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I see Apple not building cars but personal 4-wheel scooters for morbidly obese Americans. They get on in the morning and stay on until nightfall while their legs and feet atrophy into little stubs. It's inevitable...
And I disagree. Cook said 30% of the iPhone buyers in the last quarter were switchers to the brand... maybe they wanted the watch and needed to buy the iPhone to enjoy the watch utility. Of course not all 30% were motivated by the watch, but you see where I am coming from.My thinking is that Apple didn't get into the watch business because they wanted to sell watches. They got in because they want to sell more iPhones.
In my eyes the watch/iPhone matchup doesn't narrow the market, it ensures user loyalty and doubles the sales to two devices.
Since an iPhone is needed, maybe the goal was to increase iPhone sales...Actually, I see the watch as an addition to the iPhone ecosystem; enhancing the reasons to switch to an iPhone, or stay with one. While the watch may not be the reason you or I like the iPhone, it only needs to be the reason a percentage of buyers do. Some people chose the iPhone for the camera, some for the wealth of apps, some for the Pay... and so on.Apple's goal is to make the buying...
U2 is still touring?? I had no idea... I listened to each of their free songs and wept for the muse of music.
And from reports coming in from South Korea, that includes even within that country too.Meanwhile, in North Korea the Arirang, as the locally manufactured sorta-smart phone is called, is out-selling all other brands, even Samsung. Production, in a factory toured by Kim Jong Phoney as he proudly announced the shipment of two-million units in the last two years... barely keeping up with demand.
 I'm showing my ignorance, I'm sure...but is not providing guidance an option?
Verizon is giving away an iPad mini with cellular if you trade in your old iPhone. I traded in my old iPhone 5 and asked for a regular iPad instead. For an extra $250 I walked out with no contract on the latest full-sized iPad, with 64Gb and cellular in my choice of color.My old iPad was doing just fine but I was feeling the squeeze on the 16Gb max storage.
I never thought iPhone 6 owners were the target audience of the ads. Apple was just using the ad to tell the public that the lack of a case change didn't mean there wasn't a hella lot of changes to the iPhone inside. Apple's ads have effectively communicated enough to blunt anything Samsung was saying, without even mentioning them.
You're just butthurt 'cause you ain't a celeb.That celebs prefer Apple iPhones is a good thing, and Apple knows it!
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