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Not only those things, but Apple is doomed... doomed, I say!!! Buhahahaha!!!
Different pundits have thrown out almost a half-dozen names. I don't think any company has publicly announced interest.
"...what will Apple want to do next?" Good question, because since their next market to disrupt could be dang near any one they pick. And because of their secrecy, no one can prepare for it to happen. So, when it happens Apple will have already moved several pieces into place to support their jump...
The exploit asks you three questions, which you have to answer correctly to initiate installation:1. Is your daddy also your grandpa?2. Do you play a banjo?3. Are these questions being read to you?Any glimmer of intelligence and the installation is aborted.
Nothing new here. Microsoft's best products were something they bought and re-branded.
Who knows? The only people that could remember what Walt looked like, can't remember who Walt was...
Slow news day... I hear Woz is gonna be the technical director for this snoozer where a toilet seat is used as inspiration for the new iBook computer case. Seth Rogen will given a lot of potty humor lines to keep the nerds in the audience sniggering over their double meanings.
...and then someone else pipes up and says, "And make sure to include a wigger in the ad too."
Obviously this calls for pegboard displays...
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