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  The singular end result?  What sort of question is that?  There isn't one. In terms of differences from not having any patents though, there are significant differences.  1, Tesla implicitly indemnifies licensees of those patents from patent trolls.  2, Tesla could revoke licensing, which would not be unlikely after a takeover.  3, By owning patents on widely used technologies (assuming they become widely used), Tesla are formally recognised as the inventor, and the...
^ Only in a trivial and uninteresting sense.  If consumers stop consuming then you can have all the "employers" and "job creators" in the world, but they're all going to go under pretty damn soon.     Those "job creators" are expending effort to get the consumers' money, not to "create jobs" as an end in itself.
  My employer is a consumer of my labour. My employer is employed by consumers of their business.  Many others are more directly employed by what you'll patronisingly parenthesise as "consumers".  Nae true consumer, and all that, I'm sure.  If you have an actual pertinent point to make then please just make it, otherwise stop this ridiculousness please.
 Absolutely.  If consumers are demanding something, that's a job opportunity.  Economies are primarily led by demand, not supply.
The EU is not totally unelected at all.  It's a mix of directly elected (Parliament), ministerially representative (Council of), head of state representative (Council) and appointed/approved by elected representative (Commission). The Court of Justice is technically unelected, but made up of justices from the constituent nations, so no more unelected than the justices of the member nations. The idea that the EU is unelected or undemocratic is a blatant untruth.
 Apart from you being unequivocally wrong. And, in answer to your post, only until it's not.
 Tesla has patented loads of stuff.  Hence the big furore over them open sourcing/licesning their patents.
 I somehow doubt Apple's yearly budget is based on revenue percentages.  How would the heads of R&D deal with the sudden influx of money in a blockbuster year?  Would they just fritter it away on whatever they arbitrarily felt like until revenues went back to normality? No, Apple is smarter than that, they spend on R&D when it is warranted by product development and/or when they have particular strategic plans.
Given how much Ireland owes the EU, I think it'll be taken as an automatic repayment.
There is no way that Ireland is going in any direction but down if it leaves the EU.  No way that will happen.
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