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Strange that this article seems to couch the things Cook does (works out early, efficient, requiring a relationship with a powerful character to get Cook to "blossom", so to speak, as if he couldn't do it on his own) as context for a gay lifestyle. The real kicker of the piece, though, is the picture. Cook might be "unflappable", but what he's not is a charismatic leader. This, obviously enough, has nothing to do with sexual orientation. There's a reason everyone's...
Apple would never have deprecated Java without already knowing this was on the horizon.
Can we stop using "cannibalizing", please? You're being out-competed; this isn't stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Did laptops cannibalize desktop sales? Did the Apple II cannibalize calculators? Did calculators cannibalize ledgers? Good grief, heaven forbid somebody get tablets right.
He does look awful. Let me be as crass as possible and say that there's one thing that could, possibly rightfully, crash Apple stock's rocket to the moon, and that's Jobs' health. Eat, man. Give the liver something to do!
No, the guidelines say, "We don't need any more Fart apps." Come on, if you're going to let Apple write your headline, at least use their grammar.
Yeah, we're trusting a source that says..."People said"?!! Has journalistic sourcing died?
But this would miss out on the "eyes free" and car safe click wheel, which is half the reason to buy a nano now. Anybody ever try to pause a podcast on a touch when the phone rings? You either unplug it or you have to slide, click, click, click (heaven forbid you're accidentally on another app). I realize the classic is still an option, but there have been rumors that it's going away too (though Gruber shoots them down, for the most part). Vive la click wheel, please.
Other than CDs, you mean. (CDs are digital, natch. Without DRM, even! The bitrate is pretty good too. )
I'm confused too. He brags about tossing wrenches into the Apple stockholders' meeting, but is at this point a bigger homer than Gruber (who, I might add, tends to add reasonable arguments behind his homerism).I'm going to guess that Dilger 1.) Owns a ton of Apple stock and 2.) Is doing hella damage control to keep it up.Dilger needs to come clean in his "reports" with a sig saying how much stock he owns. His writing is getting redonkulous. Unfair personal slam (except...
Please, if you don't have Anandtech's permission (which, admittedly, you might), this is nothing but plagiarism. The amount of reused text and images goes well beyond Fair Use. It's an excellent article. AppleInsiders who want to should go read it, not see it regurgitated here.
New Posts  All Forums: