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I heard a rumor that Jimmy Iovine will be given Steve's favorite parking spot in the handicap parking lot.
In the next installment of this series of rumors building upon rumors, these two rumored Apple co-CEOs will be picking out their furniture for their rumored offices in the mother ship.
You mean like that group of losers Apple got with the purchase of NeXT???
MS didn't necessarily get the PureView patents. Nokia was careful to only license some things to Uncle Fester under generous terms, but wisely retained rights to much.Partinen may be part of a quiet agreement between Nokia and Apple to license ClearView to Apple with Partinen employed to make it happen easier and quicker. Nokia can use the money. The camera tech is not needed for their current direction, and maaaybee Nokia would like to stick it to Microsoft a bit....
You may remember that Samsung did manage to bribe the government to keep the iPhone from being sold in Korea for a while, but once it was able to be sold, it quickly rose to the top of the satisfaction and sales charts.
THIS makes the iPhone the least expensive smart phone to own...
While this may turn out costing Google, it has got to send a chill down the backs of Samsung's management... Sales success, in both these companies, mean bigger fines and costs piling up down the road.
In other news; Samsung announced today that its head of mobile design, Donghoon Chang, was asked to resign amid criticism of the company's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. Chang was in charge of design for Samsung's Galaxy-branded tablets and smartphones. He's received a good amount of criticism for copying Apple's iPhone design details and yet making terrible sales records. The Galaxy S5 is slippery and cheap-feeling, and the dimpled back cover just looks tacky (it...
Let me tell you who ISN'T working for Samsung: Samsung just kicked their head of mobile design to the curb. Donghoon Chang, most responsible for the company's flagship Galaxy phones is on the street with his resumé. This is not a rumor... total fact!
Google has no need of buying Beats, but they would if they thought Apple wanted it. Samsung would try to photocopy Beats rather then pay for it.
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