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Inconsequential, probably. Invalid, here, on the Internet? No more than yours buddy.Mature response btw.
Freedom to be slimy.  Hold on to that.
Wow, those people, what a parade of assholes Actually, scrap all previous objections, I'm wholly in favour of such an obvious declaration of moronhood. Makes it very clear that these are people I do not want to know.
Your ability to formulate a hypothetical question doesn't give you the right to steer the course of a debate.  I could give you a hypothetical question about whether you'd prefer to see guns banned or child rape legalised, but it'd be a shitty question and you'd have every right to object. The hypotheticalness of your question is a problem, the real world isn't hypothetical.You'd trust to "generally" would you?  I wouldn't.  They don't have to miss by a mile, just an inch,...
 If by "moderate level of crime" you mean that there's a significant likelihood of someone with a gun entering and shooting up the place, then I'd find another area of town, or more probably a different town in a different country. But, to more specifically deal with your point, I think your second option brings in a whole new level of liability.  I don't know if your concealed carriers are good shots, or overly quick on the trigger.  If something bad kicks off and you...
You've got it backwards; all you've done so far is opine that the EU needs to collapse and the founders were psychopaths. That's not a point, it's just a rant.My counterpoint was that the EU has brought peace and stability to its member nations that has lasted half a century, which given the history (as you yourself claim, pre-EU Western Europe rarely lasts a few decades without breaking down into war) is remarkable. Avoidance of war, which was one of the core founding...
 Hate to be a pedant (I don't really), but compression doesn't have to be lossy.
^ There's no need to swipe left either.  The correct maneuvre would be double-click-then-tap.
Saw my first Watch in the wild on the London Underground on Friday, being worn by an exceedingly nerdy looking guy.  Looks weird with a dark screen.
 Wholly agree.  Something that every other mobile OS apart from iOS seems to get right.  Reachability is an absurd solution for something that shouldn't be a problem.
New Posts  All Forums: