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 Are you saying Apple won't do things on the iPad they don't/won't do on the iPhone? It's already been going on... there's a raft of programs that run on the iPad that would be impracticably ran on a 4" iPhone. Since the iPad has enough real estate to do a split screen with two programs running side-by-side, I can't see Apple not doing it at some point just because it's not practicable on a soon-to-be out-dated iPhone or iPod Touch. What's important from a UI standpoint is...
 I'm not arguing about a Gb being a Gb. I'm saying a Gb with a 32-bit path has the half the transistors, flip flops, or mojo as a Gb chip with a 64-bit path. if you have a RAM chip with a certain memory capacity, then that capacity is based on the chip being used at a certain word size.You cannot take a one-Gb chip and decide to have twice the word length without halving the word count. THAT'S my point. For Apple to increase their word length to 64-bit, they needed to DO...
 I read the article too and it is inadequate. The writer had his/her eye set on gross power consumption points and was totally oblivious to all the smaller places where power is used.
RAM is highly different from mass storage memory, just to keep that clear. However, when any brand X phone says they have 2 Gb of RAM, that is 32-bit RAM. Only Apple currently uses 64-bit RAM. Those longer words require the same number of transistors in operation as if the iPhone were to be running on 2 Gb of (32-bit) RAM. Roughly the same energy draw, and real estate as a brand X phone. A lot of factors will affect battery draw, even the number of ports on the device has...
 Before Apple we enjoyed the invention of the typewriter keyboard, 1860s and the rotary dial phone, 1904 (in it's most recent incarnation). That leaves another approx 40 year gap for the teletype in the 1940s before another 40 year leap to the mouse. Apple sure has sped things up a bit!
 Even God dropped the ball on an "easy user interface" when he created Man 2.0, known as Eve. He's had a problem with every even-numbered release since then too.
Yeah, and that's the font that wouldn't be moved. The only thing the city fathers of San Francisco has agreed on since mid-last-century.
 iTunes needs a new name. Music is now only a tiny part of what you can get there. I'd like them to rename it "An app where you can buy anything worth owning." Subtitled: "iShit" ... Arlo Guthrie's song playing in the background... yeah, you know the one!
Sometimes a company finds a limit where one strong central leader is holding it back. If that was the case with Jobs, Apple grew a whole lot more than ever seen in history before Jobs started to top out. Meanwhile, with Steve Ballmer, he started holding MS back the day he took over. Uncle Fester could dance, but then was only able to handle one word over and over.
While I agree with you, I also remember back when memory was very dear to buy, more then one short word was stored in a word. While I have no reason to believe Apple is doing this now, they did in fact double the number of transistors in their RAM while not also doubling the addressable (RAM) memory. Doing so, did increase their production costs, power drain, and die landscape. People who would castigate Apple for being the cheap bastards they are, seem to give Apple no...
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