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So, the unannounced imaginary product also had an imaginary ship date that Apple can't hit? Well, excuse me while I have an imaginary fit over it... !
Fixed that for ya...
Apple edges away from the other phone makes a little bit more with this ... and it isn't like the other guys can just go buy Sapphire on the open market in any quantity. In many little ways Apple is doing the right thing in differentiating the iPhone and all the other iDevices. I can't wait to see the new stuff in a couple months... the iOS8 with some games and other programs implementing Metal and Swift along with the App Extensions ought to be like the iDevices were...
I see the head honcho of Tesla ripe for a seat at Apple. And Jean-Louis Gassée is really a wired in tech guy and a friend of Apple's. .... Also, did anyone ever fill the seat of the Google mole on the Apple board?
To call Windows Phone-based devices "lackluster" is being very kind. Microsoft's new management is busy digging a new grave out beside the one holding $900 million of Surface RTs. Speculation is still rife over whether there will be a daytime funeral march to the grave site or a moonless nighttime shuffle...BlackBerry needs to change their name to "Beleaguered." Imagine the amount of virtual ink that would save!
Wiz -- Not arguing with you here, but what software are you seeing hesitation with? I have to ask that because I haven't encountered it on an iPad but I've seen it on other brands of tablets.That said, I'd buy the next iPad in a heartbeat because it will have something about it I want. I know some users are looking for the A8 to be faster and may even use less energy. I don't know what we may see from a new chip but Apple wouldn't design a new chip unless it was going to...
The Robots still need to be serviced and repurposed, so the technical level of the worker is elevated while the number of workers is reduced. As I see it Foxxcon gains in being able to handle peaks and valleys of demand easier than with human workers. It's like the olden days when you had a horse you still needed to feed, water, exercise and etc. whether you were going anywhere that week or not. The car made it easier to save money and effort between needs and could go...
Seems like a bit late to me as well. Maybe Apple's marketing will be different than in the past and more restrained in how they make the product available. I think the iWatch (or whatever it turns out to be) may be a luxury item and out of the price range of all but the very wealthy... initially or long term. I suspect that Apple is going to be far different about their iWatch then Microsoft or Samsung is thinking, and a lot of people will be shocked.
Point taken! But wouldn't that also mean knowing when to leave the room...?
...AND bounces back into your hands if dropped!
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