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I think the clear "end" is a little way off yet, but there's likely some truth in what you say.  I think there's still a chance it could hold together, and the current vitriol being spouted in a very negative election campaign may subside once post-election normality resumes, but it's going to be a rough ride. If another Conservative government is formed, I think it's curtains.  And probably a reinstatement of one of the forgotten verses of the national anthem... Lord...
I understand completely.  As someone invested in Apple's business you naturally should want Apple to have the widest possible appeal and the largest possible customer base, not alienating anyone for their lifestyle choices. Oh, wait...
I'll believe you when you're specific.
^ Really?  Seems like it has nothing to do with you at all and is entirely between Apple and its tattooed customers.
^ Six EFFING weeks?!  Humankind has never endured such outrage!
Sentient... civilizations?
Me neither.  Glad we agree.
It makes half that in revenue every year, with a reportedly healthy margin, brand equity, and a well-regarded in-road into the streaming music market. I'm bewildered that people still think there was a downside.
Really?  Without any context?  What if the rest of your team had tattoos?  What do you think they would of your small-minded and bigoted decision?
^ Yes, a Macbook Air.  Why?
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