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People need to pour out of a black bus with signs that read, "Wake Up."
Ohhh! You're into pain, aren't you??
Owww! They know how to brand the contractors as LOOSERS.
History will show that the beginning of Microsoft's downfall in its virtual lock on the Enterprise market began with its multi-year absence in the emerged Phone and Tablet markets. In addition, the MBA, which had design appeal along with light weight, drove the executives of Fortune 2000 companies to DEMAND that IT make it possible for them to use Apple computers at work.This was an inversion of IT's power to dictate and control what hardware/software would be allowed on...
Without a lobbyist a company don't know the prices of the various congressmen/women. I understand Southern Congressmen can be had for a pittance compared to a New England congressman...but are they any good? A lobbyist knows where the bargains can be found and who to buy that won't go bad on you in three days or less. This is the year they all put themselves out to be bought, so Apple needs a good lobbyist this year most of all to sort the goats from the sheep.
You are spot on. Apple released a video of their automated battery production a few YEARS back. Look for it in YouTube. Apple moved to this method of battery fabrication because they wanted to make special shapped batteries to fit a bigger battery into an odd-shapped space. When I saw this story it was confusing since Apple has been doing this for years.As for the loss of labor issues, who do you suppose is making the automated equipment and robots? Elves and fairies???
Imagine what kind of number it would have been if the iPhone 5c hadn't been such a "flop." /sI have to admit I've been amazed at how fast these Asian factories can ramp up production as rapidly as they do. Such rapid response to fulfill orders hasn't happened in this country (USA) since WWII. I do wonder how much of this coordination of JIT components and labor coming together like this is due to Tim Cook's/Apple's expertise...
My guess is that the graph doesn't show any new hardware being added to this year's mix because that's not the focus of this study. I can't see how anyone can graph out Apple's HW sales because no one knows what markets Apple will burst into and disrupt with a brand new product offering, or how long it will take Google/Samsung to copy and sell their "me too" response.
The new MacBook will be fanless, but you will be expected to pick it up often and whiff it back and forth in the air to keep it cool. A new app will keep a record of your effort and calculate how many calories you've expended. This will be advertised as a new feature and people will flock to buy them.
It's your opinion that Apple was "disappointed with the 5C sales." Management apparently did expect more sales, but they may have been perplexed by the reasons for missing their forecast. It may have been price, it may have been the colors they presented, or any one or a combination of factors. We don't know what or why.You say, "the 5C was a problem in search of a solution." I disagree. We know that the iPhone 5 was a real trick to assemble. To move the iPhone 5 to a less...
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