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This analogy really doesn't fit.  Let's rework it... I have a Sony BetaMax machine and another company makes a tape meeting the BetaMax format specifications, but also add a special little button that prevents the tape being copied.  It doesn't affect the BetaMax machine at all, but Sony decide to remote update the BetaMax machine (god knows how they do that in the 80s, but stick with it).  Now my tapes are useless.   WTF Sony?   And let's be clear, the analogy doesn't...
I'm not sure if you're trying to be ironic, but this is riddled with errors. 1. Not having heard of something doesn't mean it never happened, and we're talking about a time when other digital services weren't all that successful. Which is the point.  So no, it's not particularly funny or unsuprising.2. There have been other devices able to play iTunes music.  The Motorola ROKR, the RAZR v3i.  Only under license from Apple, which is the point.  Since DRM was removed, every...
I think you missed my point. Consider what I was responding to.
Maybe not bankrupted, but they wouldn't be operating in China, Russia, the Middle East, South Korea, or the EU; they would be using slower, less reliable chips from anyone other than Samsung; the product line would magically be both broader and more focussed; the prices would be doubled to stave off the riff-raff; and if you asked Siri anything critical of Apple or non-negative about Google/Android she'd answer "Shut up and go away".
The thousands of other CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?
Up until iOS8 Dropbox on iOS has been mostly a retrieval app, not a whole lot of file adding or manipulating, so no great need for renaming.
Rather beyond the scope of my point, but ok... Business is allowed to be organised, but labour isn't?  Your "collusion" works both ways.
And yet, productivity across all industries is at its highest ever, as are corporate profits, but real wages for unskilled workers have declined.  Which leads us to believe that there is plenty of room for bottom level wages to rise, but no industry pressure.  Textbook market failure.
Ban this Force filth!
New Posts  All Forums: