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Yes, "a" question.  The question was "how is PayPal insecure?" which is a perfectly reasonable question.
The frick, dude?S/he asked a question, that's all. Why so much hostility?
I never said any laws had been broken or that governments are not partially to blame for imperfect laws. That's shifting the argument, as is accusing someone of jealousy without full understanding what they are saying.
Corporation tax applies to profits, not revenues.
As a white male aged 32 in permanent employment with no disabilities or dependents I don't qualify for a whole lot of tax credits, but if I did I'd only claim them where I felt I had a legitimate claim. Using convoluted mechanisms to base international operations in low/no tax jurisdictions and putting off repatriating the cash until you get some hokey tax holiday declared pushes legitimacy to a pretty loose definition. I don't call it legitimate at all, it's abusive, and...
Great smack down. Do you have any intention of contributing anything to these these threads, or are you solely here to pedantically derail and be rude to people with will-intentioned opinions that inconveniently differ from yours?Give it a rest you tiresome bully. No one takes you seriously.
 Sorry, that bit wasn't aimed at you, I formatted my post badly. There are certainly some around here though whose tone of "Apple are the biggest payroll tax payer in the US" suggests that the size of Apple's income tax bill means they shouldn't be criticised in other areas of tax.  It should do, yes.
How could something so intellectually dishonest and selfish possibly be called "one's duty" ?
This is an awful, short term hack and will only contribute to the problem. The fact that it's bipartisanship just proves stupidity on both sides. Unitary taxation. It's the only way to go. Shut this whole crooked system down for good and force repatriation at the proper rate.
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