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I'm a loyal Apple user, still using a .mac email address, and haven't had any significant problems with any of these services.  It annoys me that I can't merge my iCloud account with my iTunes account, but that's about it.   Maybe it's simply a case of YMMV, and the problems are being highlighted by a vocal minority.  Not to downplay them, must be really shitty to lose photos or have your music screwed with, but it may not be a problem for that many people.
Video games are a rather different proposition, given that development for multiple platforms costs money.  This music exclusive is a purely contractual thing, and more than likely a time-based one, i.e Eminem will be releasing on other services, he's just earned himself a fatter cheque by giving Apple the first look.
The only thing that matters is "first!", of course.
Of course a trailer is going to highlight the drama and conflict, it wouldn't be much of a trailer otherwise.  I think it looks very well made, Fassbender has gravitas, and it will probably be worth a watch.
Thanks.  In which case I think saying Mapzen is "backed by" Samsung is a bit of a weird way to put it.  Mapzen is a division of Samsung, they're in that Venn diagram.  I don't think it makes much sense to say that you back something that you own.
Again with hysteria.  It's not "truly disturbing" at all, and you're not "truly disturbed".  Get out of town with that nonsense. Obama's run has been a long way from unequivocal success, that's for sure.  No one, not least Obama himself, is denying that.  And many of those are down to faults with the administration (note, the administration, not just Obama himself) and the execution of certain policies.  But after inheriting a downward spiralling economy, two legacy wars,...
Not at all, I just don't really care about minor slips of the tongue in the context of everything else that the POTUS has to do.  They're a giggle at most.
"Subsidiary of", or "backed by"?  I'd say those are two distinctly different things.   I believe Mapzen is the latter; Samsung do not own them.
It's not bad, I actually think the UI is pretty good, and I haven't had any of the library issues other people have had, but I kinda think Apple should've used the opportunity to launch Music as a new app for the Mac and take it away from the bloat of iTunes.
Then we fundamentally disagree on many points, and moreover I think you suffer from a profound lack of imagination. Hell even in recent memory the capacity for presidents to make gaffes, diplomatic faux pas, and flagrant misconduct in office far exceeds any problems with Obama. And that's without going back to Nixon.
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