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Perhaps I worded my initial post badly, but you've taken "moderation" in a different way that I intended. I wasn't saying that government should moderate the internet. I was saying that government involvement (the intention was broad, but applies to involvement in the internet) is and has been beneficial, but should be moderate, i.e. not all-encompassing or oppressive. Equally the free market has a role, but should not be all-encompassing and with regulation making it...
Smallwheels said that Microsoft "knew then and still know about the flaws in their OS yet they continue to sell it as is".So Windows ME and IE (while issues) don't really meet the spec for the "flaws" being talking about.
If that's the case then I hardly see why the "slippery slope" is a problem, you're already up to your eyeballs in problems. Countries that have hugely oppressive laws aren't really in the "moderation" conversation.
Ha, I just went to test out Siri's new voices and asked Siri to "tell me a story". She gives a great answer, try it.
A clumsiness in terminology by me. Point being, an internet without government intervention would not have net neutrality enforced and possibly not followed, and children may receive little or no education about caution when accessing the web. So the government may have a role to play there.The rest being the criminal activity I want to be policed? Really? That's a "slippery slope"?I'm sure I must have misunderstood, because that's bonkers.
I'm not the arbiter of moderation, and don't have a fully-formed book o' policy handy.   Off the top of my head, you do want an authority to police/prevent illegal cyber activity, including but not limited to: illegal money transfers, sale of illegal goods, spreading of illegal media (child pornography etc).   Other things you might want them to do: enforce net neutrality, educate children on use of the internet.
 And government research, support, and regulation led or contributed to the creation of the internet, the telephone network, the electricity grid, and the business and skills environment and standardisations that the iPhone, personal computers and so many modern conveniences rely on. Both are important, and both are problematic when they are unmoderated.
What flaws in Windows come anywhere near justifying the "criminal" hyperbole? Not being as elegant as OS X isn't illegal.
Someone else will have to help, I don't have the new Pages to know the specifics of how the saving works. If saving the document to iCloud solves the problem, I'd suggest just doing that for all the documents, if that's practical.
From within Pages try File > Open and open your documents that way?  Then, if that opens, save a new version to native .pages format.
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