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 Excellent casual nerd-burn
Top marks for observation.  I doubt it's indicative of anything important, but I also noticed a difference in the URLs - www.apple.com/appletv and www.apple.com/watch
Legere must be the most baffling CEO of a major company today. Total weirdo, but massively entertaining.
He'd literally be stepping into some big shoes.
very good, caught me by surprise.Re HP, not nearly as surprising, though a very cowardly move from Meg Whitman. Mark Hurd must be spinning in his (high paying, probably much more comfortable, I doubt he gives a shit really, Oracle gig) grave.
I kinda wish Apple would release a MacBook with a touchscreen. Not because I think it's be a particularly good product, but just to shut you two up.
 Heavens above, calm down with the spitting vitriol Dan.  The only point being made was that a lot of this graphical power is unnecessary for the majority of games on any platform.  Yes, iOS has some nice games with high end graphics, and they'll be even better with Metal enhancements, but the higher end Android devices like the Note 4, and the Shield could almost certainly run them at a reasonable standard too, the graphical power is just icing, much like the original...
We have collective faults?
No, it's called groping.  Flirting is vocal, and minimal-contact body language.
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