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I have it on good authority that 3D Blu-Ray is a double bag of hurt...
How can anyone forget an inept French policeman?
When you have mom on speed dial, who needs another number??
Apple should know when an iPhone is activated because an unique ID is generated, so Apple would know that an end-user sale has been transacted through a reseller. In addition, when I set up my iPhone, the telephone answering feature is operated by Apple. Again they know a iPhone sale has occurred. I'm not certain how plugged in Apple may be with the iPads, but they do know that another iDevice has been added to an iTunes account, so they may be able to track iPad and iPod...
Doesn't include Monitor and Mouse. But unlike the cheap-assed Apple Mac Pro, Tandy includes the keyboard. How does the Mac Pro compare to Tandy's "Lightning-fast 20 MHz" CPU? The Tandy has a 32-bit wide data path for VIRTUALLY SIMULTANEOUS data transfer... Eat your heart out Apple lovers! This professional model doesn't come with a hard disk, but it does sport a floppy drive. That bad boy can hold ONE MEG of data!
I don't give a hoot whether the CPU is socketed... will it blend, is what I need to know!
What a bunch of illiterate idiots -- Read the frickin' article. It's about ACTIVATIONS not sales!Activation spikes on Christmas will most likely indicate a device given as a gift and not so much devices people bought for a gift to themselves. Since the B&N Nook wasn't tracked, one can't see any comparison between devices that are fundamentally eReader gifts. The same problem applies to comparing tablets that are good for other applications. I'd say that the information one...
I would imagine that updating libraries may be good for the later apps, but I'd think some older apps might get wonky.
It would nave been VERY helpful to mention that the FREE version of Mindly is totally worthless without the $5 upgrade.
Practically anything will be better than these poor quality recordings.
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