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Please, if you don't have Anandtech's permission (which, admittedly, you might), this is nothing but plagiarism. The amount of reused text and images goes well beyond Fair Use. It's an excellent article. AppleInsiders who want to should go read it, not see it regurgitated here.
Yeah, I was thinking that (and Minis) as well. There have been some windows where there's really not much differentiation between the consumer and pro models, and even if AMD gives procs about the same speed as Intel, the differentiation might help in mindshare. And AMD & Intel should each keep the other more honest. Still, my guess is that this is another vengeance move by Jobs, right? Make us use integrated right after we sell out to NVIDIA in our OS? We'll show...
Yep, I think I've got it; thanks for the primer. I feel more up to speed now. The 320M and 330M, if I follow, have much more similar names than abilities. One's a true integrated (ie, multipurpose) chip. The other is [just] a GPU. I think I got it. And yeah, after reading about an Alienware with a swappable GPU, I've been wishing for one myself. As you say, though, we're lucky enough to have 'books with upgradable RAM and, for some, even hard drives. My upgradeable...
What, as opposed to Intel pulling a tiny processor out of mothballs for the even more niche Air? I think Apple has some clout now. ;^)
So if 320M and 330M are integrated graphics, how does the Intel chip fit in? That is, if you're integrated, you're usually, what, integrated with the memory controller or some such? Do the MacBook Pros dodge the Intel vs. NVIDIA lawsuit by having two of essentially the same thing in the box?
Both over and out of the ear. Ick. I don't get it. For a guy who is as anal about affect as Jobs, he sure dropped the ball on this one. What, did they use film and he didn't bother to wait on the negatives? At least that saves him throwing the camera off-stage when he sees his wacky hermit-look. Yeah, you think some PR person would have taken a Braun to him there. I'm scared.
I think you're half-way there. People are imagining what they'd like to do with an iPad so that they can justify its purchase. What people actually do might [not] be surprising. I'm surprised how much I use my iPod touch to check email and surf, so I'm sure there will be a little extra work squeezed in, but I'll still bet most people are just selling themselves on the next k3wl thing.
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/01/te...zonweb.html?hp "In a fight over the price of electronic books, Amazon.com has blinked." Next, they fix the cable.
Why does this article read exactly like the one at Roughly Drafted, minus a few HTC comments?
Grubes sums up Schiller's mistaken impressions quite well:Seriously, this is one heck of a bungled case. I guess at least Ninjawords is getting lots of press out of it.
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