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A little bit overly self-congratulatory for my tastes, given that these developers have in turn added an enormous amount of value to Apple's own products, which is given no mention.  But still, impressive numbers.   I saw an article earlier today (forgive me, I've completely forgotten where) that claimed that 50% of developers in the app economy are employed on iOS development, which is very impressive too.
Don't majorly disagree with any of that (though I'd caveat that destruction isn't always a negative thing), but we've gotten rather off topic here
One example does not make an always.  And depending on your interpretation of semantics, some would say that economic slavery is very much in force and legal America.  Plus of course, illegal slavery still very much exists worldwide as a shadow economy, including within the USA, so from one perspective the war hasn't even been won.   A broad knowledge of history will bring up copious examples of things heading in a distinctly irrational direction and getting very screwed...
If it did, that could solve a lot of the security problems; make iOS and Mac devices provide AppleID credentials (linked to a credit card for identity verification) to get access to the free Wi-Fi that is provided by guest Apple Airport routers (potentially auth could also use the iCloud control panel on Windows). Could also limit access on the router by applying bandwidth and data caps, with parental filters and blocking websites that figure lowly in Trust tests, or are...
Normally when people fish it's to catch the fish and eat it.  In this case you caught the fish but it ate you and spat your false statements back out. Well done for catching the fish.
My point is where is your evidence that rational thought and conclusions always win the war?   Large parts of the world are on fire, fundamentalist religion has as big a grip as ever, hatred, inequality, misery and cruelty are rife throughout, and Android is winning*.   Where is rationality winning?     * this bit is sarcastic
Every term except the term I hope.  i.e. for the first 2 years (or whatever) you're committed to the contract, but after that it becomes a rolling contract with a month notice period.  So there's no significant lock in, and therefore no slippery slope.
I don't think there's any particular evidence for that.  Turn on the news.
I think mine was perfectly meaningful, but fine, have it your way - people are prevented from driving more cars than other people by the laws of physics.  You cannot physically drive more than one car at once. How on earth you think that is more meaningful or proves your point I have no idea.  You must mean something else, but you'll have to spell it out I'm afraid.
I was talking generally, not specifically about the iPhone.  Though even then, the iPhone should be held to a reasonable durability standard for sale.  I think it's a pretty foregone conclusion that it would meet any reasonable standard, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be held to a standard, irrespective of how many review sites are out there.  The reviews and the discussion boards are part of the arbitration of what a reasonable standard is. In the hypothetical: the...
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