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I agree. I love how Apple has kept the top of the line iPad at the $499 price point, while teasing with four times the storage for only $100 more. It makes spending an additional C-note a no-brainer. Velly crevel those Chinese Cupertinoans...!
I was just doing some computing... If I wanted the new 5K iMac, a new iPad with 64G of storage, and the iPhone 6+ with 64G of storage, I could get the whole shebang for $3400. That's only $400 more then I paid for my 128K Mac and the dot matrix Apple printer.   The thought makes me dizzy to contemplate...
No one has ever won a grudge match with potential customers. Not to mention that most sports teams do like, and use, iPads where ever they can.
Starts to create??? Did you just notice that Apple is different in most every way??? The "normal rules" haven't applied to Apple in a long long time... and it drives the competition nuts!
Japanese manufactured goods once stood for tinny crap... then Chinese goods represented what crap stood for... Things change over time. Get used to it. By suing Apple, Bose sure showed 'em. Heh heh heh... /s
I'm not sure if you upgraded to the latest version of OSX, but you will see where you are encouraged to use "Spotlight" in Safari which can return a lot of search queries without using Google... No longer do the Google advertisers fill the top spots on your results. Google's about to learn what John Wayne meant when he said it's harder when you're stupid. Meanwhile the clock is ticking out the last of Google's search patent's life.
 I agree that the iPhone was successful beyond Steve's expectations. But don't you think it was because he also expected MS, Palm, Nokia, and RIMM to see what the iPhone was going to do; that it represented serious competition? They all laughed at the iPhone, and in their various ways didn't react as seriously and aggressively as they should have. I don't think anyone outside of Apple knew what a house-of-cards the original iPhone was, but Apple was able to identify...
 Well, if the citizens of Detroit expect those things, they shouldn't be so amazed when it accidently happens...
 Wait! Wait! Don't you guys read Dick Tracy? There's intelligent life up there and they don't really care for our ilk...!!
 Perhaps, and perhaps not. Depending on how the Irish government changes things, there may not be a more viable country to declare as a residence. In addition, it depends on whether some other country decides to do what Ireland did to attract businesses. Over time all tax laws change; some quickly and some slowly, but they are in constant change. I really can't imagine what a tangled mess it is for the CFO of Apple to keep it all straight... you don't suppose they use an...
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