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 You do realise the site is called MacRumors, not MacFacts, right?
Changing an iCloud password has always been a bag of hurt for me.  With the addition of the two-factor and app-specific passwords, it's an even bigger bag.   More secure, probably, harder to deal with, definitely.
^ Buffett has pledged to give everything (or most?) to charity hasn't he?  With a pile going to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.   Just from memory, may not be entirely correct.
^ wasn't that partly at Steve's behest though, he wanted a true "warts and all" biography? The truth of specific anecdotes can obv be disputed, but the fact that negative anecdotes were included doesn't seem like cashing in if it was at the subject's instruction.
iOS, OS X and iLife/iWork are software products, normally shown off at WWDC. We're talking about a consumer hardware product that was unveiled at a consumer hardware press event (aka the "iPhone event"). Who normally introduces the iPhones and iPads? Traditionally it would have been Steve Jobs, and lately that's been taken over by Phil Schiller. Those two are marketing guys first and foremost. I don't much care for "if Steve was still alive" postulations, but I don't...
 I did no such thing.  Pay more attention please. ​I could say the same, since you're attacking me something I have not said and don't believe. To answer your first point, maybe Apple should have done that.  Why not?  Let's talk about that instead of frothing at the mouth.  Pay is clearly a big deal, both for Apple and it's customers, so why weren't they hands on with the bank-side implementation (assuming they weren't)?  Apple reviews every app and update that they sell...
Yeah, a photos app on your watch.  That was useful.  He made the UI seem fiddly and bloated with nonsense cruft that no one would use, and he was totally lacking in any personality for one of Apple's biggest consumer product introductions.  If you thought what he showed was limited then you were watching a different presentation to me; he showed far too much, so much crap that the product seemed more Samsun that Apple, full to the brim with rubbish "we could, so we did"...
We don't, I was just responding to the "trust in Apple"-esque arguments.Though I thought his presentation of Watch was probably the worst presentation I've ever seen from an Apple staffer, both in content and delivery.
Jobs hired Papermaster, Cook hired Browett. Both of them made many, many great hires as well, but let's not be deluded into thinking they don't make mistakes ever.
^ not really. The bad press comes from Pay as a holistic product (I.e. Apples front end plus the banks back end) not being entirely secure. "Oh look, I can use my card as it is, or I can load it into my phone which I know from the news may lead to fraud. I know it isn't Apple's fault, but that's not really of consequence to me; its a worry and a hassle. I'll stick with the card." - fictional person that is not me, certainly is not you, and may not be many people, but...
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