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Sooo... it has a lot to do with the S5 coming out? I'd say it had a lot to do with Samsung being unable to peak during the huge Holiday buying frenzy.Of course there's no breakdown of their advertizing budget, that's where they hide all the bribes and payouts to shills haunting the Apple-cetric blogs. Samsung may be unethical, corrupt and operated by a criminal, but it ain't stupid.
It's telling that Samsung's fortune has changed. People are less and less impressed with the bigger screen size at the expense of quality, decent apps, customer service, and an overall enjoyable experience. Meanwhile Apple is surging ahead for providing what Samsung can't. Nearly 20 billion in advertising can buy Samsung a lot of one-time customers.
But but but... Samsung S4 customers don't need more space, all they use their phones for is texting and email... and Angry Birds.
I remember when the main news channels didn't even acknowledge that the Mac existed, or would treat the Mac as a pimple on Bill Gates butt. Times sure have changed.
Steve threatened to come back and haunt anyone at Apple that would try to do that... and you know he would too!
I appears that Apple is pushing these out and keeping the Cloud, Mac and iOS versions compatible this time around. I would enjoy knowing if the current state of the iOS version is as feature rich as it once was?
The question is this: "If I'm going to be served up ads, would I rather they irritate me or interest me because of my mood?
Yesterday I emailed a friend some business information. He is using gmail and the Chrome browser. When he received my business correspondence several words in the body of my text had been tagged by Google with a HTML links to various Google advertisers.... It appears that Google is trying to match up his google search terms to text in his received gmail email...What do you think of those apples ???
I doubt we will ever see an iOS 8 — Microsoft poisoned that number for all time.
I thought you might have been making an oblique reference to the rumors of an iPhone Nano several years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: