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All this chip bloat makes me suspicious that AMD vs. Intel isn't quite creating the competitive, fairly balanced market you'd want it to see.
Maybe. It's not like major brokers with index funds don't have other investments that'll start changing now.To over-simplify like mad, pretend somebody's got a third of their firm's cash in AAPL, a third in MSFT, and a third in NASDAQ's index. They know that soon they'll need to take, what, 12% of a third... 4% of their total worth in AAPL stock out of out of the index fund. Why not plan to move that to the AAPL chunk (it's like they get to buy 4% of their worth in AAPL...
Because its value has skyrocketed in the last several years in a way NASDAQ didn't see coming.If the AAPL stock was worth 10% of the NASDAQ, and it doubled in value while others' went down, you've easily got AAPL at over 20%. See?These index funds essentially have one share of AAPL, one share of MSFT, etc. So when the value of the individual stocks go up and down, so does the index. But AAPL's done so well lately that its contribution to the NASDAQ index is out of...
There's no April 1st feel about Sony giving Apple a camera at all?
Is this why we don't care about Sandy Bridge issues?
But blocking people from using legally purchased DRM files on unsupported platforms is also legal.What, you wanted to crack your cake and eat it too?Buy used books and always wear white.
Can I haz manzion TV antennaz?
Strange that this article seems to couch the things Cook does (works out early, efficient, requiring a relationship with a powerful character to get Cook to "blossom", so to speak, as if he couldn't do it on his own) as context for a gay lifestyle. The real kicker of the piece, though, is the picture. Cook might be "unflappable", but what he's not is a charismatic leader. This, obviously enough, has nothing to do with sexual orientation. There's a reason everyone's...
Apple would never have deprecated Java without already knowing this was on the horizon.
Can we stop using "cannibalizing", please? You're being out-competed; this isn't stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Did laptops cannibalize desktop sales? Did the Apple II cannibalize calculators? Did calculators cannibalize ledgers? Good grief, heaven forbid somebody get tablets right.
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