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Because it's disproportionate rent-seeking.  Apple do not host the content for recurring subscriptions, they just provide the payment mechanism, and visibility on the app store.  Payments processing does not justify 30%.  Visibility does not either, since Apple benefit from a developer community just as much as the developer community benefits from Apple.
Why can't all the other utilities and limited use Apple apps do something like this?  I'm especially looking at you, Apple Watch app.
Well you learn something new every day.  Though driving is a special case that I think most people can see the reasoning behind, the national identity card thing is an eye opener. 100 is not "most" countries though :P
Crikey that's a stark image.  Gone are the colourful days of rainbow Macs  
Don't be silly.  Androids don't have fingerprints.
Wait, what?  I'm pretty sure in most countries you don't have to carry a damn thing.  You have to carry identification in the States?  When did that happen?
Sort out sharing playlists in Apple Music first pls.
Government overreach could work in Apple's favour? That's going to drive some people loopy.
There's always "favouritism" at play when the judgement doesn't meet the expectations of fanboys and/or the butthurt.
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