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Something isn't true because you like the person who told it to you either. A refutation link has already been posted in the thread.  Pay attention.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"  - George Santayana.
You are comparing a guesstimate of one individuals wealth with a fictional person's income.   If someone who was worth $100,000 gave $650 away then that's a rather sizeable single donation, particularly from someone who doesn't have a massive amount of money.  And this likely won't be Cook's sole charitable donation this year.
^ Err, no?  Yahoo is powered by Bing and DuckDuckGo uses their own crawler along with some other indexes and search engines, but not Google.  Where have you got this idea from?
EDIT:  Oops, accidentally replied to the first page thinking it was the latest.
Safari's visual tab browser (or whatever you call it when you pinch in) seems to be different.  Possibly I just missed it earlier but they're grouped into stacks of pages by site now.
Hitler was not a vegetarian.
One country two systems apparently applies to mapping data.  I don't live in Hong Kong, but overall I think I'd rather have bad maps than lose significant freedoms.
^ It also appears to be fairly close to where Latveria would be, which doesn't bode well.
The only exterior impact noted is removing the Apple logos from the windows, which I doubt have any historical significance...
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