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So misleading advertising is ok when it's only misleading by 20%, but unacceptable when it's misleadibg by 40%? So it's a principle of scale? When exactly does it become too much?Alternatively, if Apple/Samsung/whoever were more upfront about the likely footprint of the OS, then it wouldn't be an issue. Which is what this lawsuit is pressing for really.
I seem to remember a lot of vitriol addressed at Samsung about how much user-addressable storage was in their phones not too long ago. But as long as the chips are in the case it doesn't matter if the user can use it, right? Anyone who says that is a noob, right?
^ Everything is useful to someone, so there's no such thing as junk? I don't know about you, but I live my life from my own perspective; so yes, Apple installs quite a bit of unremoveable junk.
It's almost as if the first page of the thread didn't happen...
That's pretty much the definition of junk.
I wouldn't start a lawsuit over it, but wouldn't say Apple has done the best communication job either. And the size of iOS does seem to be creeping up quite a bit.
Jesus made a big thing of not being too tolerant too.  I remember it well, the Gospel of Mosley.
Hitler was well known for his tolerance.
^ I always thought that the Apple Store goes down for dramatic effect rather than any technical reason.
I don't think Omni have a calendar app, do they?
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