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Sure, but these are implementation issues, the methodology of breaking down numbers is something that forms good numerical literacy, and is a good thing for Common Core to be striving for. Regarding the wrong answer, it's a wrong answer.  If the kid gets the right answer as feedback then they may be able to see themselves how they got it wrong.  If not, that's what the teacher's there for.  Getting things wrong is part of the learning process, you can't just point at a...
You're claiming that Common Core is a program designed to "purposely designed to destroy both the education and learning processes of public school children".  You've stated such without any evidence, only a tangentially related blog post about GamerGate.  I'd call that a conspiracy theory.Have no real intentional of proving you wrong, but it's hardly relevant anyway.  Harassment is certainly a crime in the UK if it causes physical or emotional distress.  Are you claiming...
  I have no prior knowledge of common core, but the answer is clearly D, and it's not hard to understand at all.   Breaking down large number into constituent parts is good numeracy.
I like the curvier glass.  Shame they can't get rid of those seams somehow.
I've always had issues with this.  In some ways it's great that iMessage and SMS are integrated like this, but it does create some issues.  If I'm out of cellular data range, I don't get messages, and I've not managed to find anything that I can do about it.  And my sister, who doesn't have a data plan, just wi-fi, won't receive messages until she gets a wi-fi signal.  The SMS fallback is on for both of us.  Fortunately, neither of these situations is common or long...
Is RSS not a supported feature?  Are errors with supported features not worth noting? Crikey, the apologism meter just hit crimson.
Just changing the Region didn't do it for me, I had to change the Language to English (United States) too.     Not having that.
Wait 6 months for the price to drop and the capacity to double then?
No News app here either, is it just a US launch?  I don't remember that being stated.
Where did you get this idea from? Apple didn't license official clones for over a decade after Jobs left. John Sculley, who engineered Jobs' removal was reportedly dead set against the clone idea.
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