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  Ditto.  It's painful how quickly you can tell Dilger wrote the articles he's written here, and I don't mean that in a good way.  A little too fanboy-ish, often with spotty logic, and almost always with at least two healthy digressions that are barely worth skimming over.   The only interesting tidbit here is that losing iPhone users could put a kink in Google's ability to provide live traffic data, but even that's not described well.  It's like Change Bank; how are they...
  Well, I thought the "sarcasm tag" was serving as a "I'm not a militant" tag in this case, easing the delivery of what is potentially a very serious, and important, critique.  I hope you were serious enough to mean that we should take a closer look at the possibility of an Apple design monoculture.  ;^D - "I am not a militant."   Regardless, the crew there isn't nearly as varied as the iPod touch line they just released.
  Look, there's no reason to demean the people in the image.  That is, there's no reason to call them "token members" based on a picture.  Everyone in the picture could be insanely qualified and great designers.  In fact, that's likely the case.   But as I'd already pointed out, appearances do suggest the possibility of a little monoculturalism in that design team.  You can say n isn't big enough to draw any conclusions from that picture, but you're not convincing me that...
 Hrm, that picture shows another place Apple could use more color and variety.
Profile... pictures... are... too... large... can't... continue... to... function...   Seriously, "Adjust Size" in Preview is your friend.
Yeah, look how well "metrics" (quotas) worked for Circuit City!  Gosh, I only hope Apple can install more vultures selling me Macs who can keep their jobs only if they move product.  That's the kinda of person that builds a lifelong bond between buyer and brand!   Idiots.  What works is letting Apple sell itself.  They're already selling tons per square foot.  No reason to squeeze the blood from the turnip.
    Yeah, the logic here makes no sense whatsoever.  Sounds like the reseller site trying to get some free pub: "Think iPhones are expensive?  They are!  Buy a non-iPhone! SUPER CHEAP!"   I mean, when New Coke came out, people didn't say, "Screw you guys; I'm dumping all my Classic Coke and buying Pepsi!"  They bought Classic Coke to horde.   Horrible reasoning skills, but successful marketing ploy, I guess.
  Unless it's this.  We're told Jobs was on top of several years' worth of new products, at least in general, yet the small iPad is still just something he's essentially upgraded to "not 100% against".   At some point, it stops being Jobs' company.  I think we're close.  Nothing inherently wrong with that.
Apple has notably pitted its frenemies against each other, such as in partnering with Google to develop and popularize the WebKit browser   I'm not sure that's accurate.  I'd never heard of a "partnership", and couldn't Google it up quickly or see it on the Wikipedia entries for Chrome or WebKit.  Doesn't mean it's wrong, but I think it is [wrong].   Open Source projects don't necessarily require partnership.  That's their beauty.  It's a passive partnership...
Oh right, prepping Excel file contents for export to an RDBMS using a process where some business logic is involved is useless.   Look, they're just different tools.  There's nothing wrong with having good, potentially overlapping tools.  vba makes Office more useful for many of us -- I can do whatever I want inside of a spreadsheet with tools I already know inside and out pretty quickly without being an Excel power user.   And gosh, please heavens, don't even stick me...
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