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The reasons behind the loyalties are different. With OSX vs Windows it was "My company is standardized on WIndows so I have to get the same for home (said with a whine)."With iOS vs Android, it's more like Apple haters vs Apple lovers.
The most popular iPhone 5c in pre-order is the YELLO iPhone. I'd never have guessed that! Not in a million years.See? That's why you and I are not earning the big bucks in product design.Color forecasting is more then a science, it's an art... no, it's more then an art, it's fortune telling witchcraft!
The "C" stood for "cheap" only in the minds of the analysts who imagined that Apple would go for the cheapskate market, which apparently you are part of.The iPhone 5c has the same specifications of the iPhone 5 with the exception of a 25% longer battery charge life and a wider selection of color options.The significantly better iPhone 5s at only $100 more is within tempting range of most buyers, it's going to be fun seeing how this plays out.By the way, the YELLOW 5c is...
Would this face okay that ad....?
You may be on to something... Anyway, this news will only cause Apple's stock to plummet...!
Sorry Mark, but only Microsoft makes products in brown.
Apple determined that offering pre-orders for both the 5c and 5s at the same time would overload the internets and cause a blackout in the western USA. Apple is once again protecting you from yourself. All bow to the omniscience of Tim while intoning, "Jooooooooooooooobbbbs."
Don't worry, they can make 10s of millions per day and have 6 full days to be cranking these puppies out like crazy. Plus, in case you missed it, they are taking pre-orders in 100 countries.A few days from now the Pacific will be darkened by the fleets of FedX aircraft flying out of China. There will be so much mass moving in one direction that it will spin up the Earth on its axis.Meanwhile in Texas, Googlrola is churning out 14.2k MotoX phones per day... Everyone say,...
Yeah, even the box has Chinese writing all over it.
In Japan "being replaced" is the least that happens. First, there's the public apology and deep bows to the stockholders. Then they are handed mops and sent out to a nuclear powerplant to remove 500 tons of radioactive water.
New Posts  All Forums: