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Are you kidding?  Shareholders who started with Apple when they were financially in trouble have been rewarded with stock growth of approaching 25000%.  Just sell some stock if you want to convert to cash.
Then I think you definitely need to take some lessons in perspective.  "In line with expectations" is a perfect explanation for the dial not moving much. And just for some additional perspective, Apple's share price increasing by 1.8% in-hours, and around 1.3% out-of-hours represents approximately an additional $20-25bn on their market cap.  i.e. exceeding profit for this quarter, of which, as you say, the majority was expected anyway, and already priced into the stock.  
 It suggests nothing of the sort. Before the results were announced, Apple's share price was up over 50% since this time last year.  Share prices are based on expectations.  Apple announced that revenue was up only 27% since this time last year.  And the share price went up another 1.5-2%. Where's the bias now? Perspective.  From Calvin Klein.
Kinda funny how when the iPad was launched the harbingers were saying that Apple were going to suffer as it cannibalised Mac sales, and now it's a bad thing that the exact opposite is happening.
Never said it wasn't, but I was responding to a post complaining about a 1% bump in the share price in the past few hours on the basis of revenues that grew 27% over the past year.   Using a yearly measure to complain about an hourly fluctuation is silly.
 The share price was around $80-85 this time last year, so is up way more than 27%.  
What are the special benefits of Lightning?   It's a little bit smaller, sure, and the solid metal tongue looks to be a bit more robust than the USB 3.1 connector*, but those don't strike me as particularly "special", just "nice".     * Apple cables are a different matter.
Hope this doesn't tread on any SlimPlug patents.   http://www.slimplug.com/
^ They must have created a lot of work for themselves in resetting forgotten passwords.
Does HERE do public transit?
New Posts  All Forums: