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I will nitpick with gay abandon when people throw around words like "best" and "every" with similar disregard for facts. A technicality is pretty damn important if you're going to claim such broad stroke as Apple being the best at everything, ever.The no true true Scotsman argument of "major" categories is just a smokescreen. Apple is just as capable of failure and misstep as any other company.P.s. Apple had a sound system, the iPod Hi-ago. It failed. Somewhat because it...
Best set top box? Best sound system? Best display? Best mouse? Best Dev tools? Best Best cases/covers? Best cables? Best any of the other things Apple makes that are a fair way from best?
3D and I'd probably switch to Windows Phone. Go boil your head with that rubbish.
For RAM? I think you vastly overestimate the important of specs to the majority of Apples iPhone customers.Hell, I imagine the rose gold colouring wiLL have more of a sales impact than the RAM. And I doubt that'll have much effect.Bar any big new features, I imagine the trade up for the 6S to be proportionally roughly the same as for previous #S versions.EDIT: oh wait, you mean switchers from Android? Same thing applies. The proportion of spec jockeys on any mainstream...
I'm not sure those security concerns would apply to DailyMotion. It's a video sharing site.
A word of advice TS, don't stampede into other people's conversations with a loose grasp of facts and no grasp of context. Well, no actually.  But the word is democratic, not democracy.  They mean different things.  Besides which, the point was that just the other day someone on a rant was complaining how the EU was unelected and undemocratic (which I disproved).  And today the EU is democracy gone mad (it isn't).  Seems like talking about the EU turns people into rabid...
  They're definitely good.  Quite possibly the best overall.  But the "BEST" in "any category"?  No way.
You really cherry picked your way around that response didn't you?  How about the bit in the middle?  That's the sham, the working around the spirit and intention of the deal.  Whether Ireland was allowed to give the tax break (aka "state aid", as alleged) is a matter between Ireland and the EU, albeit with Apple as a potentially illegal beneficiary.
^ I think force may be a strong word, but the EU, and/or EU states have certainly strongly encouraged some mergers, and used what political leverage they have to push them.  Dailymotion and Orange was one I was reading about recently, which was a merger encouraged for protectionist (or local interest, depending on which way you see it) reasons within France.
^ Getting lithium out of its raw states can be a pretty environmentally unfriendly process, mainly (with the brine process) in the amount of water it consumes and rarely puts back into the ecosystem.  But that can be remedied with good management, and once the lithium is out it's very recyclable.  Seeing obstacles and insta-decrying the proposition is lacking imagination.  
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