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You've got it backwards; all you've done so far is opine that the EU needs to collapse and the founders were psychopaths. That's not a point, it's just a rant.My counterpoint was that the EU has brought peace and stability to its member nations that has lasted half a century, which given the history (as you yourself claim, pre-EU Western Europe rarely lasts a few decades without breaking down into war) is remarkable. Avoidance of war, which was one of the core founding...
 Hate to be a pedant (I don't really), but compression doesn't have to be lossy.
^ There's no need to swipe left either.  The correct maneuvre would be double-click-then-tap.
Saw my first Watch in the wild on the London Underground on Friday, being worn by an exceedingly nerdy looking guy.  Looks weird with a dark screen.
 Wholly agree.  Something that every other mobile OS apart from iOS seems to get right.  Reachability is an absurd solution for something that shouldn't be a problem.
Google hired a bunch of ex-Nuancers and have built their own speech recognition software over the past decade. I think they were licensing bits of Nuance tech earlier to plug some gaps, but they have now replaced all, or at least most, of it with homegrown stuff out of Google Labs.
I see that message in both Chrome and Safari on my Mac.
Will they charge for shelf space?  Would've thought they just buy product wholesale, and shelf management and cost is entirely on the store.
  Cute     I've been called a statist, a socialist, and now a federalist at various times on these boards.  I don't think I actually am any of those things, and certainly not in totality, but I don't take any of them as an insult. Is that the beginning and the end of your counterpoint, just stating what I am?
Sounds like he's cheering it on to me. How do you interpret that post?And unworkable systems can be changed so that they work. Complete collapse is not necessary, and there are precious few examples of complete collapse leading to something demonstrably better emerging in the immediate aftermath. Chaos normally ensues, and then equally but differently flawed systems emerge.Cheering for the collapse of an institution of peace and coopoeration (a flawed institution no...
New Posts  All Forums: