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No, the executives.
Great, make the legal system only accessible to the wealthy; as if it wasn't enough already. That'll solve the world's problems.
 Not really.  You also have gender diversity; and equal rights across age, sexuality and disability barriers are often grouped under diversity.
Nice picture, but it's not a complete story.  Can non-airborne diseases be transferred from respiratory droplets exposed from the mouth?  Maybe they can if the transference is direct and quick, and therefore, maybe that's what ebola is?   The question is: what does it take for a disease to be classified as airborne?  I'm sure there's going to be a precise medical definition, so does ebola fit that?   I don't know exactly what that definition is, but the consensus seems...
I've got a number of American friends living in London and we love celebrating Independence Day.  I don't think anyone here is particularly scarred by that memory, though generally we tend to celebrate victories rather than defeats.  It's 200 years since Waterloo next Summer!
Are they? Widgets as in apps that run on the home screen giving live feedback without needing to open the app?  I don't think that's part of iOS8 unless I missed a sizeable part of the announcement. In-app and cross-app extensions aren't really widgets as most people understand them in the context of smartphones.
Duly chastised; you're right. However, as only a nominal defendant, Apple isn't directly on the line of fire, this is very much targeted at the executives, so the rest of my point stands.  The shareholders aren't suing themselves, they're suing the executives.
If there is a war on Christmas then it's pretty safe to say that Christmas is winning.  It's the biggest holiday of the year and isn't going anywhere.
Just for clarity, if a person with ebola sneezes and their saliva flies onto someone else's person, they may get ebola, but the disease isn't "airborne" in the medical sense of the word?  For it to be classed as airborne, presumably it needs to be able to survive in the air for a significant amount of time, or indefinitely?
If the data is owned by Chinese companies, perhaps.  Do you have much data held with Chinese companies?
New Posts  All Forums: