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No News app here either, is it just a US launch?  I don't remember that being stated.
Where did you get this idea from? Apple didn't license official clones for over a decade after Jobs left. John Sculley, who engineered Jobs' removal was reportedly dead set against the clone idea.
It'd be really good if Apple could come up with some solution for detecting a nearby AppleTV, especially one that you paired with previously, and giving quick access to the connected app - something like the Handoff app icons, or the camera access from the lock screen. One of the things that annoyed me about using Remote.app was the need to find and open the app and then wait for it to find and connect to the Apple TV. Since the hardware remote was much faster, I just...
   Alright, it's pretty clear what we're dealing with here.
Pretty good developer discount there; Apple don't normally do that do they?
How would it be collusion?  Colluding to do what?  Make stuff?
John Lewis give a better standard warranty than Apple, so are well worth buying from if AppleCare looks a bit expensive.
Though some details vary, the overall account is that while he wasn't outright fired from Apple completely, there was constructive dismissal going on, with stripping of powers. I think Jobs saying he was fired was his shorthand for the situation, and is true enough to the spirit of what happened, even if not technically, legally accurate. As for embarrassment over the Macintosh being the reason, well that's a bit speculative. I certainly doubt it was the whole reason,...
Apple are not able to magically make third party accessories bigger.
Was going to say the same thing. "About a third" apparently means "rounded to the nearest third."
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