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^ But... what?  You haven't said it in any different ways, you've only said it in one way. Telling someone to do something is not forcing them to do it.  Telling them to do something and threatening them with disproportionate punishment if they don't would be tantamount to force, but you haven't mentioned anything like that.  Hell, telling someone to do something with an implied threat could possibly stretch to being force, but you haven't said that either.  You've just...
What "force" does this "telling" entail?   I know what a government stake in a corporation looks like.  Doesn't amount to force.
^ That's a decent idea, an tv with both HDMI and Thunderbolt image out.  Would quite like to be able to use my current Thunderbolt Display with the Apple TV too, it'll make a good retirement for the old display.
Seems rather prejudicial to say that it's ok to force seamen to pay tax, but not other people.
Glide would be a decent name for a mouse.  And Vertex has a nice ring to it, could be the name for a drawing tool, like a stylus.  Not sure about any of the others.
"Crippled it"?  I'm not talking about making permanent changes to the HoloLens, just that it could have a VR mode where it fills the entire display with opaque image of whatever the VR software is, the simulation or game or whatever.  I'm not sure what has been crippled. I really have no idea about what you're talking about with "areas that were designed with AR in mind" with relevance to VR.  AR and VR serve completely different purposes, and VR would not normally be...
^ "Semantic nature"?  What does that mean?   Why would VR need a forward facing camera, or any cameras at all?
^ Presumably if HoloLens can overlay content onto the real world, it could overlay the entire screen, blocking out the real world, and have effective VR?
Wouldn't a "good" police force be one that is accountable and doesn't prejudicially target and literally attack and kill particular demographics? Seems to me that it is the liberals and Obama voters that are pushing for a "better" police force.  That's not what you do to an enemy.
 Yep.  When you say "literally no one", that actually means "literally no one".  A single example proves you very much "wrong". Try toning down the extreme absolutism and you might be right more often.
New Posts  All Forums: