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^ if it can fit inside Watch, how could it not fit inside any iPhone?
Straight white men can't even walk down the street without someone accosting them for their straightness, their whiteness, or their maleness.
^ I agree. Features like optical stabilisation are fine to have on just the higher model, but anything to do with UI is going to have a hard time unless it's deployed widely from the get go. Developers need to code for this.
^ the iBooks episode is probably the precise reason why regulators are considering Apple's actions very carefully. I doubt they'll find anything though, the music industry isn't in the situation that the book publishing industry was, and there is no "big bag" to be broken, like there was with Amazon. Doesn't hurt to be cautious though.
Make up your mind, is it an excuse to grab money, or the nanny state making choices for you?
All government = bad, for some people.
There's the crux.
Not everywhere. And the need to provide an alternative illustrative example does not make an argument a straw man. That was never the claim.  The claim was that financially engineering your business to avoid tax by exploiting loopholes for reasons they were not intended to be used for is abusive.  Not illegal, not a crime, but abusive.
Don't you have issues with the name?
Well that sounds like a well reasoned argument that it's worthwhile arguing against. /s
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