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That's not a grammar correction, it's a semantic correction.Semantic police, at your service
The only reason Google would collect data on my listening habits would be to advertise music that it thinks I'd be interested in. Which is kind of what I want an app like this to do anyway, and Google are very good at recommendation analytics.Not a good criticism of Google in this instance.
Why would Apple even be able to sue over Tidal streaming Drake's set?   If they could legitimately sue, then where do Tidal get off whining about Big Brother if they/Drake would be acting in breach of some contract.
No true American would rule against Apple, she must be Korean.
Fantasy Apple Product Manager could be a great game. No matter how well you're doing, the stock market is apathetic and rumour forums call for your head on a spike.
No one, obviously, nor was he claiming to be such a thing. Why do people post stuff like like this in response to comments and opinions?  Do you think ordinary people should not be entitled to have opinions unless they have some official jurisdiction over the matter?
Seems sensible, when both the parties are falling over each other to get a word in, to tell both of them to shut up until the court is ready.  Good on the judge.
Pretty sure each pair of Beats headphones sold turns more than a $1.50 profit.
Lots of people call Google and Microsoft greedy.
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