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What are the special benefits of Lightning?   It's a little bit smaller, sure, and the solid metal tongue looks to be a bit more robust than the USB 3.1 connector*, but those don't strike me as particularly "special", just "nice".     * Apple cables are a different matter.
Hope this doesn't tread on any SlimPlug patents.   http://www.slimplug.com/
^ They must have created a lot of work for themselves in resetting forgotten passwords.
Does HERE do public transit?
 You mean like subscription streaming music and video services?  I'm not sure there's a direct book equivalent (unless you count Audible audiobooks), though I guess libraries have similarities? Subscription for unlimited access seems pretty popular.
^ That's a better link, thanks :)
^ That any password is breakable with enough time?   Sure it's true, just try every combination until it works.  How could that not be true?   Regarding the hardware kit I mentioned, here it is: http:// 9 to 5 mac /2015/03/18/iphone-passcode-hack/ Fixed in 8.1.1 and the hardware explicitly targeted the 4 digit code, but that's very recent, and an implementation choice.  Complex passwords are not invulnerable.
Any password is breakable with enough patience.  And wasn't there some kind of hardware kit recently that could break an iPhone password given enough time, and could even get past the 10 failed login setting via some chicanery?
Steve sure delivered on the 3GHz PowerPc.  My PowerMac G9 say so.
^ Poor people are stupid for not spending their consumption money on investment.  If only they knew that by not eating or paying rent they could buy stock options, and then their street-side skeletons would be rolling in dollars.
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