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This IS the limited list of pre-installed apps...imagine how many MORE there were going to be...
...and did I mention "cranky," I forgot cranky....
No, this is England, so it would be a Sinclair... This being parliament, where some exchanges get rather heated, I don't know how smart it may be to arm the members with anything that can be flung.On the plus side, I'm happy to see Apple being the choice product once more, where everyone can openly use the iPad and not have to hunker down behind a Surface Pro... :-)
WWDC is something I look forward to each year too - starting only a couple months after the last one is over.
It's above my pay grade to make any comments about one DB vs another, but Apple must have seen something in this purchase that has legs for the future; even if it's only the IP.
Everything is unisex these days. That way Kardashian's ex doesn't have to dither over which one he/she should buy.
B&O is a great old name that is mostly known to the Baby Boom set who have lost most of their hair and part of their hearing....
Let's see... Little Billie, who is more device savvy than his parents, navigates to the "iTunes & App Store" options. There, a new menu called "Password Settings" can be seen underneath the Apple ID entry. He switches the button to not need a password for free apps. While he's there he also changes the setting for "Purchases and In-App Purchases from "Always Require" to "Require after 15 minutes." These can always be returned to their original position once the situation...
True...but, but, but how will you access it with the lid closed???
I'm of the mind Apple is spreading this rumor to build a feeding frenzy for the "scarce" few watches... "Better hurry, they can't make them fast enough.""Be the first douchbag on your block to sport the gold watch!" Hurry, Hurry! Step right up. Only one per customer!"
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