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Round icons?  What a stupid addition to the concept drawing.
This seems like rather a manufactured problem.How about this as a possible solution, two AppleTV packages at your casual purchase and casual purchase + NZD100 price points. The first has a remote which works with some basic games, but no gaming controller for the more "gamer" angle. But iOS devices also work as gaming controllers.The second ships with a gaming controller.Hey, I'm with you, I think the gaming angle of this is way overblown and will mostly be a waste of...
Completely lost you. Who is saying they would?
Even if that were to happen, and I think it's far from certainty or even likelihood that it will, where's the great evil or hurt? There will be an ad in that space whether you use a nEst or not, so why is it somehow worse for that ad to be a bit more relevant to you? Even if you don't like ads (who does?) why is a targeted ad worse than an untargetted one?
The price of what? iPhones? AppleTVs? Why?
AppleFan - "Apple are different because they always put the customer first" AppleCustomer - "I'd like Apple to do this" AppleFan - "Socialist!"
I wonder why the iPhone 5 jumped in value for Gazelle last October.
 No issue.
^ Elitist rubbish. If I don't want a sweaty rubber or tight and heavy leather seal over my ears then ANC is a perfectly viable choice, and there are some very good implementations out there. "Any audiophile can" go boil his/her head.
Can you get ANC headphones where the ANC is powered through the cable? I've only ever had ones where a battery was used.
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