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Given an appropriate notice period and on the assumption that there is no outstanding debt on either side, I really don't understand why they can't do this.  Do Verizon's contract extend until the end of time with no break clause on Verizon's side?
Good satire
I don't disagree with you if it's purely about cosmetics, but the functionality and utility of the iPhone (and Galaxy, Lumia, Nexus etc) is majorly impinged by the state of the screen. Yes people should be careful with their stuff, but we're talking about a mobile device, for use on the move, that is used frequently throughout the day - so lots of getting out of pockets, putting back into pockets - and one handed use, so not an especially stable environment.  Apple's...
Hey TS, there's a straw man the size of your house over here!
Huh?  In terms of hardware durability there are a number of phones that are competitive with and even exceed the iPhone.  A plastic body that flexes and rebounds will be kinder to the screen than the metal iPhone if dropped on a corner.
Fair point.  And like you, I wouldn't describe the Beats as high end.
I'll eat my hat if he does that.
Is there no way the cellular companies can cancel these old unlimited contracts, and push those customers onto new contracts?   Seems like that's what they would want to do, so I don't really understand why they don't.
"High end" doesn't really mean anything on its own, it has to stand for the high end of something.  I think generally when people say "high end" they mean "high end of the price range", though there's probably also an implicit "high end end of the quality spectrum" in there too.
That's uncalled for Dan, Relic was reacting mostly to Apple][s rant, not your article. All the same, your uncontroversial facts don't really say much of any importance, and have little relevance to a site called AppleInsider.
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