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No I am not showing that intolerance, not even for a second.  You can say Christmas, that's fine.  I don't have a problem with the word or concept, and I don't think anyone else here does either.   But!  It is not the only holiday (religious or secular) in the winter period of mid December through to mid January that is commonly known as the holiday season. So, if you are addressing a crowd, or a person of unknown denomination, it simply makes sense to use a less specific...
But you do celebrate a holiday, so what's wrong with saying "Happy holidays"? Do you object to the word holiday at any other time? "It's not a holiday, it's Labour Day" Or generic words in general? "Don't call me Sir, my name is Jungmark!"  This seems to me a totally false outrage, generic words are fine.
How?  Christmas is a holiday.  Hannukah is a holiday.  Solstice... well I'm not sure it's a holiday, but it's close enough for that to be a reasonable description.  And the winter period contains national holidays in almost all countries, including New Year, which is non-religious.  Happy holiday is a fine cover for all those holidays if you don't know which ones the people that you're addressing observe, and very appropriate if you're addressing a group. So how does it...
 Shouldn't?  That's rather undemocratic.
Sad and true, but we probably shouldn't head too much in that direction or Benjamin Frost will start bleating about white guilt again.
To quote one of my favourite Disney movies...
Yes they do, everything stacks to the top left and apps will rearrange their position when you move one of them, with everything shifting to the left (or up, if they're leftmost). For example, you can't put an app in the bottom right of the screen unless there is another app to the immediate left.Personally, I don't much care, but I understand the point.
I'm sorry you're so unsympathetic, but somehow I don't think tears would make the slightest bit of difference.I'm not being disingenuous. Barriers to the legal system to people without wealth is a serious issue, and I've worked in this area, so I will react strongly to people who casually suggest making the system worse.Sorry for boring you in the space of a few posts, but I would suggest that yawning would be symptomatic of your callousness rather than any weakness in my...
Congratulations on living up to my low expectations, troll.
"In the US" and "to a Native American" are rather different things.
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