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I don't really think that's what Lee is angry about, but whatever.
 There were last year, and they had different specs.
Depends on your definition of a taker I suppose. Was Gandhi a taker? Was Jesus? And lots of great men with great ideas died poor. And again, I'd say what you're saying isn't at all democratic. Though that's not necessarily a criticism, depending on your worldview.
I hope they've done something in software then, because I often seem to be bumping up against a lack of memory, especially with Safari tabs needing reloading.
"Real Apple users"   What makes a real Apple user, praytell?
All this strife caused over such a terrible joke.  A joke so terrible, pointless, and badly told, that it needed to be explained not once, but twice.
You're missing the step where there's a vote or any legitimate political pressure to effect that change.  The way you're phrasing it now just sounds like the rich folks have more influence over the politicians because they are rich.   If there's a vote, and/or political accountability to the public then that's fine.  If it's just the rich throwing their weight and money around, that's not.
 I'm struggling to see how your first two sentences are backed up by the following ones, and how this relates back to your original statement. How is it democratic for "those with the money (power)" to "control... decisions now that they've brought to the neighborhood CHANGE"? It might be a good thing (you seem to think so), it might not (I'd tend towards this direction, though obviously it can vary), but granting lots of influence to people purely because of their wealth...
Nope, you try again.  I've not mentioned anyone being offended by being greeted with "Happy Christmas".  Not once.  I've been very explicit about the fact that I wasn't talking about any offense, I was talking about inclusiveness.  That you still don't understand the opposing argument after Vishnu knows how many pages is a continual reminder of the fact that you aren't interested in the debate, just in getting a rise.  Mark of a troll.
 I'm happy with that range too, I was being broad because we've got people from different countries talking here, who may have different understandings.  Great, if those people in those countries want to wish me Happy Ramadan (or y'know, whatever they actually say) I'll take it as a positive thing.  But nevertheless, I'm as white as they come, don't look at all like a muslim and I don't observe Ramadan, so it's a bit weird.  If Ramadan happens to be a national holiday...
New Posts  All Forums: