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That kind of invective isn't useful.
Are you saying my 80% figure is a lie?  Because I'm happy to source it.
Doctor's appointment booked.
That's simply not true.
I never claimed otherwise.  That wasn't the point at all.
I know someone who still uses a Windows 6 HTC smartphone.  Longevity isn't an Apple-only phenomenom.
Android smartphone share outside the US is more like 80%.  A hyperbolic exaggeration, not a lie.  Still a pretty convincing figure, though it doesn't take into account the true "smartness" of the smartphone.
The market cap will drop because the company has less cash (or more debt), which they've used for the buy back.  The share price as part of that equation will stay exactly the same.
To illustrate my first point... 
That post could be inverted to be about Apple with very few changes.   It's viewing things down a very one way street.  Apple has profited very handsomely from their music businesses - if there was no iPod then Apple would be a very different company today.  Why should artists have to repay Apple rather than the other way round?  Why do Apple, a famous company, have this sense of entitlement that famous musicians aren't allowed to have?  Or, more reasonably, why can't...
New Posts  All Forums: