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That's the curious part. The video was uploaded late October and was shot maybe a month earlier. The amount of capacity to produce the can cover in volume is impressive and certainly wasn't sitting idle all this time, so what's holding up shipping the product before now???
This is all BS, NONE of the packages are finished and debugged, even though their respective companies would tell you different, Apple's iWork has the best likelihood of being improved and upgraded in the short haul... although THAT will be just to get to where it once was on the Mac. Let's see if Apple will move it forward and start actually adding features that would make iWorks more useful to more people. I really don't expect iWorks to be a feature rich as MS Office,...
I've got a whole grand set aside to buy that Mac Pro... I've got that sucker sewed up!
I'm sure that the Apple store employees will enjoy their Thanksgiving day off by going shopping at stores where the employees are working their butts off on Thanksgiving Day...
... and those shelves are located in a government warehouse, you know the one where they are storing the Lost Ark.
I'm not sure that the word "scare" is the best word, but Apple has served notice that they will make it expensive to infringe upon their IP. This is the purpose of following through on their threat. Having established a "value" for their patents through court action will make it far easier to collect damages from other's who have infringed, thereby mapping out their claimed territory. This also sets the stage in Apple's favor for the suits forthcoming from RockStar. Anyone...
Why does anyone buy a watch or DVD players from a guy standing in an alley...?
Actually, this award is a penalty, has nothing to do with royalties. Apple can refuse to grant royalties to Samsung or anyone else if they want. They can easily ask for damages from other manufacturers who copied the patents, but only ask for royalties from those they want.The next obvious step is to block the sales of Samsung products in various countries, starting with the USA.
True, but China Mobile is building out the 3G network. Until recently that service was much smaller.While China Mobile has the broadest coverage, the 3G coverage is relatively new and is being built out rapidly. What I do not know, but I would highly expect, is that China Mobile has their 3G coverage concentrated in metro areas... as that would require the fewest number of towers to gain the most users.
THAT'S what he said he did! Did you notice?Sheesh!
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