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And boom, you have a landed gentry, generational wealth, insurmountable wage divides, barriers to mobility taller than the Berlin Wall and you've created a neo-feudalism.Congratulations, you've thoroughly disassembled everything that your country was founded upon.
^ None of those ever had a monopoly, so I'm not sure how they could abuse a monopolistic position.
Err... I think you must have missed a few headlines.  Microsoft have been fined billions of euros over anti-competitive behaviour. BBC: Microsoft fined by EU for not abiding by anti-competitive sanctionsBBC: Microsoft fined by EU over Internet ExplorerBBC: Microsoft fined by EU over anti-competitive behaviour (including Windows Media Player)
^ Please don't turn this into another misdirected rant against socialism, this thread is full of enough nonsense as it is.
It cannot happen.  It is impossible.
Sadly a sale needs both the buyer and seller to agree to it.  So the shareholder would retort with "Screw you Apple, I won't do what you tell me", and until  Apple reaches the compulsory purchase threshold there's sod all they can do about it.  Nope.  Doesn't work that way.  90% ownership (IIRC) is needed to force a compulsory purchase of shares.
The size of the screen isn't what stops the iPad from being any good at Excel, or Number for that matter. Touch interface and virtual keyboard is simply a non-starter for spreadsheets. To some degree this applies for Word, Pages, PowerPoint and Keynote too.
^ who has claimed conspiracy or negligence?
I wonder if the Watch will also have problems with people with deep veins, or weak circulation.  
I see, sorry for the misunderstanding, I found your OP a bit confusing.   I think it's a bit of a step to claim that the armed police are absolutely corrupt or that they are unchecked though.  There may be issues, but they are not "absolute" issues.   But like you, I'm in favour of direct ways for the public to feedback abuses though, so this ACLU app is broadly a good thing.  I think the other guy has a point, that big pushes for this and dissemination of...
New Posts  All Forums: