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Pretty bad form to bring Arment's wife and child into the conversation.
 Really?   What a goddamn waste of everyone's time.
IOS10 is a year away, and Marco has form for making apps that are resilient to iOS changes, since he develops for the most recent SDK. He can't guarantee it, for sure, but $3 for decent service is not a raw deal.  If you're worried that it might be, take the refund.
 It's the nature of the free market certainly.  And it doesn't always lead to the promotion of "real, valuable content".
Content and app code are different things.  Peace uses Ghostery as its content back end, and Ghostery will continue to update.
Was there some douchebag from outside the industry predicting that "the good ones" would find a way to adapt at times of disruption?
Who is screwed?  The app works, and works well.  Your speculation about bugs could take years to manifest.  I have apps that haven't been updated for several years, and some that have been pulled from the iTunes Store.  While the interface may be stuck in pre-iOS7 design, they work fine. You have no idea if the bulk refund option is even available to Marco.   And moreover, why should Marco be so SORRY for what he did?  He made a good app, by most accounts.  He isn't...
If you're predicting that certain parties [i]will[/i] achieve something, then you need to have something to back that up.  Otherwise, just blather.
Incorrect.  The tracker is from Ghostery which will continue to receive updates:  https://twitter.com/marcoarment/status/645060381778571265 The app itself will not be updated.  if you're unhappy about that you can request a refund, via the established process.   There is no alternative than to go via Apple, since Apple keep all of the customer transaction information.  You are accusing Marco of passing the buck, but there is nothing else he could have done.
New Posts  All Forums: