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Big news day
Thanks, that's very kind of you.  I'll pretend the truth if it's all the same to you, which is what I said above.
1. iPhone owner sues Apple for misrepresenting how much storage will be available to the user. 2. Apple crazies scream about how Android is worse. 3. iPhone owners shrugs.  They didn't buy an Android phone, why would they care what Android phones do or do not do.   What Apple does, what the iPhone does, and the space that iOS takes up is the only thing relevant to the lawsuit.  Android is irrelevant.
Are you kidding?  The products are straight off of Apple's shelves.  Go check the price tickets.
Black Friday isn't restricted to 2500 people either.  If Apple were to do the same promo in the US they'd have 10 bags in each store, and a riot on their hands.
To clarify, Apple advertise 16 GB on the packaging.   iOS reports 12.6 or 12.2 GB free (using the figures from the Which? image), but is actually using the GiB (1024^3 bytes) unit. 12.6 * 1024^3  = 13.53 GB (in proper GB, meaning 10^9 bytes) 12.2 * 1024^3 = 13.10 GB  So, in comparison with advertised capacity, the two iPhones from the Which article are presenting between 2.37 and 2.90 GB (or 2.2 and 2.7 GiB) less user-accessible storage. So it's a little bit better than...
If you don't bother thinking it out at all and just reduce it to the barest definition, then of course it won't seem well thought out.
Remarkable how much doubt you have for someone who claims to believe in a magic man in the clouds.
You accept that sharks have been around for several millions years? That's refreshing at least.
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