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Err... I'm doing that mainly to be cute, but if it bothers you that much I'll stop. Yes, it's ok.  White people pretending to be part of black culture are not an oppressed minority.  The black culture that we're talking about does exist, and the white people making out that they're gangsta do exist.  The W word, sorry... "wigger" (not a word I actually use or care about), isn't actually all that derogatory, certainly not on the level that the N word... sorry, "nigger" is;...
  Well played sir.
I... entirely agree with this (well, the second part anyway).  If this is all you've been getting at then I genuinely have no idea why you've been cussing and insulting people all over the place.  No one has really said anything different.
 I confess I don't really understand the question.  The w word is not especially taboo, in my experience, though it is certainly meant in a derogatory sense.  But not every derogatory word is taboo, for example, "idiot", like you keep calling people.  Since the W word is very directly and unambiguously a play on the latter meaning of the word, and is a distinctly different word, there is no really problem with either white or black people using it.  The derogatory nature...
^ Why are you bringing up these irrelevant examples of racist behaviour?  Yes, they're racist, and they don't involve the n word.  So what?  No one is claiming that the n word is the source of all racism.
Civil rights only matter if the protesters are wearing suits and ties.
Hardly fair.  Why is YouTube responsible for illegal apps?  Google aren't hosting iTube, Apple are.
^ A little less hostility might be in order?  Not every discussion needs to be a fight.   The problem with white people using the n word is that it conjures up hundreds of years of history of white people using the n word, which can be a problem no matter what the context or intent of it is.     The problem with white people using the w word is... well there isn't one, the w word doesn't have that history.  Yes, the w word uses the n word by proxy, but the meaning of...
I'm a loyal Apple user, still using a .mac email address, and haven't had any significant problems with any of these services.  It annoys me that I can't merge my iCloud account with my iTunes account, but that's about it.   Maybe it's simply a case of YMMV, and the problems are being highlighted by a vocal minority.  Not to downplay them, must be really shitty to lose photos or have your music screwed with, but it may not be a problem for that many people.
Video games are a rather different proposition, given that development for multiple platforms costs money.  This music exclusive is a purely contractual thing, and more than likely a time-based one, i.e Eminem will be releasing on other services, he's just earned himself a fatter cheque by giving Apple the first look.
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