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I've read your two links, and while there are significant carrots and significant sticks in play, I'm still not seeing much evidence of force. Were the companies in question legislatively obliged to merge, or were they given big encouragements to do so? Offering my kid a cookie to clean his room isn't an act of force. Telling him no TV until he cleans his room isn't force either.
SpamSandwich makes an unrelated anti-government comment... drink!
 They're not Nazis, their uniforms aren't nearly as good... 
^ Who said it was obvious?  Obviously a problem when it's laid out on the table perhaps, but had you even heard of Apple's tax residency situation in Ireland before this time last year?  Who else had?  How do you know that any regulatory agency in the EU had clocked it either?     Questionable tax practices trade in secrecy and obfuscation to get their return, it is the way of things.  The duration doesn't mean anything.
^ get a grip. What if YouTube had folded, would you try to sue Apple then too? Your software license for the tv will specify that the services will be subject to change.
Ok, but the EU law is pretty clear on this. The state cannot give preferential aid to companies. Offering Apple (a non-domiciled corporation) a non-residential status at near-zero tax for 20+ years (interesting that you see the length as acting in Apple's favour when many others see it as an enduring abuse), which opens an avenue for intellectual property profiteering, would seem to constitute a state aid, by most approximations. The middle part is pretty relevant (and...
Any significant enterprise that is using FileMaker alone for its db needs is pretty damn questionable imo. It's just a hop ahead from Bento in terms of long term viability.
I will nitpick with gay abandon when people throw around words like "best" and "every" with similar disregard for facts. A technicality is pretty damn important if you're going to claim such broad stroke as Apple being the best at everything, ever.The no true true Scotsman argument of "major" categories is just a smokescreen. Apple is just as capable of failure and misstep as any other company.P.s. Apple had a sound system, the iPod Hi-ago. It failed. Somewhat because it...
Best set top box? Best sound system? Best display? Best mouse? Best Dev tools? Best Best cases/covers? Best cables? Best any of the other things Apple makes that are a fair way from best?
New Posts  All Forums: