all grown up now... I wonder how long before she's given a chip of her own?
My take on this is that Apple opened their in-house ad shop to put TBWA on their toes... this isn't saying Apple is serious about their in-house shop, but it would be embarrassing for TBWA to be shown up by an upstart. The two will work a lot harder to shine and for Apple it's a Win-Win.
Ahh...Free music for the "rest of us!"
...waterproof down to 160 ft. It's also neutral buoyant, so when you see that great white shark you want to have a selfie with, just set the timer, point the iPhone at the shark and swim over for a shot the whole family will have to remember you by...
It's smart business to avoid conflict with conservatives of any ilk. The more you can appear inclusive is also a smart posture. While Apple products seem to be purchased by the more affluent in any population, they have also worked diligently to see that Apple, in no way, takes advantage of low income people or people of color. If there were one word that defines Apple in any environment it would be "inclusive."
New Posts  All Forums: