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 Avoid, not evade.  A linguistically subtle, but semantically important difference.
 How is unrealistic?  Companies already report their figures to the countries that they operate in, so what is unrealistic about those figures being combined for all wholly-owned companies in a group?  The numbers exist, adding them together is not only not unrealistic, it's not even particularly hard!  Breaking it down country-by-country might be tricky if you wanted to take that approach for unitary taxation, but that's what auditors are for (I also favour much harsher...
Welcome to the internet.
Disagree with the race-to-the-bottom mentality, unitary reporting and taxation of corporations makes much more sense.  Don't make "repatriation" an option; if profit is being registered within the Apple group, then Apple should pay corporation tax in its headquarters of note. Corporation tax in the US is not 10%, so why should US companies get beneficial tax treatment from conducting business outside of the US?
If they're being investigated for tax evasion then that implies the EU thinks there is something illegal going on. Or maybe the investigation is simply fact finding in advance of proposals to reform tax laws across national borders in the EU group.
What? I never claimed it had any such aim. It's use as a set top box is at most secondary, it's a gaming device. Competition with the Apple TV is more a coincidence of form factor and a few incidental services than any kind of concerted effort to "battle" it.
Then I guess it's you that's in the coma. Learn to follow a conversation.
Apparently so.Pray tell, what standalone living room gaming console did Apple release in 2007?
 Apart from being white I didn't see much originality in the original iPod headphones. Can't be bothered to break down the rest of your post to tedious effect.  Sony have a product, Apple don't.  You calling Sony's product garbage on the basis that Apple will (despite no announcement, or even substantive rumour) release something better is like a parody of fanboyism.
New Posts  All Forums: