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I do consider them. And I'd say they make things unfair. Under your argument Apple should be normalizing them, but they aren't, while a $1.99 fee that is only legally mandated in the USA is a fairness issue that needs to be reflected internationally? What nonsense. Sales taxes are legally mandated in the UK, but Apple don't apply a 20% sales tax in the USA for fairness reasons. They don't give a shit about that.You've pulled this fairness argument out of your ass and it...
That's absurd.  Apple do not charge the same amount for their products around the world in numerous other instances.  Apple offer giveaways and special deals in some countries and not other.  Apple do not top up the sales tax on all products to the maximum legally required in any one country for the sake of "fairness".   Bollocks it had anything to do with fairness.  Apple do not care about fairness across country borders.
And just like that ad, in the video already posted, the first image is of the Surface Book closed. If you* don't like it, fine, but making up reasons to dislike it is ridiculous.  * By you, I of course, mean the great maker-upper of stuff, sog35
That's an image, not a video.  Here's Microsoft's page for the Surface Book: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/devices/surface-book, and I count three images where the hinge is fully folded over.  So no, you're making shit up.
Funny?  How often does Apple spend in showcase videos showing MacBooks closed?  Actually I'd say Microsoft spend quite a long time on the hinge and showing the lid close completely.
Some extra info in this video:       Despite the gap, I really like the look of that hinge and the lock with the tablet.
The hinge looks interesting.  Pretty thick though.
The Walter Isaacson book was "authorised".  Didn't make it any good.
I read Atlas Shrugged.  It was a comedy, right?
I have the 1st Gen Firewire and it works fine with El Cap as a dumb drive.  I don't have Drobo Dashboard installed or anything fancy going on though, so YMMV.
New Posts  All Forums: