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^ Everything is useful to someone, so there's no such thing as junk? I don't know about you, but I live my life from my own perspective; so yes, Apple installs quite a bit of unremoveable junk.
It's almost as if the first page of the themed didn't happen...
That's pretty much the definition of junk.
I wouldn't start a lawsuit over it, but wouldn't say Apple has done the best communication job either. And the size of iOS does seem to be creeping up quite a bit.
Jesus made a big thing of not being too tolerant too.  I remember it well, the Gospel of Mosley.
Hitler was well known for his tolerance.
^ I always thought that the Apple Store goes down for dramatic effect rather than any technical reason.
I don't think Omni have a calendar app, do they?
It's probably more stable and sustainable than most because the inherent mutability of democracy, things can't come to a head so readily because of the avenues for system-lead change. Hence the relative paucity of revolutions to overthrow democracy. That doesn't mean that particular democracies can't have flaws baked in that prevent adequate change, or conversely, allow so much change that the key institutions become vulnerable. This is both the weakness and strength of a...
Bit pricey for the utility I'd get from it. I'll stick with the original for now. Looks good though.
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