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 Do you actually think he is denying the existence of the films?  You don't think he might be taking an absurdist position in order to express his disdain for films he doesn't like? I think you are delusional if you think people are, or should, be absolutely literal in expressing their opinions.
 You do realise that Star Wars is fiction, created for entertainment right?
Who the hell cares about canon?  People can choose not to acknowledge parts of Star Wars that they dislike, there's no rule against it.   "Oh but it's canon!" 
That is a point much argued over.  Many say yes.  I fail to see what you're trying to achieve with your weird tangents of justifying the prequel trilogy's plot points. Some people didn't like it.  Accept it.
Who on earth said that?  It's like you're arguing with imaginary people.
I would wager that a greater proportion of straight-to-rental movies are financially successful than theatrical releases.
 You know of a war veteran who knowingly and purposefully massacred a school of children?  If so, I suggest you talk to the authorities because that is a very serious war crime.
What's a BIG TIME movie?
Also, they didn't fire him (they didn't renew his contract, not the same thing), and they haven't made any announcement about the future of Top Gear.   Plus, Clarkson is an ass, always has been an ass, and should've been removed from TV years ago.
I wasn't proposing a different system, I was taking issue with what I see as a problematic qualification of why the free market is universally better than the public sector. To your post, every other business?   Police?  Fire service?  Coast guard?  Army?  Navy?  Air force?  Road building?  Bridge building?  Rail?  Metro?  Legal aid?  Watchdogs?   I don't even slightly agree with you.
New Posts  All Forums: