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Apple did that so people don't try to order the 55 iPhone
I especially liked the oblique reference to Steve Jobs at the end of the article.
Get the 5C in white and slip on the black cover for a nice contrast... It really is a nice combo.
Be prepared to be shocked shitless before Christmas. The 5C will be a runaway success... Although I find the camera specs on the 5S to be highly tempting come upgrade time!
Methinks he doth stomp his foot and pout too much!
That's news to me... I always saw it advertised as "charcoal."
Apple will do well in Japan and Asia with the 5C as it will highly appeal to those consumers. It's the right product for that market and now Apple has the ability to move iPhones through the biggest phone companies in both countries... stand back!!
I'm not sure we will ever see a larger iPhone screen... all analyst dreaming and predicting aside. Personally, I'd rather talk to a bluetooth earpiece then hold a slab of bread to the side of my face and walk around in public. Maybe Apple has a solution that is more like the iPad Mini one holds like it were a book or tablet while conversing through an earpiece.
I understand. The marketing concept is not one followed by the bulk of manufacturers because the quarterly performance numbers are demanded by most stockholders and most management lacks to confidence to think and act for longer term objectives.Consider this: Android phones are priced to appeal to people with lesser money. Then the Android app developers have found that it's difficult to sell apps to those same cash poor customers, so they use ads to supplement their...
Smart Phones are becoming a commodified market, but Apple is avoiding that aspect of the smart phone market. There's no money there. For customers that want a different experience, Apple wants to fill that desire. So, while General Motors sells more commodity cars then prestige cars, Prestige car companies that don't offer commodity cars, sell more prestige cars then does General Motors. As long as Apple doesn't appeal to or act like they are in the commodity product...
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