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I would love to read an article about how a person interacts with a research app... both as a health data reporter, and then as a receiver of the data.
Umm... ooohky... the first two images are bland (especially without a band. The last one is still just butt ugly.
That's 'cuz lab rats are so cancer prone.
The app programmers will likely upgrade their apps ASAP... no sense having the world stop buying their apps long after the app's been fixed.
She's so new she's still going through puberty ...
That paper you see is part of bound lab books; two of them in the photo. It's a way that a company can back up any assertions about the originality of any patent. The lab books are bound and no pages are ever removed, and they function as dated proof of how any patentable ideas came into being.
"I'll see Google's bid and raise with a piece of my liver..."
B & H has often been the source for the BEST prices since the mid-1970s... I don't know how they do it. They used to even have the best prices on brands of which they weren't even authorized dealers.
It hasn't been mentioned, but a lot of folks forget about the iPodTouch which may function in this respect as well as an iPhone... Your friend's problem shows off how important it is to stay within the Apple ecosystem. It also shows how Apple is starting to stitch the ecosystem with more reasons to not stray...
Okay, I admit, the Microsoft market share is up for grabs...
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