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The OP also neither judged, nor blamed Apple, despite the two hyper-defensive follow ups from the usual suspects.   I think it's pretty well established that Project (RED) has been a vast waste of time and resources when compared to actual achievement, mainly driven by celebrity and advertising ego.
Is this one of those things where they can design with the draft standard even though it hasn't been finalised and signed off?Since Apple design their own SoCs I would have thought that was be an ok thing to do, unless there are licensing or IP issues.
I think he was just saying that Siri also doesn't work a lot of time, but TouchID is worse. Not necessarily a lie, though my experience has been much better in both cases.
I may be being blind here, but is there any way of turning off the weather widget in Notification Center without turning off the day summary of events? On iOS 7.1 on a 5S. I'm looking in Settings > Notification Centre Apologies if this has been asked/answered before, I did try a quick search.
Didn't Cortana go a bit crazy at the end?
Would knowing the name of the test make his unverifiable answer any more verified?
Wait for a bit of patriotism mocking banter, that's when the over sensitive paranoiacs come out to play.No one was being anti-American.
Man, this thread certainly has brought out all the underground blimp experts.
And Apple were hassling Microsoft when Vista was having issues and they saw an opportunity to sell a few more Macs. Using opportunity to sell a message does not equate to BS, it equates to good messaging policy.
I know you're pretty cuckoo over this, but you realise that it won't take anything to make Apple valuable again right? They're one of (if not the most) valuable companies now.If they can continue executing like they currently are then that probably won't change all that much, and the new, innovative product categories will be icing on the cake.If you're so certain about Google's rises then I strongly suggest you sell all your AAPL and throw it all into GOOG. It'll save...
New Posts  All Forums: