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I did eventually thanks, but well done on missing the point.
Where have you got this idea that Apple are going to award the scholarships to "unqualified" "worthless" students?
About the same as a Pebble I think, and it looks like it's also using eInk for the display.  I wonder if Apple would consider eInk for their wearable, maybe in a hybrid display like they patented a few years back.
Snow Leopard is where I got caught, stuck with the non-functional MobileMe control panel and no access to any iCloud service.  I wouldn't mind that so much, my Mac was old, but some of the iCloud services were available on Windows XP, an 8 year older OS.  I could Boot Camp into Windows and get access to Apple services that weren't available on my Mac OS! Something is pretty screwy with that.
 Discrimination is difficult.  It's been entrenched for a long time, socioeconomic effects are still rippling through communities, and it's far from over. I'll wager you don't have a solution to current discrimination problems that has consensus agreement either.
 And other people have opinions, sometimes similar ones.  Hence "people"; I wasn't just talking about you.  Then what was all the rot about "a "political" decision to appease special interests and make points among competing Silicon Valley hoi polloi" then? One or the other.  Trust the motives or don't trust the motives.  Can't do both.
I'd love it if Apple released their new 50" Apple TV this year, surely the first year in living memory that Gene Munster hasn't predicted it.
I've no real use for Creative Cloud, but out of interest, can you cancel and reactivate the subscription easily, i.e. on a month-to-month basis if required?
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