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If you're predicting that certain parties [i]will[/i] achieve something, then you need to have something to back that up.  Otherwise, just blather.
Incorrect.  The tracker is from Ghostery which will continue to receive updates:  https://twitter.com/marcoarment/status/645060381778571265 The app itself will not be updated.  if you're unhappy about that you can request a refund, via the established process.   There is no alternative than to go via Apple, since Apple keep all of the customer transaction information.  You are accusing Marco of passing the buck, but there is nothing else he could have done.
The app did not stop working, and the refund process is the normal Apple refund process. What more did you expect him to do? He has no access to customer details.
He is, but you need to apply via Apple.  According to some, that's "passing the buck".
Apple take the payment (and take their 30%) and keep the customer information.  How is Marco supposed to refund the customers directly? The app didn't stop working.  Customers can carry on using it, and it's apparently very good. If you have reservations you shoudl work for free?  When has that ever been a thing?  Cut off your nose to spite no one in particular.
I figured that out, but in England we call them right-angled triangles.  It caused me all of a millisecond of confusion.
It's oddly worded (hell, even "right triangle" is unfamiliar to me), but I'm guessing that's because CC has changed some of the language it uses.  If you're taught in that same language, is it confusing?  I don't know.
That seems like a poorly conceived question. It doesn't give enough info to answer it - how many friends, stickers per bag - and the info it gives isn't consistent - is she gifting bags of stickers, or stickers? You get bad questions in all testing methodologies though, it's not a condemnation of the teaching approach.
New Posts  All Forums: