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I use Siri almost every day but haven't heard a voice in a long time, except for in car. Surprised more people don't turn it off, the monotone annoys the piss out of me.
How does one tear an e-book to shreds?
You can take a degree in human rights, you can be a lawyer practising in human rights law, and you can sit on a human rights tribunal or in a human rights court.  Man, a lot of people will be very confused when they hear that human rights don't exist because a pair who frequent an Apple tech forum decided so.
You misunderstand.  The allegation is that Apple drastically changed the terms shortly before GTAT signed, but by that point GTAT had sunk a lot of resources and planning into the Apple contract, so had no real negotiating position, which Apple exploited. Is there evidence that GTAT's business had "tanked" prior to signing the contract? Huh?  A history of what?
The argument as I read it was that GTAT entered into negotiations with Apple in good faith, put lots of time and effort into those negotiations, passing up other potential business deals, and were then subject to something of a bait-and-switch by Apple, where they pulled a Darth Vader and changed most aspects of the deal.  At that point GTAT were faced with a choice between a difficult, but still potentially lucrative arrangement, or no arrangement at all, months of work...
Someone feeling like their privilege isn't being respected enough?   Get over it.
Hah, I like this.
Does this mean Pay is subject to the same caps as other contact less payments (either £10 or £20 in the UK I think?). That kind of blows, I was hoping the extra security would get it past that.
How is it "the worst" of any world?Think before posting this nonsense pls.
I'll console myself with that next time I lose a race.
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