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Even if those are the only two options, which isn't true, it hardly makes the EU "finished".
iOS 8.0.1
I never said you were an elected official.  You quoted my post.  Understand the context of the quote before you act to push your own agenda. As a side note, do you think highlighting "black on black"  crime would be an argument against gun control?  Of course it wouldn't.  Obama is selective about the issues he highlights because he knows what will galvanise audiences, not because one is innately worth more than another.  That's how politics works, and Obama is far from...
Greece itself isn't the issue, it's the impact a Greek exit has on the wider EU that will affect stock prices and Apples prospects.
Excepting when you tread on an upturned one. That hurts like hell.
I don't need to be "qualified" to decide what software runs on my device, I just need to be the owner. Enough with the techno-fascism.
Evidently you've never seen performance bottom out as part of a software upgrade. It happens.
I'm sure black on black gun crime is a subject close to your heart, and you're not at all using it to make a political point, i.e. politicising it.
Agree with this. In my 32 years I have never seen a UK plug with a bent prong. The things are built like houses.
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