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Get some manners, keyboard warrior; some people are bigger than you.
It's a case, as alluded to in the text of the article. Look how recessed the headphone jack is; obviously a case.
Better to have a common standard for this; Microsoft using the same file format is a good thing.
So? The claim was that they don't have a server product. They do. That it isn't particularly popular is besides the point. They have one and it doesn't use OpenSSL.
Yeah, like these four guys. How dare they leave Apple and expect to be able to get another job? Whiners!
Tough. Law says you can't collude to stop competitive recruitment.
 Apple innovation!
 Aside from the obvious objections to such an absurd view, this is a class action lawsuit.  Nothing to do with Government.  Unless you think there shouldn't be laws or courts in general.
Don't forget "you don't get it" and "you don't understand how Apple works".
New Posts  All Forums: