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Quite the reverse. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and, as usual, you have none.
Wall Street is not a single entity that thinks with one mind.  No one is manipulating anything.
^ who claimed it was erased?
Self driving cars will still have to have safety features in case another car collides with it.  No self driving system is going to be smart enough to avoid any possible collision when there are other drivers in the fray.
Again with this economic doomsday nonsense?  And claiming that other people have no evidence?   Enough already.
^ Exactamundo.
As is everything else.  Except fiat currency, and goods/services that have their price set by law.
 Being capable of something is not the same as doing it.  That's the change.
The subject of the thread that the OP was responding to is Dr Dre's domestic abuse.  If that's not what the OP meant, apologies, but I don't think the word domestic matters all that much; same point stands even when you remove it.
That's not what fiat currency means, which wraps its concept of value in government guarantee and law.  Gold is very definitely not a fiat currency, it is a commodity currency, probably the definitive commodity currency. Bitcoins only have value because people say they do.  Moreno that gold even, because at least you can make some things out of gold.
New Posts  All Forums: