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What makes you say that it's ripe for reimagining? What is wrong with current controllers? What benefits would such a reimagining bring?There were very clear usability benefits to Apple's reimagining of the MP3 player and smartphone.
Some of the reviews are quite funny, and I don't think it's fanboyism behind them, just japery and good humor. You can find similarly creative reviews on Amazon against unusual products. It's not useful to Apple, but does bring some color to the GP store.
Lol, never heard that before.
Isn't the ABXY part of the Apple spec for controllers? If games are telling the players to press the A button but the innovative controller has labelled the buttons CDEF instead then the controller is going to look stupid.
Experiences never vary, it's a known fact.
 I see it as a potential problem created by a desire for expediency and a political will to not place a potential criminalisation on a desire to vote.  People wanting to vote is a good thing.  Making it easy to vote is a good thing.  Compromises and loose regulation to allow these things may create issues, but it's a balancing act on what's important. If the numbers say that the loose regulation causes a major problem then then changes the story, but no numbers have been...
Do you have any evidence that this has ever happened? Just because the price isn't going in the direction that brings you profit, doesn't mean there's a conspiracy.
You weren't reactively defensive about your article, even though there had been no actual criticism of said article? Definitely need to work on the reading comprehension buddy.
Not marked as an Editorial, despite the snark being more prominent than the actual reporting?  Come on Dan, it's possible to relate news without injecting the same old bashing of anything that isn't Apple.
Not sure about these whispers and twittering, but it does seem like Siri is improving at a glacial pace while Google Now and Cortana are able to do some really interesting things.
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