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The subject of the thread that the OP was responding to is Dr Dre's domestic abuse.  If that's not what the OP meant, apologies, but I don't think the word domestic matters all that much; same point stands even when you remove it.
That's not what fiat currency means, which wraps its concept of value in government guarantee and law.  Gold is very definitely not a fiat currency, it is a commodity currency, probably the definitive commodity currency. Bitcoins only have value because people say they do.  Moreno that gold even, because at least you can make some things out of gold.
 Really?   I'm not entirely sure I believe it, but  anyway
I seriously doubt he was being serious. You're right of course, but I already stated as much. 
Srsly?  I mean sure, men can be victims of domestic abuse too, but more? A lot more?  I don't think that's even remotely approaching true, either in quantity or severity.
And so ends the consummate destruction of a formerly great company from incompetence within.  I hope Stephen Elop is happy in his retirement.  What a dickbag.
Does the /s stand for stupid?
So when Apple do the right thing it's right that they get applauded, but when they do the wrong thing it's wrong that they get criticised?
They won't be able to use the offshore profit to pay it back. Apple Inc in the USA is issuing the bond, so Apple Inc in the USA needs to pay it back.
Have they?Does it? Are Apple declaring that while within the UAE they will practice the sort of discrimination they disavow?
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