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^ We'reNotMakingACarView
^ Which begs the question, can you give yourself cancer?
^ I have no idea, I'm just speculating in response to your question. But yes, I'd say interest has been pretty modest compared to past Apple announcements. While iPod, iPhone and iPad certainly had their naysayers, they also had cheerleaders and palpable excitement from certain quarters. I'm not hearing many people at all excited about Watch.
Tepid consumer and press reaction? A bit of sudden self awareness and doubt?
^ thanks both. I must have missed that discussion 😳
What's the weird thing on the rear wheel? Is that normal?
The more pictures of vans we see the more true the wildly speculative rumours become!
I resent the implication that my preferred method for cooking eggs is either underhand or illegal.
^ that too.
^ All other things being the same, why not base your decision on CarPlay? Pretty foolish not to see a extra feature as a good thing, within certain reasonable bounds.
New Posts  All Forums: