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I don't understand what you mean by this, and I've made no such promise. Certainly, but I'm not sure how that copying culture goes against my speculation about innovation. I very well may, that's not my point.  My point was that all versions of the tech made by this company are now cloaked in Apple's secrecy veil for at least a year, probably two, possibly more.  Only one company has access to it, and will be working on it, and they won't demo anything, they won't be...
No doubt. I don't think I said anything contrary to that.
I've "used" it accidentally more times than I've used it purposefully. The detection between a long press and a force touch is not easily gauged, which makes it an annoying feature, in my opinion. Offers no substantial utility as of now, all aspects of it can be delivered by alternative means.
Great, so more interesting technology will go behind Apple walls for years, and possibly never emerge at all. Apple may themselves be innovative, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if their secrecy is a net loss for innovation across the sector (however you'd measure that). Not a fan of the machine swallowing up the small, interesting players.
Weird analogy.  Sounds pretty sensible to me.
A bit of notice would've been nice to sort out another MasterCard.  My bank doesn't support ApplePay yet.
Some of you guys are way too sensitive about this stuff.  Microsoft's display is slightly better?  Well done Microsoft.
It has four lights on it, presumably to show whether you're connected as Controller 1, 2, 3, or 4, but I thought you could only connect 2 controllers to the Apple TV?
I wonder if anything happens if you insert the Apple Pencil Lightning connector into the Siri Remote Lightning port.
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