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Why? If a person feels that the judicial system and police force have failed in their duties then why is it lacking in integrity to say so? It might be lacking in decorum or against protocol (not sure that it is, but you may be consider it to be), but I don't see how this has anything to do with integrity, whichever way you see the issue.
Hammarubi's Code would have been better if it was written in Swift.
Sigh. I get that they do it. I'm saying that the patent system should be changed so it isn't allowed. "Making thins more difficult" for another company is not a legitimate business tactic in my eyes. Not fair play.
Doomed? Windows Phones are selling more each quarter aren't they, and seeing increased market share in some big market. Surfaces I have no idea of the success of, but I'm noticing more and more of them around, and they seem well liked. Like it or not, Microsoft are a giant and are going to remain relevant for a while yet.
Reinforcing the iPad as the perfect toilet toy.
That only happened with the original IIRC, so probably just an oversight by Asymco.  Also, some of the phones marked probably had different release dates across the EU, so there'll always be a bit of a blurry line.
You said that blood is on the hands of the mayor and the POTUS.  Yet despite such an extreme sentiment you can't provide a single quote inciting this event.  Righto.  Not indicting is not the same as exonerating.  Especially when a grand jury refuses to indict a man who used a chokehold that is explicitly banned under police rules, and in doing so kills someone.  That sounds like textbook probable cause to me and many others. So where's the lack of integrity?  
I'm seeing a vague commentary, I'm not seeing a quote.  I asked for an example.
That is such a pile of nationalistic bullshit.
Show me a single example that can realistically be called incitement to violence.
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