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^ it'll be like an iPhone lollipop!
If you're doing it with your phone then how is that any better than what there is now.Tweeting with Siri during a game. What rot. That'd be awful. Everyone else has no imagination, but this is the best you can come up with?
You can do that anyway. You don't need ApplePay to analyse a bank statement.
Also, have you even driven a Tesla? Once of the nicest drive handling experiences you'll get. It's a fantastic ride.
How exactly do you propose tweeting on AppleTV with no keyboard?Siri?No way would that be a nice experience.I love how everyone else is in cloud cuckoo land according to you, but then you go off on these wild flights of imagination about twittering and virtual DJs and every iOS game on the TV from day one.
I wonder if any of the content discovery for Siri is anywhere close to hitting iOS? Would be cool for Hey Siri to also be able to access podcasts and music that aren't in Apple apps.
I wondered this. If it's just drawing power then I can't see any reason why any iOS device with a Lightning port wouldn't be able to charge the Pencil. Maybe the iPad Pro passes more power though, so Apple might have restricted it?
I don't believe this is correct. If Apple is buying back shares then Apple Inc in the USA needs to be doing that. If Apple Inc wants to buys back shares then I t needs to use money that Apple Inc has, which I presume is what this bond sale is all about - Apple Inc selling bonds in euros. And if Apple Inc are selling then it needs to be Apple Inc that pay back on that debt, which means they would need to use US-held cash, or repatriate money to the U.S. from elsewhere.Apple...
That's a major assumption there, and one I would say is very much false.
I'm a bit confused, I thought the whole point of the M8 being a standalone chip was so it could be operational all the time, while the A8 might be mostly spun down to save power.  Now they've integrated the M9 into the A9 wouldn't that mean that more of the A9 needs to be drawing power, having a greater power consumption implication?   If not, what was the point of the M8 being seperate in the first place?
New Posts  All Forums: