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The server market is a big cat fight that includes some companies in a do or die mode. No place for Apple to offer any advantages in features or price.Apple has staked out where they are strong and going aft that segment like a bulldog... letting the bottom feeders fight over the slim-margin pickin's.
I thought Apple had education well covered???Apple has that segment by the balls -- Education even favors Macs as well as iPads where enterprise is still heavy in PCs.
I think there was a lover's spat involved.
The ghost of Ballmer dances on...
AND, doing so in this current quarter.
I agree with you. Not only are the cultures too different, but Apple would rather partner then own; everyone doing what they do best! That said, it would be such a glorious day if Apple did buy IBM... this coming from an Apple fan since the early '80s... I will have lived to see this thing go full circle.
You are absolutely correct. Apple's presence in some of those 97% may be down in the single digits, but I like my rose-colored glasses and will continue to hum a happy tune while IBM works to increase those percentages where it matters most.
It appears that whatever the younger Lee touches, turns to shit rather thoroughly. Also, since his "corruption-addled Chairman father" (I LOVE that string of adjectives) has yet to announce his successor, the change-over, when it comes, has got to follow the similar fate of other large corporations that had no succession plans. ANother thought, Samsung, by its hugh size, has had a strong influence on many industries (such as the news industry), government agencies (aided...
Naw, these are just the Android users who think they bought an iPhone and still don't know the difference.
Indeed! And three for Apple who focuses on the end user the most!As long as CurrentC, Google, and the stores are focused on sucking something out of the deal, they lost the war before it started. If you re-read the goals of CurrentC there was not a single mention of how it would serve the end user. Pure fail.
New Posts  All Forums: