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I have the same, but I wish Apple would allow TouchId after a reboot too. I have to input that 16 character password way more than I'd like. I'm not sure that the reboot rule adds any substantive security.
I'll wager that they're at least 50% accurate.
Typical of new touchy-feeling politically correct do-nice-things Apple.  I wholeheartedly oppose this and Tim Cooks homosexual agenda.  /bf /s
I think it's a bit rich calling a localisation an "easter egg".  If it was a completely different language then the translations wouldn't be an easter egg.  US English, British English, Australian English, other Englishes, all similar, but definitely different, and requiring as much attention in localising as altogether different languages.
Why "false flag attack", as opposed to "attack"?
Steve delivered on a second coming.
And you've made up a narrative around those facts about Marco's intentions, undeclared action and inaction, and Apple's benevolence.You don't know that Marco didn't consider a global refund.You don't know that Marco didn't investigate the possibility to a reasonable extent, or even to utmost possible extent.You don't know what triggered Apple to issue the global refund.You know a few facts, but nothing pertinent to making any reasoned judgement.And now you're casting...
This is a whole heap of nonsense that you've guessed at and/or made up.
Never ceases to amaze me how fanboys will rant and rage against the implication of a slight that doesn't even affect them. Marco should have posted about wanting to do something that he wasn't able to do? And the fact that he didn't means he absolutely definitely didn't even try? That is bullshit. You have no idea. There is no reputational damage. The number of people who care or who even know about this is minuscule. Of those, as many will be happy with the response...
Will Apple be removing the app from people's phones as well?  That could annoy a whole new wave of people.
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