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The iPhone 5c is FREE!   That makes it 99 cents cheaper than the Amazon Fire!  /s
The white building looks very well finished inside... pretty good for a temp
Sam Smith tweeted: I can't wait to see the new iPhone 6   I say, Can't wait to see the damn Apple event!!!
No, but after the 13th, if you haven't downloaded it, it will be no longer free.
The new Apple Watch runs on unobtainium... no problem with battery life
Holy shit! Free music!!
I guess they have the inside A/V under control... can't dare mess up U2
Huh! However they did it, faster is faster!!
From the standpoint of being able to tap into the excitement of the room... I TOTALLY agree! On the other hand, Apple DID make history by almost bringing the internet to its knees.
Well, this IS Apple Watch 1.0 alpha The next iteration will be the beta version.
New Posts  All Forums: