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Not at all, I just don't really care about minor slips of the tongue in the context of everything else that the POTUS has to do.  They're a giggle at most.
"Subsidiary of", or "backed by"?  I'd say those are two distinctly different things.   I believe Mapzen is the latter; Samsung do not own them.
It's not bad, I actually think the UI is pretty good, and I haven't had any of the library issues other people have had, but I kinda think Apple should've used the opportunity to launch Music as a new app for the Mac and take it away from the bloat of iTunes.
Then we fundamentally disagree on many points, and moreover I think you suffer from a profound lack of imagination. Hell even in recent memory the capacity for presidents to make gaffes, diplomatic faux pas, and flagrant misconduct in office far exceeds any problems with Obama. And that's without going back to Nixon.
So according to you Roosevelt prolonged the Great Depression extending it to 15 years (despite cutting unemployment by a third and raising GDP by half as much as had been lost in the Wall Street Crash), and yet the Obama recovery has been worse?  You should really pick a target and stick with it.  Sure World War 2 finally pulled the USA fully out of the Great Depression (it also did the same for Germany and others), but Roosevelt prolonged it?  Nonsense.   And how is Obama...
Yep Nope.  But even if you want to insist that, alright then.  Obama has done better than Hoover and Roosevelt.  Has any organised terror cell committed an act of terror on US soil in the past seven years?   Didn't imply that, I was talking about the USA's reactions as a whole to Obama, but since we're on the subject, until you say what you think Obama actually should be doing in certain situations rather than "not what Obama has done" then I'm going to think that it's...
I actually overlooked that.  Seems like the major component of "stoking racial division" has been daring to be president while being black.  Good one.
A large part of that is due to a major economic crisis that could have been catastrophic, and an unprecedented enemy.  He's done a whole lot better than Hoover did with the economy.  Maybe not as well as Roosevelt did, but he's had obstacles.  And he's done better with the enemy than others in recent history.  No coordinated attacks on US soil, for example.
Pretty well.  Stable economy.  Rising employment.  Better healthcare.  Decreasing deficit.  No new wars.
No one said anything about "cannot".
New Posts  All Forums: