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I purchased my iPhone 5 and iPad4 at the bottom end of their configurations (16Gb). Even though the apps I downloaded are synced across both devices, the iPad got full a lot faster than the iPhone. In fact the iPhone has yet to get full.I'm surprised that I never found any information on line to give a new purchaser any idea of what memory size of iPad one might need. I certainly would buy a bigger iPad today than I did. By offering a 16 Gb iPad, Apple is indicating that...
This is interesting from several angles. (1) I had no idea that the patents in this portfolio included something that struck at the root of Google's profit source. This means Microsoft;s Bing™ may have a chance moving forward. (2) The cost of giving away Android has just jumped for Google. This impending eventuality may be why Google is downplaying Android and moving their focus to Chrome. I'm not sure that will help all that much, but I can see manufacturers giving up...
I'm glad I was able to "lift" your spirits and take your mind off the gravity of your illness, even if it was for only a short bit with my weighty explanation. But, somehow, I sense that you didn't take my short discourse completely seriously?
It was not reported in the keynote but Apple is using shorter bits in the new iPads. This is doubly important since the new A7 processor uses 64 bits to a byte, twice as many are required to fit in a space reduced by a third in volume. Using Plank's constant you can easily see where Apple was able to lower the weight of the data while doubling the word length. An amazing feat no one has alluded to before!Some have postulated that Apple didn't really shorten the bits but...
I'm sorry, but I don't see anything patentable here. The voltage and power control circuitry is pretty textbook.
Maybe not. The iPad Mini has 1/4th pixels to push around as its big brother.
Graphic intensity games will be the first to enjoy this higher speed, but as developers begin to write apps that take advantage of the higher computation capacity there could be a whole new level of apps that neither you nor I can imagine... perhaps artificial intelligence. Lord knows, the U.S. congress members could use an intelligence boost.
Are we all in agreement that "hands down" is the same as "thumbs up?"
Women will go for the mini because it will fit easily into their purses. Men will go for the large iPad because... well, because size matters...
Yeah, they are all little black rectangles to the steaming masses, aren't they??
New Posts  All Forums: