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 When corporation are elevated to voting citizens by the governments, and voting citizens are relegated to being "consumers"...
 If the people of the middle class don't do something now to change their future, they will end up like Nokia and really have no one to blame except their own inaction. All around the world there are people snug in their middle class life watching TV and burning through the opportunity to do what they need to do while there is time to do it. The future owes nothing to the past, but will be beholding to those who act in the present.
He loves his iPad because it automatically syncs his schedule and contact data with his iPhone...
...and kippered herring... don't forget the kippered herring!
 No, I think it's true that the paper industry is tanking...but the reason is that newspapers and magazine sales are tanking... everyone is rapidly getting their news and entertainment on-line. iPads and Amazon readers are the go-to devices for a lot of people, but it's just not those devices, but laptops and desk computers too. It's a wired, wired,wired world! As for Nokia, They shot themselves in the foot ... just like Microsoft, Palm, Blackberry/RIMM, et al. Everyone...
   There's no hint that the product was defective. GTAT very well couldn't produce the sapphire in the needed quantity for Apple's needs and therefore faulted on the terms of sale. Now, the quantity issue could have been due to poor yields or not enough machines coming on line fast enough... but to assume it was a quality issue was a leap of logic.
There is a significant mismatch with the title of this article and the text.... Here, I've fixed it so they match... Major retailers MAY show unwillingness to adopt Apple Pay ahead of expected launch
I think you mean stylus support. You don't want to be trying to use a ball point, a felt tip, or any other pen on the face of a tablet. So, the Surface promotes a stylus... you can use a stylus of your choice on an iPad without a problem...in fact some much better then what comes with the Surface are available if you really feel that it's necessary. I've never felt I needed a stylus with my iPad, but I'd really love some direction keys on the built-in keyboard.
As someone who grew up on vacuum tubes and transistors, photos like these are pure tech porn to me...
"It's been way to long"... Since Apple had a chick on stage. I hear Angela Ahrendts is easy on the eyes... That's what this show's gonna be all about.
New Posts  All Forums: