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If true, that's stupid.  I still don't think it's true.  Everything I've read suggests it is not.
The female port is included with the iPad Pro that is a prerequisite to use of the Pencil.
Not sure I like the look of those buttons.  I think the current Apple TV has a great aesthetic and tactile feel to its concave and convex buttons, these ones look flatter, chunkier, more pronounced, and more plasticky.
Clearly you've given this a lot of thought.
Fine, you have an opinion. Now can you please stop whining about other people having opinions too?Not to mention the hypocrisy in your opinion. To make a direct patrallel to your own apologism, the 911 is a firecracker, all about the bang, while the Tesla is an investment in the future. It's (literally) about the ecosystem.
I think the dictating sounds rubbish, but the idea of social media feeds about certain content is fairly decent. Would be a cool integration for Apple to add in that allows a Twitter or Facebook or whatever app to access pertinent hashtags or metadata from the foremost app (with the users permission) and slide in a feed.The idea of every app coding its own social element sounds pretty crappy.
I disagree. Other opinions are available.Why are you slagging off Tesla over subjective features in an unrelated thread?
There are already apps and services that can combine statements for analytics. I use one called OnTrees. I think Mint does it in the U.S.And since ApplePay has no knowledge of the line items of a transaction then it wouldn't be able to do what you're saying it would.
Lack of smoothness is exciting to you? I guess I can't argue with that.
^ it'll be like an iPhone lollipop!
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