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Sales tax applies to sales, and is (mostly) applied wherever the sale takes place.  Apple pays sales tax on sales in every country they operate in, where it is levied. Corporation tax applies to corporations, and is (mostly) applied to where the corporation is headquartered.  Apple pays corporation tax on its profits in the USA, but also holds a lot of profit made offshore in holding companies offshore to avoid paying that tax in the USA, despite the fact that they are...
Can't see how this will work unless Apple launches a new podcast format proprietary to iTunes.  Why would anyone use Apple's Podcasts app on iOS if it's inserting ads that can be easily avoided by playing the same podcasts using another app?  Even non-nerds can figure that dodge out pretty easily.   Probably just a defensive patent.  The concept makes more sense in connection with a DRM protected streaming music or video service.
^ How does this app not easily let you do what you need to do?  There is nothing unclean about pastel colours, and from what I can tell, the "superfluous" colours and shapes are filling otherwise dead space.   For a truly unclean, unclear UI with superfluous colours and shapes...  
Man and woman in an advert, are they a couple, sex-buddies, just good friends, siblings, work colleagues? Meh, who cares.
Gay people not advertising their gayness: "you're confusing me!" Gay people advertising their gayness: "stop rubbing your perversion in my face!"
I always stop women walking together on the street to interrogate their relationship. Otherwise it's just too confusing for me; how am I supposed to carry on with my day without knowing?
^ It's pretty much the same idea as the (now defunct) ShortMail.  http://www.technologyreview.com/view/426920/shortmail-shows-how-simpler-e-mail-is-better/
^ Compared to a lot of Microsoft products, that UI is pretty alright; nice and clean and clear.  A bit too much wasted space for my liking, but maybe that isn't so apparent when you're using it.  It's certainly more attractive than Apple's dullsville Messages app.
 Your comment wasn't that simple, since it has me hella confused. Are you saying1. That installing iOS9 requires 400MiB more free space during the install than iOS8 did; or2. That once installed, iOS9 takes up 400MiB more than iOS8 did?  These are quite different things, and given what Apple has publicly stated, I'd be quite surprised at either, though 2 would be more concerning.
Sadly, acceptance in Shoreditch is not something that will endear you to the rest of the nation.   http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Shoreditch%20twat
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