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I don't think Omni have a calendar app, do they?
It's probably more stable and sustainable than most because the inherent mutability of democracy, things can't come to a head so readily because of the avenues for system-lead change. Hence the relative paucity of revolutions to overthrow democracy. That doesn't mean that particular democracies can't have flaws baked in that prevent adequate change, or conversely, allow so much change that the key institutions become vulnerable. This is both the weakness and strength of a...
Bit pricey for the utility I'd get from it. I'll stick with the original for now. Looks good though.
That's a very serious allegation. I hope you have something to justify posting it, and to substantiate it beyond casual speculation.For all we know, lizard men are behind this.
Though there are obviously going to be differences (JJ isn't denying that), there are going to be a lot of similarities too, as there are with pretty much every moral value system.Do you think maybe, just maybe, JJ was suggesting that there's a common ground that we can all respect without blowing each other up?And maybe, just maybe, easing tensions is better than inflaming them?
Then you're confusing psychosis with having an opinion. Tone down your hysterical outbursts please.
I have no idea idea how you can call an observation that Silicon Valley boards are mostly made up of white men a psychosis.  I don't think that word means what you think it means.   And then there's the straw man follow up, where you quite literally make up an argument just so you can get upset about it.  I thought you hated straw men?
^ Cool beans.  The history of commonwealths that you posted was interesting, thanks.
Oh I understand all that, I'm just talking specifically about the description of it as the antithesis.   It wasn't me that brought up the British Empire, it was Frost.  I feel a bit offended at the confusion actually  
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