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This weekend Dr. Dre gets drunk again and blows the whole surprise in one tweet.
Did they happen to say which year's Q4 they have in mind?Meanwhile: I see plastic is making a comeback in fashion accessories... NOT!
At the chinese factory they were told it is a Samsung product and nobody cares, so why steal or photograph something so mundane...?Seriously, Apple may have held off production until the announcement - this likely means the device will be in short supply throughout the end of the year, making the iWatch an even more desirable product. Meanwhile Samsung and Motorola will shit out a good supply of crap that will stink up Best Buy while laying around unsold.The watch as a...
I too have long since stopped wearing a watch, but if it's as fashionable as I would expect, watch for all the celebs flashing their's and then everyone will look like a fanboy!
Apple has five products (The iPhone, iPad, iMac, laptop and Time Machine) that I try to keep reasonably current and have a hard time doing so. All except the iMac have undergone enough updates since I bought the last one to make me want to update (and I don't even have a Apple TV to think about updating). If a person buys into the Apple experience, it is a lot of products to keep from getting long in the tooth.They all may be getting "tweaks" but some of the tweaks are...
He didn't say that the iPad market is mature - only that people will use them for a longer span than iPhones.However, Apple is continuing to add new features to the iPad to fuel the sales and keep the product in the public's eye and mind. After all, the market is huge and there's a lot of manufacturers after every crumb they can get a hold to.
Quick word of advice: Don't eat KFC or BBQ while using your iPad...
All your double double negatives lost me, but it you'd like to see it already happening, do a google search on the term, "video of architect using an iPad to draw."Enjoy all 3,370,000 videos....
I've noticed how the tablets that tout a stylus are careful to not rest their palm on the glass while scrawling in large letters on the surface. If this is what you think of as "note taking" then I want nothing to do with it. Go ahead, bring up your favorite ad showing someone writing on a tablet with a stylus and see what a poor-assed job it does!
Whether "Twitch" is a good company or not, paying a billion in cash for a company that caters to under-maturated jobless basement-dwellers doesn't seem like a purchase that will end well.
New Posts  All Forums: