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^ You mean storage, not RAM.   And people complaining about it is a good sign that people are not willing (or at least not happy) to pay it, so that's a pretty vacuous remark.
You're being facetious. I get it.A clear note (doesn't even need to be on the box, just the advertising speel) that user accessible storage will be [insert range here]. Maybe even not include 16, 32 and 64GB at all. Why not small, medium and large? Or something equally untied to a value that has only a general relationship to the user experience, while being presented as something very specific.
So you agree that blaming this on Islam is rubbish then?Because the copilot sure as hell wasn't a muslim and he seems pretty determined.
I think I'll let this lawsuit press the case for me thanks.  Writing to my MP wouldn't have much effect, and there's far more important issues.
The point which you seem to have missed is that if they are telling you it, and advertising it, then there's a presumption that the information they're telling you is relevant to your usage. Not that they're telling you some esoteric technical information about the inside of the device that is unimportant. And if it's relevant then it should be accurate to the use case. So 16GB should be how much you can use, not merely some raw "truth" with a passing resemblance to the...
Not really. The USA has a rule that if the pilot leave the cockpit then another member of staff has to go in so there are always two people in there. That rule was put in place to prevent terrorist incidents after this mold. If Germany had that same rule then it likely would t have happened. You can read it whatever way best suits your bias, but ultimately only one person is responsible, certainly not a religion of billions.
So misleading advertising is ok when it's only misleading by 20%, but unacceptable when it's misleadibg by 40%? So it's a principle of scale? When exactly does it become too much?Alternatively, if Apple/Samsung/whoever were more upfront about the likely footprint of the OS, then it wouldn't be an issue. Which is what this lawsuit is pressing for really.
I seem to remember a lot of vitriol addressed at Samsung about how much user-addressable storage was in their phones not too long ago. But as long as the chips are in the case it doesn't matter if the user can use it, right? Anyone who says that is a noob, right?
^ Everything is useful to someone, so there's no such thing as junk? I don't know about you, but I live my life from my own perspective; so yes, Apple installs quite a bit of unremoveable junk.
It's almost as if the first page of the themed didn't happen...
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