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Localised manipulation of individual stocks, sure.  But the claim was that the entire crash has been engineered by manipulators.  Those "90% of big boys" are not colluding to cause a global crash.  That's ridiculous talk, and entirely without evidence.
And who forces the price low?  Who forces scared investors to sell low?  Absolute nonsense.  There are just as many people with just as much buying power who are invested in the stock price rising.  The only thing "manipulating" the stock price is the reality of expectation and market forces.
Quite the reverse. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and, as usual, you have none.
Wall Street is not a single entity that thinks with one mind.  No one is manipulating anything.
^ who claimed it was erased?
Self driving cars will still have to have safety features in case another car collides with it.  No self driving system is going to be smart enough to avoid any possible collision when there are other drivers in the fray.
Again with this economic doomsday nonsense?  And claiming that other people have no evidence?   Enough already.
^ Exactamundo.
As is everything else.  Except fiat currency, and goods/services that have their price set by law.
 Being capable of something is not the same as doing it.  That's the change.
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