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Hrm, so, um, how much for what's left over?
It's only $100 to go from 2 Gigs to 4 Gigs of RAM in the base model. It's $200 to bump up to the next higher tier of 11" MBA, which is, strangely, what iFixIt suggests you do.Since the SSD remains upgradeable, I don't see any reason to spend that ($200 minus $100 for more RAM equals an) extra $100 for a larger SSD. Keep the base and customize with 2 more Gigs of RAM and be done. Unless you're in an Apple Store that's not in China and you want the MBA NOW.You might go...
Looking at that picture, "survived" is a heck of an overstatement.
I'm more confused with the idea of which OS folks prefer. Can you really survey OS preference, or are they really measuring which platform (phone + OS) people plan to buy? That is, I greatly prefer iOS, but with Virgin Mobile's all the data you want for $25/month, I went with an Android phone. Do I count as a customer who prefers iOS or Android for the purposes of this survey? Seems the way the questions were framed (if this story represents them accurately), you could...
Pretty homogenous looking top 10 there. If the bald guy didn't shave, it'd be 9 outta 10. Probably is time for Ballmer to go. I don't dislike him as a CEO completely, but when's the last time he said something more intuitive and market-related than, "Developers, developers, developers, developers"? "GIVE IT UP FOR MEEEEEEEEEE!" -- Steve Ballmer
I'll tell you want is crap... The Nike+iPod dongle for the nano. It's not made for running. Use one for a while and *pop*, out it comes. And when it pops, Nike+ decides that you've finished your workout. No way to say, "No I didn't; please continue adding data now that I've stuck the dongle back in." Nike+ on the nano is worthless. On the touch, it's not bad -- the best pedometer on the market. On the iPhone, it's greatly and easily surpassed by Runkeeper (or even...
Give me a break. You can install apps from the net on Android phones without rooting them. They're nothing close to iOS' closedness. I'm not saying that's a better policy than Apple's, but it's not a pot-kettle situation like it sounds like in the post.
Looks like a yes.Still, even with this news, it's not like I'm going to go out and buy a 2009 Mac Pro. Prices are still insane, even for used.
I've wondered about that too. This looks like the perfect Asus XG Game Station implementation. Now you're not just talking laptops, but every Mac short of a PowerMac as your potential market.
Thank you. What a load. How people get paid and make headlines with craptastic crud like this, I have no idea. I mean "soon" could very well mean taking the below and subbing 2011 for 201.This is why it's important not to depend on brokers for advice on specific companies when investing. Unless they've got a fetish for something and are studying it compulsively, even the "best" don't say jack.
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