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Yes, I'd call inventing something with no plans to use or allow anyone else to use it spiteful, at least in the way it was suggested Apple might do with this invention. It's knowledge hoarding and rent seeking on existing products without developing or advancing anything. Bad enough for any company, but a technologist consumer electronics company? That'd be disgustingly self-serving behaviour. I'm not sure where theft comes into it, but if we are talking about...
1. We're not pissed. 2. You didn't.
It proves that Google are liars, since they at one point claimed to have no sales staff based in the UK.
Why? What benefit does that bring to society? If a company doesn't want to use or license a patent then don't get a patent. Don't disclose. Don't spitefully withhold an invention from the world. Move on and do other things that you do plan on using or licensing. Not sure what defence of this kind of behaviour is being suggested here. Why is such behaviour ok and deserving of legal protection? Would you be saying the same if it was Samsung doing it instead of Apple?
Quite agree. But innovation is useless and not profitable if it's sat in a filing cupboard, except as a cynical rent-seeking measure for the company that has it locked in there and legally protected.Not sure there's any need to bring Google up, they're irrelevant to this line of discussion. To my knowledge Google don't sit on patents without using them.
Who? Me? Howso?
I don't insist that. I never watch live TV at home. I watch some streamed or downloaded TV from time to time. This is fully compliant with not needing a TV licence.
I like that. May steal it
Not sure if that's a joke that I'm too sleepy/simple to get, but I wasn't doing that. I'm aware of the difference.
I'd sooner stab out my eyes that watch Sky News or Sky Anything. I don't use any live channels on the Apple TV. I don't think any of them are even visible, I hid them all.I didn't say I have never watched any live TV. I see live news every day in the cafeteria at my work, which has a TV licence.I don't currently watch live TV in my home, which is the criteria for requiring a household TV licence. I don't really watch much TV at home anyway, TV isn't a big part of my...
New Posts  All Forums: