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You're right, sorry, I had a mind-bork and did the exchange calculation the wrong way.
You brought up declaring bankruptcy to get out of a contract, so I don't really see how you can say I constructed a straw man out of it.  I've been trying to understand how you deal with debt over there, and I'm still only a little way there, it just sounds so alien.  Your implication throughout seems to have been that the contract with the carrier doesn't count for anything, and the only thing tying a customer to the carrier is the phone being locked.  I find that totally...
Given the recent changes in the exchange rate the impact of a revisit would likely be in the opposite direction to what you want.
Please.  It's bad enough that Microsoft sexed up a hologram in a video game, don't justify their bad taste with juvenile sniggering.
I have no idea.  Maybe they will, maybe they won't.  They're keeping the software under the Beats brand, and it would seem rather wasteful to just throw the hardware brand value away.  But what does that have to do with the EU Commission being mentally defective?
Of course I know what was written and what it means, you said that there were mental defectives within the EU (I don't deny that, the UK put some of them there) in direct relation to a decision on anti-competitive evaluation.  Since the decision went Apple's favour, and I don't think for a second you'd consider that mentally defective, the implication has to be that the very existence of an evaluation means that there are mental defectives.  Which is what I responded with....
Unless they want to do business in the EU, which Apple and Beats certainly do because it's a huge market. "Just stop selling there" Yeah, that's realistic.  Thank heavens Apple isn't so ridiculously dogmatic or they wouldn't be selling anywhere.
  In their European operations, sure they do.
Policing anti-competitive behaviour is the mark of a mental defective now?
We don't have debtors prisons any more you know. Well anyway, if everything you've said is true, that doesn't sound like a situation that's particularly sustainable, irrespective of whether cell phones are locked or unlocked.  I don't really think many people are going to exploit the system and then declare bankruptcy for the sake of a phone, but maybe there's a cultural divide that I can't appreciate.  More robust credit checks are definitely something that your...
New Posts  All Forums: