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Apple's not giving me a million dollars.
If that's what you'd claimed, you'd be right.  Didn't though, did you?  And my point was never about you being right or wrong, but that you lack any intellectual rigour.  Source your claims, and don't just pull numbers out of your ass.   If you'd sourced it correctly, then you might have got the claim right.
Not sure why you're all het up over something I haven't said yet.I don't have a 6 or 6+, so I have no idea of what you say is an issue, but I'll take your word for it.
^ they did really great. Spectacularly great. Don't judge the whole life of the company by the final years when it osbourned itself and suffered very poor managerial decisions imposed by an outsider.
^ Banking apps are nothing to do with Pay, no. And there's no evidence that these banks are obstructing Pay's launch in the UK in any way. And the thread is not about Pay, much less iTunes freaking Radio.
^ No one mentioned Pay. Spare us your unrelated negativity and bile.
The figures are publicly available and not hard to find.  Stop with the guessing.
^ I know, it was in the Q4 press release (but not the Q3). I'm sure it was in the detailed Q3 report but damned if I'm putting in even more effort to prove someone else's point. Doesn't make a difference to the result anyway, still less than 10 million even if you're generous and count five quarters. Q2 2010 release didn't mention the iPad so I assume it either didn't release until Q3, or was so late in Q2 that it didn't warrant mentioning:...
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