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I suspect he made the WSJ well aware of his feelings of their piss poor prior prattle before agreeing to be part of their phone and pony show.The big boys tend to bruise them in private so the pulp publishers can pretend to maintain their editorial independence.
I agree. Some say Samsung has another year of life left, I give them a bit longer... after all Blackberry's legs still manage to kick the air and they're supposed to have died already.
I started out with a HTC phone because my area is best covered by Verizon and the iPhone wasn't in Verizon's bag when my dumb phone died. The HTC was a nice enough phone and I thought of it as a "trainer" phone... I wanted to get some understanding of the Android experience before owning an iPhone when Verizon finally could handle the Apple iPhones. I spent two full years with the HTC and never could figure out how to get my photos off the device.I've now had two full...
Imma thinking the meeting went something like this. "We're so very sorry Mr. Cook for not making our 20nm promise, but we were able to add some additional circuitry to make the SoC scream on speed benchmark tests....""Mr. Cook, why you frown smile...? You makee me skerred!!!"
Exactly! Apple always talked about how my photo stream was always backed up and synched ... yadda yadda... But then I was left wondering, "Okay, but what about my camera roll and my shared folder?"
Want some fun? Ask a kid to figure out how we used to text using a rotary phone dial...I remember how our home phone ring tome seemed to sound like everyone else's. I guess no one bothered (or knew how) to change it.User privacy was insured by saying into the receiver, "It's for me, you can hang up now, mom."Everyone also had an unlimited local plan. Roaming was what a person used to do when the new "wire free" phones were invented.
 Are you suggesting that the "1GB LPDDR3 RAM" chip was only being half used (in the iPhone 5) before Apple decided to use the whole chip when they went to 64 bits (in the 5c and 6 iPhones)? If it was being fully used as a 32-bit 1 GB chip, then where did Apple scrape up the transistors to form the extra registers? A chip is not magically 1 GB one day and suddenly a 1 GB the next day with twice the word length... Keep in mind I've been talking all along about the transition...
 Are you saying Apple won't do things on the iPad they don't/won't do on the iPhone? It's already been going on... there's a raft of programs that run on the iPad that would be impracticably ran on a 4" iPhone. Since the iPad has enough real estate to do a split screen with two programs running side-by-side, I can't see Apple not doing it at some point just because it's not practicable on a soon-to-be out-dated iPhone or iPod Touch. What's important from a UI standpoint is...
 I'm not arguing about a Gb being a Gb. I'm saying a Gb with a 32-bit path has the half the transistors, flip flops, or mojo as a Gb chip with a 64-bit path. if you have a RAM chip with a certain memory capacity, then that capacity is based on the chip being used at a certain word size.You cannot take a one-Gb chip and decide to have twice the word length without halving the word count. THAT'S my point. For Apple to increase their word length to 64-bit, they needed to DO...
 I read the article too and it is inadequate. The writer had his/her eye set on gross power consumption points and was totally oblivious to all the smaller places where power is used.
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