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I think they meant the big 3: Apple, Android L and Android Gingerbread. I don't know why they didn't include BlackBerry.
It will be released in Windows 8.2 and for some glitchy reason or other will require a three-page work-around to update to Win9 whereupon some features will no longer work as before. Thank God it will then have a "start" button so you can shut it down so the annoying fan will stop buzzing.
You read that wrong... it's 4 to 8 hour battery life due to the on-board fan most likely...either than or suffer second-degree burns that will look remarkable like the old Zune logo.
Yes, but only after they get the Office edition for Android sort of working first.... (no fooling)
The Surface Mini was axed in the womb... only references to it were included in printed materials and a bloody coat hanger was seen out behind the headquarters.Microsoft will bring out another consumer device... "Because we can." It doesn't have to make money and will come with a full-sized detachable keyboard. The slogan will be something along the line, "Why buy a laptop, a tablet, a phone and a wrist wrap when you only need to buy three of the four."
Cash...but also goats, lots of goats, and chickensThe near-field communications will happen with Apple when pigs fly. Apple will introduce their own system that they will totally control and it will come to dominate.And one phone will rule them all... by September Apple will have an established base of about 150 million iTouch enabled iPhones. I would expect, if one includes the new iPads with iTouch, that a year later that number to be more then doubled... perhaps as much...
It's called "mobile payment" because you are not sitting at a computer.All those countries have millions of dollars they need to transfer out of the country that belonged to dead people that have no descendants. I've had dozens of lawyers from Nigeria alone want me to help them. It's tragic, I tell you!
"If you are the smartest person in the room — you're in the wrong room."
Only its mother would not call that "ugly!"
I remember back when 1000 nm was considered a boundary that may never be crossed. Now we are at 1.4% of that and making home electronics with the technology. I boggles my mind...I, who grew up on vacuum tube tech.If we had somehow got our hands on some of today's technology back in the '50s, I'm sure no one would have guessed it was only from 6 decades in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: