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Only Woz will think this out-shines the Apple Watch. While the rest of us will search the thesaurus for a word that actually captures this level of ugliness.
Meanwhile Samsung can't draw enough interest in their flagship stores to keep them open.I do have to admit that the public's interest and patronage of Apple's stores exceeds my understanding... it's just phenomenal!
Meanwhile 100-year-old Virginia is totally enjoying her Apple iPad and it's various apps. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndkIP7ec3O8 )
"...switching from Android to iOS remains stable at 18 percent." I like that number a lot. While the only users switching from iOS to Android or Windows phones come on this site to tell us about it. Windows and Blackberry as so far behind Apple and Android that they didn't even merit an honorable mention in the above story. When you think about it, ApplePay is barely kicking in, the Apple Watch is several months away, the CarPlay initiative is waiting for a new release...
I've saved a lot of money with the above philosophy. Written on my late 2005 MBP.
Try adding a turbocharged carburetor... that should do it.
The 6+ was a prototype of what is to come.
Indeed! Samsung cannot hit targets they announce a year away, but then go on record to aim for one five years out.... as if....Listening to the o-CEO talk you get a mental pictured of him arriving at CES in a clown car in full costume.
Dead Weight?Back Seat Rigor?
...and THAT'S who are part of the advertising campaigns' target audience... No merchant wants to be left out when Nancy goes on her next shopping spree.
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