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^ are you talking to yourself?
No one is "reading" your email. No one personally cares enough about your email to read it. They'll machine scan it in order to be helpful, or to show you appropriate advertising because that's the deal - free, reliable, integrated, feature rich and spam filtered email with lots of capacity, in exchange for the advertising opportunity. If you don't like it don't use it, that's fine, but the idea that Google has ever been shady or duplicitous about it is balls.
"Blatantly lying" get over yourself. People can be mistaken. There's stuff your iPhone can do that you don't know about.
Since your big angry post was so specked with spittle and bile that it became an incoherent mass of spelling and grammatical bilge, you'll forgive me for not taking your accusation that I talk out of my ass particularly seriously. Calm down and be polite, no one is right all the time.
I agree, your completely made up guesstimates that omit large parts of the company's operating expenses and overheads are absolutely outrageous!
I don't claim to be a saint, I do what I feel is reasonable. I'm not a rich person.If you think this is a point worth pursuing, how much of your income do you give to charity?
I hope so, but would that also mean a separate Videos (or Movies and TV Shows), Podcasts, iTunes U apps? And Audiobooks going into iBooks? Where you you control the syncing of iDevices from, the return of iSync?
Unrealistic. Even these 30% year on year improvements are likely to taper off as die shrink hit limits. Software optimisation and efficiency is going to come to the fore.
^ I think I'm following now. Putting the iPhone against the NFC terminal will show your cards on the home screen, with your default card selected, but changeable, and you finalise the payment by touching the home button. I didn't know you could change your card during the process, that's good. Can imagine it being a bit fiddly because of the way some NFC terminals are mounted though, it'd be good if there was a way to do it before putting your phone against the NFC...
I will, when I upgrade my 5S this September. Calm down.You've conflated two things. What he is describing is the process for changing the selected payment card on an iPhone, not the payment process itself. He's pretty clear about that.This seems like an oversimplification, where are you choosing the card? What are you bringing to the forefront? The post that you called lies broke the process down into steps which were easy to follow and made sense to me, but your...
New Posts  All Forums: