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I thought that, seems like a bit of a missed opportunity for less precarious charging (I'm imagining the three nodes being on the side of the Pencil) and potentially storage, as you could just clip the Pencil to the side of the iPad.  Obviously wouldn't work if the user had the keyboard attachment, unless the included pass through, or the new charging port on both long sides of the iPad. Lightning in the end (and male Lightning at that) seems like a weird and awkward...
^ iPhone with 16GB of RAM would be amazing!
For sure, and the same might happen with games on the TV, if Apple can get the units into people's homes. But I don't think it will be gaming that will drive those sales.
Games were not a major selling point for iPhones, social networking was a far bigger driver in their uptake.
I'm don't really think this is likely, but would be a neat idea if the AppleTV incorporated PS Vita TV capabilities.
I think I understand it perfectly well.Games on the Apple TV will be nice to have but will not drive sales of the hardware. Nor will home automation or any other smarts. Nice to have, but they won't move units.What will drive sales of the hardware is an easy to use media content delivery platform across multiple content providers.
I think probably, and those might come in at under $50 depending on what the spec is - i.e. If the spec call for a touch screen and microphone and other gubbins as the remote rumours are tending towards then that price point might be out of reach even for the cheap and nasty third parties.
Rubbish. Casual gamers are going to be even more reticent to spend hundreds of dollars. They'll take the cheapest bundle they can get.Casual gamers don't buy consoles. They won't buy AppleTVs for the games either.Everything streams Netflix. The Amazon Kindle Fire TV did casual games and Netflix, and Was cheaper than the Apple TV.You need a better value proposition. Games are at best nice-to-haves, and Netflix is expected.
Also, no chance in hell any Apple gaming controller of significance will be "much less" than $50.
You are terrible at shopping. You don't need to buy an additional controller and games can be bought either in a bundle or off the online store for much less than $50.There are bundles for less than $400 that include a game, and a far more capable gaming machine than an AppleTV, current or imminent.
New Posts  All Forums: