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Oh, prepaid cards, right?  Forgot about those.  Not exactly the method that the system pushes most, or the obvious choice for a consumer though.     That's what you meant right?  You could've said.
Metal rock? Is that like hippity-hop?
To download any music you do.  And if you don't download music then it's not really comparable to Beats Music.   Unless... do you need a credit card attached to your iTunes account to download free tracks, previews, or access iTunes Radio in the US?
Actually, the topic was benefit/advantage.  Speed is a benefit/advantage.
How exactly has Barack Obama stirred up sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi'a muslims?
I thought the main court case was over look and feel?  Apple didn't have any explicit patents on that, did they?  This is why there was so much grumbling about Apple suing over "rounded corners".
Not as fast.
The company that I'm working for right now actually makes judges wigs, so I probably could, if I were so inclined.
What on earth makes you think I don't question my government?   Why do people here keep assuming they know things about me way beyond the scope of the conversation?
Not at all. Businesses are motivated by profit. 65% retained is still profit worth chasing.
New Posts  All Forums: