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You accept that sharks have been around for several millions years? That's refreshing at least.
Didn't use any trademarks, had an original story, and could reasonably be described as a parody, so no way would that fly. There weren't even any children in the Fantastic Four, were there?
I meant that such a joke could be the link (between better gay rights and NFC "at the pump"), not that anyone was making the joke
^ this, please
Probably a borderline-homophobic joke.
What is that judgement based on?
Wish this had been clarified a couple of days ago. On 14th December I accidentally paid for and downloaded a game guide instead of the actual game.
The timeframe is demonstrable fact, the intention is pure speculation.
The U.S. government hasn't prevented the release of The Interview either. There's no reason for the U.S. government being brought up as a source of censorship at all.
You really missed the entire point of the original story didn't you? For someone who accuses people of not reading so often you really should read more carefully.
New Posts  All Forums: