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 Hello?? This just got released today... and you expect to search Google and find shit??
Apple's getting better at muti-country launches; either simultaneously or in tight stages. I can not imagine what a feat that must be.
Sometimes a customer who has great utility out of a well-made product gets it in their head that it's the same as the commodity products and believes they can save money and still have that same experience. It's not until they experience what a commodity product really is that they realize they didn't save anything. It's like that old Texaco commercial from the 1950s where the station attendant comes out onto the stage holding a clogged and dripping oil filter and says,...
Selling is forgetting that people have wants and needs. For example a man walks into a hardware store and asks for a quarter-inch drill bit. A sales man will assume the customer needs a quarter-inch drill bit - after all, that's what he asked for.   In fact, the customer doesn't need a quarter-inch drill bit; what he really needs is quarter-inch holes. He knows the hardware store doesn't sell quarter-inch holes, so he phrases his request in the form of a want, which, in...
 I hate Allison Johnson and I don't even know her. The story goes like this, but keep in mind I heard it third-party. Allison worked for the marketing department, but her job was making sure there was plenty of coffee and juice in the room where ideas were pitched about products and promotions. One day while a heated meeting was going on, she was cleaning up the pile of crumbs around the bagel cutter - it was a mess! Someone shouted out that the unreleased MBA should have...
I know the answer, but it was so obvious that I didn't think it needed answering: "Practice, practice, practice... But then it would have helped if you had included the name of the violin player as part of the joke... I liked it anyway.
 Another good question. I'm not a lawyer, so my opinion may not hold water, but since Apple has not been able to effect a ban on out-of-date Samsung products that Samsung has openly admitted in court as infringing on Apple patents, it would seem that banning Apple products that are currently being manufactured as being too injurious a remedy. Apple could be asked to post a bond, as Samsung did in the case I mentioned before, and that would be a more reasonable remedy....
 You are onto something there... I always gave the customer enough information so they could make an emotional decision while thinking it was an informed one.
Quote: Ya'll don't know what you're talking 'bout. Let me 'spain this way:If you go out and call on the customer and you come back with an order - Ya'll were sellin'.If you come back without the order - ya'll were marketin'.
There was a point? Maybe you think there was a point. Your broad generalities failed too. It's all fail.
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