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Iovine is a very irritating presenter. STOP SHOUTING. Eddy Cue was a relief, despite the loudness of his shirt.
Well that's just silly.  Intention and context defines racism, not just the words being used.
The constitution is clarified all the time as a process of constitutional law, challenge and voting in the supreme court.  But it never leads to any changes or clarifications in the wording of the actual constitution, just a backlog of precedent that is nigh on impossible for a layman to interpret.  That could use a tidy up and reconciliation.
 Hardly.  He was given access to it, and it's still there.
^ Certain bits of it could certainly use a rewrite and/or a clarification.
 If that's the case then why does it need to be Apple?  Spotify can do that.
Edward Snowden didn't steal anything.  He leaked it.  Leaking information is disobedience.
Never even heard of Silver, but since Swift is still a work-in-progress I'd be very wary of third party development tools.  Compiling Swift isn't that resource intensive, I've done some small projects on an 11" MacBook Air.  I wouldn't recommended doing that for anything of significant size or complexity, but you shouldn't need a Mac Pro if you're a beginner, an iMac or Mac Mini would suffice.
 Doubtful until Apple releases an additional API for contactless cards that aren't credit/debit, but TFL accepts contactless in place of Oyster, so you would be able to use your credit/debit cards in place of Oyster.  That might end up costing extra in international transaction fees if you don't have local cards.
Wow, that's defensive. Apple set the standard and Android copied it.  That doesn't mean it isn't an expensive payment processing fee.  Also note that other app stores are not so restrictive about dictating their own payment processing - apps can use alternatives if they want.  And many other app stores don't have recurring billing in the same way iOS does, so it's not really the same. The historical percentage is irrelevant, the Apple Store is not a brick and mortar store...
New Posts  All Forums: