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No, it's quite useful. It's your imagination that's fairly useless. The app on the right could be your pictures where you want one for the app on the left. It could be your note app, where you want to retrieve or add something, or your calendar, or a dictionary or ... well, you either get it or you don't...
Nope, nope, and nope. Apple will not evolve both OS's into a single OS. The touch interface and the mouse interface may come to be more similar, which will make switching from using the iPad to the Mac easier and more familiar, but they will remain two different OS's. It is possible that the Mac OS may die out at some time, but that will be because Apple only serving the mobile user, which is where most of the growth is at.That may never happen as the laptop computer is...
I disagree. The user doesn't necessarily know what they are being asked to decide. Especially if it is a child being asked. Memory management of this kind is best invisible to the user. Additionally, levels are something which are often purchased, so one isn't sure if they are being asked to purchase or just download. Bad, bad, bad!!!
Whoa!! I wonder how many apps I can get on my old iPad under the the new "thinning" method. I'm often going through and sending apps to the cloud so I can add something new. My next iPad will definitely have more storage, but this change will give me another year with "old reliable." Also, this may be the first time that a computer device got faster for me the longer I owned it.
Bah! None of those formats have a decent dynamic range. That's why everywhere I go I bring my own orchestra with me. It may be a bit expensive but it's worth it.
Al Gore has the political clout of Billy Carter at his best.
Until IBM handed Bill Gates the biggest gift in the world and enabled a virtual monopoly, the economic model most believed was that every market would coalesce around three market leaders. Since then the model allows for one giant leader and several much smaller players who are followers.It may not be a war, but the rules of Sun Tzu spelled out in his "Art of War" still apply... maybe even more then ever.
You're right. The two products don't compare well in every way. However, we need to remember that Apple has often had a long term plan that they don't reveal until they are ready to do so. By the time Apple drops the other shoe it's too late for competition to make an "saving" adjustment.The presentation of music was the least smooth segment of the keynote. That may have been due to a last-minute change in the presentation, or maybe because the TV was jerked out of the...
When Swift was announced there was some discussion about the language evolving for a while yet with a lot happening in the next two years... one of which has now passed. I don't see Apple letting the language evolve willy-nilly...
I perked up when they announced at the Keynote that they've rewritten the Safari browser in Metal - now it's faster and occupies less space... I assume that Metal, which will likely remain exclusive to Apple, is even a bigger deal than Swift... but what do I know; I'm so far behind the leading edge in programming I can't even see the dust of the trailing laggards.
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