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The USA has a lot of banks.
Depends on how you view it.Apple don't make money directly from very much of their software, but their software enhances their ecosystem, so is worth it.Apple likely doesn't make any money from iCloud, as most accounts will be on the free tier, but it enhances their ecosystem.An Apple MVNO may not make much, or any money, but if it gives any Apple mobile device anywhere in the world the best mobile data signal available then that's a massive enhancement to the Apple...
So? Lots of Apples products only work within the Apple ecosystem, doesn't mean they aren't products.The iPod originally only worked with a Mac, doesn't mean it wasn't an entry into the MP3 player market.
It's rude. Stop interrogating people. Bragging isn't a particularly attractive trait either.
Freaking hell, do people need to post their trading history on this forum to be able to have a conversation? Get over it.
Bizarre idea that people would lie about stock market success on an Apple fan site. Or that even if they did it's worth anyone's time giving two hoots about. You made a bunch of money betting on/against Apple? Meh. You lied about making a bunch of money betting on/against Apple? Meh.
I have a close friend who works for IBM and has had a MacBook Air for (I think) around six months now, and I doubt he was a high priority/early adopter case.  Don't think this is particularly new news, though it's a nice big number to quote.
Every man I meet I have to remind myself that I chose not to be attracted to men. One time I forgot and accidentally ending up blowing an elder gentleman in the toilet of Waterloo train station, but I've improved my choice memory since then.
Do you ever step back and look at your own arguments and wonder at their one-sidedness?   I don't claim Obama is brilliant, a saint, or that Congress is solely to blame for all inaction, but the idea that the reciprocal is true is such patent nonsense.  You criticise Obama for not sending a bill, but a moment's thought would conclude that if a series of modest amendment proposals gets rejected out of hand, how well is a full bill going to fare?  Obama hasn't even sent...
New Posts  All Forums: