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Are you claiming that no one was lowly paid before food stamps were introduced? You do realise that people in poverty don't have the luxury of turning up their nose at a job because "it doesn't pay enough", right?
I don't agree, but since you seem to have stopped saying anything, I'd say we're at an impasse.  You, with absolutist principles (with acknowledged potentiality for not being wholly true that apparently isn't relevant), or me, with a flexible approach based on multiple avenues for investment and no specific judgement either way.  Sorry, but I prefer my way.  And I don't see that I insulted you any more than you patronised me.   Toodles.
^ Black and gold would look like Apple were sponsoring the New Orleans Saints.
"respected audio publications" sounds like you're making shit up.  Why not say which publications?
What is scold worthy about China's treatment of gays then? As far as I can tell* there is a social stigma (as there to some degree is pretty much everywhere), but no government oppression.  They don't have legal recognition of gay marriage, but then, neither does the US in its entirety. What point do you expect Tim Cook to be making, to avert this apparently heinous hypocrisy?   * this is good: http://www.chinalawblog.com/2013/07/homosexuality-in-china.html
 Do you guys even think about doing any research into your broad claims? HP were in Greenpeace's good books in 2011: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2011/11/09/hp-knocks-nokia-from-lead-in-greenpeace-electronics-guide/  But have been targetted in the past:  http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240061839/Greenpeace-protesters-target-HP Dell rated second place on the same measure (ahead of Apple):...
 Yeah, wouldn't it be great if FileMaker had the price and attention that Apple give Aperture. Oh, wait...
???  Bar a bit of hyperbole on my part ("only" when I should have said "most"), that's pretty much exactly what you said.  So, according to you, in the encyclopedia definition of "capitalism", I will find a description of how the most efficient use of a company's profit is to reinvest it.  1.  Unless you have a very poorly written encyclopedia, that is almost certainly false; I won't, unless you've written it in the margin.  2. That directly implies that it is less...
^ Totally agree, but it was you that said Musk's preference wouldn't matter.  It would, a lot, even in the case of a very aggressive hostile takeover.
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