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Alternatively, people who lived in a glass house in the past and have been cooperative with the laws about glass houses are quite well positioned to advise other glass house dwellers about how to clean their glass. I mean seriously, you expect the BBC an international news organisation to stop investigative reporting because it had a scandal of its own?  A scandal that it also investigated and exposed itself, and has been contrite and cooperative with authorities in...
If that TV ever worked?  How do you figure?  The TV hardware has nothing to do with it, the rule is you need a TV license if you watch live broadcast television.  No other rules.  Why should I pay for something when the licensing rules says that I don't have to? http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/topics/technology--devices-and-online-top8 And I use the TV for AppleTV, and occasionally PlayStation.
It is not correct.  Every household that watches live TV broadcasts has to have a TV license, which mostly (but not entirely) goes towards the BBC, which produces radio, TV, and one of the most trafficked websites in the world. Even if I were a cheat, I wouldn't be a tax cheat.  Not paying the license is a crime, but it has nothing to do with tax.  The clue is in the name, it's a license. I also have a TV, I just don't use it to receive live broadcasts.  If I did, I'd be...
The big government versus small government argument has next to nothing to do with the surveillance state and secrecy agencies.  People on both sides of the political aisle are critical of the NSA, GCHQ and their like.
Tim Cook should spend his own money on fixing iOS, instead of helping out with civil liberties of a still-targetted minority?  Useless liberal frippery? I wish you'd spend some time on making the world a nicer place, rather than wasting it on this constant hateful dirge.
 Depends on the conservative cause.  Some conservative causes are reasonable, some are at the tip end of lunatic, divisive, hate-mongering.  Tim is giving to cause promoting tolerance, respect and equal rights.  Anyone against that can get as red in the face as they want, but they're on the wrong end of the way things are heading.  
Nope. I don't and no one is forcing me to do anything.And in regards the rest of your rant, the BBC is one of the best loved institutions in the country, maybe the best, though it's a close run thing between it and the National Health Service. People trust it more than the governments which you imply it's funded and/or in the pocket of. It's neither.
And yet you continue to post the anti-tax, anti-state nonsense.  What does "burden on local resources" have to do with sales tax?   Taxation is an economic balancing act, not a direct payment for supplied services.
If I've been inarticulate, I apologise.  Regardless, my previous post.  Apply it to implementations/expressions of ideas. Besides, an implementation/expression of an idea that is not put into practice either for production or as a licensable property is little more than an idea itself anyway, and I don't see why it deserves protection. Explain to me why a company, not necessarily Apple, should be allowed and legally enabled to file patents for products/processes that they...
 I think you're reading the text and not appreciating the spirit.  The purpose is to exclude competitors from ripping off a product, not to exclude them from developing products by closing down ideas.  If Apple were to litigate based on this patent (no evidence that they will, but you're bringing up the prospect) with the purpose of excluding competitors then they'd be worse than a patent troll, they aren't using the patent, they aren't offering it for license, they're...
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