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Seems kinda funny that the iPhone 6 and the 6+ can fit more app icons on Springboard than either iPad.
Don't be too hard on TS, he must be having it hard right now, having to mindlessly defend his favourite shiny object manufacturer from criticism of the same products that he mindlessly attacked just a few months ago.  Must be tearing the poor fellow in two.
Are you sure?  Someone better tell MacWorld - http://www.macworld.com/article/2687162/how-to-downgrade.html 
Depends how you phrase it. If you're saying that the weather today, or this week (or similar short term period) is better/worse than a similar length period that occurred twenty years ago, then sure, that's fine, you're just comparing instances of the short term. If you're saying that the "weather" for the past twenty years has changed, then you're really talking about climate, by way of data points of weather, and you're using the wrong word. Weather is not long term,...
You may use the word in that way, but that's an irregular and dictionary incorrect way to use it. Weather is a particular state at a particular time.
So you think Newsstand should become the app that Apple uses as a publisher/aggregator of news? I suppose that's a decent idea, but it's a radical departure from what Newstand is now, which is just a special, undeleteable and less modifiable folder for a particular kind of app.
Very good
It really doesn't. There's a gulf the size of Texas between babying and abusing. Pretty weird that you can't appreciate that.  I don't baby my girlfriend either, but that doesn't mean I bash her about.Not at all. I don't treat them particularly badly, but I don't treat them like a baby. They're cables, not vulnerable infants that require delicacy. They should be able to take a little bit of tug here and there. In my experience Apple USB-Lightning and USB-Dock cables fray...
So not the same then, since heads != tails. Weather short term and local, climate longer term and regional.  Pretty simple.
Is there any point in Newsstand any more?  All of the advantages it launched with have now been absorbed into the regular app store, making it seem to be nothing more than a folder that a user can't delete and has less power over than a regular folder.  Might as well just kill it.
New Posts  All Forums: