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/s surely?  From all reports, working at Apple is really hard work, while people change and want to do new things.
Tesla has been profitable for 5 years now, and sells more cars in a month than Better Place ever sold.  Plus, Better Place's model of battery switching was totally different to Tesla's. One failed company does not make an entire industry unviable.
If prefer a Sony hookup. The DS4 is Bluetooth too, and more people already have them.
While it shares some culture, and a part of the country is on the peninsula, Finland generally isn't considered to be a Scandinavian country in the modern sense. Denmark, Sweden and Norway are the Scandinavians. "Nordic" would be a better word if you need an adjective.
Jim Dalrymple is a total tool, but a very well-connected tool.
I don't think any way of holding a game controller is particularly "natural". I can put my thumbs on the PS analogue sticks just fine. Maybe my hands are smaller or differently shaped to yours, but it's not a problem at all. In any case, how is an asymmetrical layout, where one thumb is in the bad usability (according to you) position, much better? Surely you should be advocating putting both analogues up top?
Huh? Thumbs can move y'know. What do you mean, "you don't play a game like that if you plan on using non-trigger buttons"? What difference does it make apart from personal preference for placement? Also depends on the game, some games you'll be using both sticks at the same time, some games you'll be using one stick and four buttons.
Dirty rotten teasers.
"Gays only, no norms allowed" I see this all the time¡
If that's the case, Apple didn't force those institutional investors to sell, and didn't bar them from buying back in. Whatever the reason, the proportion of instructional investors has fallen, they've sold more than they've bought, and given that total shares outstanding have fallen that indicates that they've sold even more than the proportions on their own indicate.This is significant news to investors.
New Posts  All Forums: