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Opportune advocacy changes things.  Inopportune advocacy just wastes words.
What iPad mini is sub $200?
I'm guessing he's referring to this. I think it's a bit stretching to say that anyone supporting a reconciliatory deal with Iran is to do with anti-semitism though.
Are you sure? The GameBoy Micro debuted in 2005, and I'm sure it, and other GameBoys were being made for a while after. Hell, Nintendo stopped manufacturing the Famicom surprisingly recently.
A good point, well made.  Wait, what?
I'd love to do that, if anyone made a flip phone that was worth buying.  For a while in 2007/8 I was hoping that Apple would make an iPhone Jr, without third party apps, and restricted to feature phone basic, but with data tethering, with an iPod Touch for the heavier stuff.  Still kinda want that, since no other manufacturer seems capable of making a feature phone I have any interest in buying.
So turn off TouchID for iTunes and App Stores purchases? That's just about the smallest issue imaginable, Apple already provide a solution for it in iOS.  Incidentally, wouldn't it be cool if different fingerprints could be linked to different authorisations?  I'd like that.
How does it benefit Obama exactly?
My 5S and iPad Air 2 beg to differ.Though there's an additional point there, no Pay on the new Touch. Annoying.
I was inarticulate, I meant pixel density.  The Touch, 4" iPhones, and the iPhone 6 all have the same PPI.
New Posts  All Forums: