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        I think the deal is that if you go directly to the albums (or search for, say, "Thin Lizzy"), it's not censored.   Type "Jailbreak" into the search box (note that what you typed was never censored, EWT, just the auto-complete suggestions), and those same track names are now censored.   You have to explicitly search for jailbreak for things with jailbreak in the title to be censored.    That's why I'm still saying the most interesting take home is that this shows...
  Here, Apple is abusing their monopoly power in online music by censoring valid, non-offensive song track titles!  Down with Apple!  Sue!   (We kid because we love.  Honestly, this is most interesting from a programming standpoint -- obviously they have a system-wide method for removing a list of key objectionable words, and now jailbreak is up there with ****, ****, *************, etc )
  There is, unfortunately, already plenty of beer being consumed on Amtrak.  It's like riding the bus, but quicker, with more space for your legs and drunks making up loud stories about how the met Jon Bon Jovi while you're trying to sleep. ;^)
  Haven't seen it in use, but it's got to make things more accurate.  The strip, seat, and patrol all-paper method is a mess.   But the most important thing, I'd think, would be to get seat assignments down more accurately.  If I could start signing up for the much easier sleeping window seat with regularity... ;)  The tabs slipped into the luggage rack is quaint, but has to be a pain for the conductors.   $5.5 mil?  That's a lot of *cough* economic stimulus.  
  Well, if he dislikes it so much, I bet he could make it stop.  This and the guy suing for a logic board replacement, where NVIDIA would have paid for the replacement but, instead, Apple is sending barristers to court means the legal team's culture is off.   I don't like post-Jobs Apple so much, and everything I hear makes me like it slightly less.  (Though if I get a high-res (greater than 1080p) MacBook monitor in the refresh, much will be forgiven.)
I am, and it's not working. SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent. Works fine in Chrome.
This year, Apple has continued to sell a single iPad 2 while offering a "new iPad," positing the device somewhere between the naming convention of iPhone and its iPod touch and Macs, which don't get new names and typically don't overlap in sales. Strangely, the story seems to have gotten as close as you can without actually hitting the mark. They're going to leave numbers behind entirely, and simply start calling things the "New iPad" and the "Previous iPad". Same...
This is the sort of stupid thing you can do when you've got billions in the bank. But seriously, if it's so bad, why are these folks still using their iPhone 4? $15 seems high. $15 x however many were sold sounds like a bad business decision. I guess, like a rebate, not that many folk will really take them up on this, huh? I mean the battery on my Optimus V doesn't always last the day. I bought an extended battery for $20. Where's my settlement?
Thanks. I'm getting "Our apologies but there was an unexpected error with the application. This problem has been noted, and an email has been sent to the administrators. Please check back in a few hours to try the download again." when I try the story's URL. Download link works. Why this doesn't SMS like Google Voice, though, I don't know.
I don't understand; what's Motorola's endgame? (Still very Dilger-esque, but an interesting read.)
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