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No one believes it is real. It's a joke story.
An appreciation of context makes it simple and understandable even for the easily confused. If it's software versioning then the point is not a decimal, just like when it's a date the slash is not a division symbol. Totally imaginary problem totally solved.
Didn't annoy me, but thanks for the thought.
I've seen it, so that's not true. It's more common to use a forward slash though, so dates must be very confusing to you with the numbers all being divided by each other.
Only if the point is a decimal. Which it isn't in software versioning.This isn't confusing, just fodder for would-be pedants.
I think we both know that's not what is going on in this thread.Nice try though.
Easter weekend isn't a public holiday in the US? Did not know that, and quite surprised by it.
Was the map-gate callback and GMaps criticism really necessary for this piece of news? Seems like pointless sniping.
Still US only, for no obvious reason.
Samsung sell 30,000 devices and it's all about Apple? Yeah, sure.
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