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I quoted figures that AppleInsider published, so less of the "you and your ilk" thanks very much.  You didn't quote any figures or define your terms at all.And the Moto 360 and LG G aren't smartwatches?  In what universe?  They most certainly do have touch screens (the Pebble doesn't, if that matters so much to you) so I think it's you that are stretching the envelope.
The link provided gives numbers. 6.8m total 1.2m Samsung Galaxy Gears0.7m PebblesComparable numbers of Moto 360s and LG watches..Fitbits and similar devices included. These are figures from the Smartwatch Group, who consider these "trinkets" to be smartwatches. If you want anyone to take your bet then you should probably define exactly what you're betting.
Circles don't have four sides 
More than 6.8 million? (http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/02/25/just-68m-smartwatches-sold-in-2014-at-an-average-price-of-189)I'll take that bet.
What have Apple trusted IBM with? A little bit of design nous? Apple don't really stand to lose anything if the partnership goes sour.
I hardly think providing some security software is on the same page as the partnership with Apple, which is to deliver enterprise apps using IBM's experience and patents in big data and analytics. If Apple sees this small fry software deal as a betrayal then they are far too sensitive.
I can't think of many socialists who are pushing for a state religion.
You thought IBM wouldn't make software for anyone else? You realise what IBM do, right?
HoloLens is Geordie LaForge's visor.
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