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YOu need to re-read the sentence, as it clearly says LONG-TERM interests of the shareholders... Not the quarterly or annual interests...the LONG-TERM interests.
Icahn doesn't have a board position. You're thinking of Microsoft where an investor was able to elbow for a position.
How does one black out local games on a mobile device? I think since the iPad media is not being broadcast via local stations, it can not be blacked out.
I was with you 100% right up to your last sentence. The FAA does require that the touch screen be responsive, that's not an option. The Surface 2 (RT) has some known deficiency in that area. In addition, the Surface 2 running Windows 8.1 is both a new device and a new OS. No one knows the reliability of the hardware or the security of the software.Let's all hope the pilots don't have to call customer support, either."Hello, the is the captain of Delta flight 2422, and we...
From reading the article, Microsoft almost gave them the Surface 2, and promised to fly Delta exclusively when possible. Then, Uncle Fester personally blew the entire IT staff. Now that, my friends is how you close a deal!It won't mean squat in a year because the new MS CEO will likely shitcan the RT and Delta will be free to use an FAA approved tablet, (the iPad) the pilots will be happy, the death rate will go down and harmony will be amongst mankind once again."This is...
At the current rate there may be no price point for the iPod Touch to continue to exist. It already is being highly crowded by the iPad Mini.
Well, then Microsoft's Brown Zune was technically golden too. People avoided it like a turd on the sidewalk anyway.
Well, dip me in dog shit, I can't find that option now, either. It may only be available to certain large volume buyers. I remember if from Windows 7 days.
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In a sense, Apple did that. If you remember how Jobs introduced the iPhone: He said, "Today we are introducing a new iPod, and new computer, and a new phone... then he repeated it several times...until the audience got that it was one device.With regards to the Mac going away; It's the desktop Mac that is losing sales, not the laptop. Apple's laptops, especially the MBA, are doing fine. The build quality is so much better then the other brands that most of the Apple...
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