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A brandy point?   
When did the Ralph Lauren Polo logo get so big?  It used to be maybe a couple inches tall, now it's comically huge  
I thought them terrorists used Android?
Also, I don't know about you guys, but in my household we often have 2 or more iPhones charging pretty close by each other, so having them all respond to "Hey Siri" at the same time would be a nuisance.   If they responded to different key phrases then there would be no issues.   "Klaatu barada nikto!" "bee boop"   "Execute Order 66" "bee boop"   "Berwip crawna-wi pinibon" "bee boop"
 Best solution is to make the "Hey Siri" command customisable, so I can change it to "Hey butthead".  That would make me happy.  I guess they could also try to make it voice sensitive, but that sounds complicated.
What'd be the point?  You're necessitating that people use multiple cables, and I can't see any advantage over the current cables.
The pins don't look angled to me. And it's definitely not British, it doesn't even have the right number of pins 
Sheesh, I only just got to this thread and haven't read back through 3 pages of lengthy posts, forgive me.  I took that particular post at face value and couldn't immediately understand it, forgive me.  No need for the attitude just because I asked a question. So you haven't seen a phone that doesn't run Android that requires two hands then?  Going back a bit, how about the Sidekick?  Or, more recently, how about the big Windows Phones (6" for the Lumia 1520)?  The newest...
I thought that was your beef with all the "unusable" larger phones and phablets?
In preference to credit and debit cards though?  And is it a strong enough preference that retailers would make the investment in new transaction infrastructure?  Especially when the vanguard of forward-thinking technology retailers have probably already invested in contactless recently?   That's the sort of question that Apple are probably mulling over, and unless their (unknown, possibly non-existent) proprietary, non-NFC solution is so good that it can confidently...
New Posts  All Forums: