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^ fair point then. I'm not altogether convinced that "everyone else plus doing it" is a good enough reason, but that's a different matter.
Apple have a 14 day return policy.  You should've said you'll return it and buy it again, they'd honour that and they'd probably just refund you to save themselves the hassle.
I don't "love" Gmail at all, I don't even use it because, like you, I don't like advertising.  However, I recognise that my dislike for seeing advertisments is not shared by others, and that Google's business model is perfectly valid, and smart.  This "they read your email" complaint is supercilious and misleading.   Apple technology "reads" your email too, and in iOS9 it's going to do a whole lot more in terms of features. Apologies for snivelling.
^ Because consumer products are always designed with the health benefits of the user in mind.
You both have v6?  :(
^ I'm on your side.  I don't think mistakes should be met with scorn and accusations of deliberate deception.
You have evidence that other companies are using the Double Irish arrangement?  You should let the EU and the Irish government know about that.
I've only heard of the London one.  I like the festival a lot, have been to a couple of concerts, and the post-show access via iTunes/Music has been brilliant.
Really?  An iPhone makes a "fine" controller for racing games with its tiny form factor, not very grippable design, and absence of buttons?  Better than the "terrible" Dual Shock 3 with Sixaxis and analogue triggers, or the Wii Remote? I don't see it.  Not at all.
^ are you talking to yourself?
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