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Nope, you try again.  I've not mentioned anyone being offended by being greeted with "Happy Christmas".  Not once.  I've been very explicit about the fact that I wasn't talking about any offense, I was talking about inclusiveness.  That you still don't understand the opposing argument after Vishnu knows how many pages is a continual reminder of the fact that you aren't interested in the debate, just in getting a rise.  Mark of a troll.
 I'm happy with that range too, I was being broad because we've got people from different countries talking here, who may have different understandings.  Great, if those people in those countries want to wish me Happy Ramadan (or y'know, whatever they actually say) I'll take it as a positive thing.  But nevertheless, I'm as white as they come, don't look at all like a muslim and I don't observe Ramadan, so it's a bit weird.  If Ramadan happens to be a national holiday...
Who in the world doesn't want to have a good morning?  Bizarre line of argument, and further evidence of your trollish idiocy.
I guess since you seem to be full of those sorts of ideas then that claim should carry some weight.
 Yeah, yeah.  If you meant something different, you expressed it terribly, the fault is most definitely not mine.  Except of course, you didn't mean something different.
 For the love of Dog, get over it.  No one has suggested renaming Christmas.
 "Have yourself a Merry Christmas" How can a person do that when they don't celebrate Christmas? You are giving the "gift" of a Merry Christmas to someone who does not observe that holiday.   I don't think it's particularly imperative or offensive, but it's a bit weird. Likewise I'd feel a bit confused if someone said to me "Have a happy Ramadan"
What you "regard... as privacy (sic)" isn't the same thing as what the law defines as copyright infringement.   Copying a music or movie file and giving it to a friend when the license for that file does not allow you to do that is copyright infringement, which is commonly equated to "theft, plain and simple".  Doesn't matter if you call it mass copying or not.
It's ok, once they fall back on the imbecilic "read it again" argument you know they've run out of any of whatever trolls use for ammo.
I don't disapprove of it.  I think it's a less appropriate means of addressing someone of unknown faith than "happy holidays", but it's still a relatively nice thing to say to someone. I not only tolerate it, I approve of it.  I just approve of the alternative a bit more, and I don't think it's bland or meaningless - it includes Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice,, New Year and more besides!  And if it's a platitude then so is "Merry Christmas", so you can stick that one up...
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