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I agree. I don't think companies, like Apple Insider, don't realize how annoying it is to come to their site only to have Samsung ads shoved in ones face... Hello??? I have to wait for Samsung ads to load so I can read the Apple rumors... no thanks.incidentally, I PAY for the AI app for iOS. No ads, but then I can't read (too tiny) the comments, nor can I post on the iOS app. One step forward and two steps back!
The fact Gazelle will buy iPhone 4S is crazy! That's a four-year-old iPhone, and Gazelle is figuring it has another year or two of life to go... Here's a photo of year-old Androids embarking on another 3 to 6 months of stuttering performance...
We? Is that an imperial "we"?When pigs fly.This will happen on the 9th of September along with a bunch of other enterprise related announcements. The whole show will wrap up with a tired old band coming out on stage and playing some grade C music and giving away songs no one wants.
It's clear to me... Sept 9th.
 Soo, If I read you right, that's a "no" on the carpet?? What would you say if we just flocked the floor?
 The issue I see is that the rotating bezel locks the design to a round face. The round face is attractive at first blush, but then I'm highly reminded of the old pre-smartwatch wearables where the watch is a fresh face in the crowd. Apple's UI has the advantage of working well with any shaped device; round, square, or rectangle. Advantage: Apple
 Once again (like the IBM partnership) it's the iOS devices that get all the love. Are the Mac based products a stealth offering? I'm thinking of the laptops primarily.
 I see Tim's hand in the moves by Apple to be aggressive about enterprise. Steve wanted these customers, but never could quite nail it like this. Unlike the quoted poster, I do see a connection of some sort between this announcement and Sept 9th., but have no idea how it will announced or what products it affects.
 Haha, I like how you think!
 Management are the only ones who know where the bodies are buried...
New Posts  All Forums: