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If what I say is true? What is it that you think I'm saying?
Can't believe you're so surprised and vociferous in your defence of a pretty obvious consumer demand of more for less.
I didn't mention anything about cost.The subject is whether a 32GB iPhone 6S will be available at all.
Which is a crappy suggestion to someone who is saying they want the top range phone in 32GB.
Research future Apple products? Where are you getting this research?Also, you've changed the price of the (fictional) iPhone 6 32GB since your last post. New research available?You're making stuff up again Arnold.
Rantrantrant Hatehatehate Dontevenattempttounderstand Repeat
You can always get a worse phone in a storage option that isn't available?Great solution bro.
Nine in German is neun, not nein.  Joke needs work 
 By what measure?  They were clearly a monopoly.
For the last time can you put a name of one single example down in writing so I know what you're talking about. It's a simple request. Calm down, stop swearing and give an example.Of course every life event doesn't need to be captured, but this is an important one for both Dre and NWA. Crying racism is ridiculous in a discussion of the completeness of a biopic.
New Posts  All Forums: