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What evidence do you have that the LASD is shaming them publically?  This isn't a press release or a legal proceeding, it's a report from a radio station that LASD have done exactly what you say, contacted Apple privately as a matter of business.
Then this is completely reasonable.
I don't understand the article.  Why are they demanding Apple return money?  What product or service was the money paid for, and did Apple deliver it?  If they didn't, then sure, the money should be refunded.  If they did, then what are the grounds for demanding the refund?  Will there be an equivalent transfer of product back to Apple?  What were the terms of the contract?   More information needed before an opinion can be formed.
Just please let it be less buggy than the current one. For me, Music.app has more issues than the rest of iOS put together.
Much like any time when the H- word is thrown around, I think there's an angle and bias at play, but I think it's fair to say that Apple aren't particularly consistent here.  As many have said, iTunes Store content has supported certifications and explicit ratings for as long as we can all remember, yet apps (which also have age ratings) have a particular proviso on adult content.  And not necessarily highly pornographic content, even fairly soft glamour stuff that's less...
Different from what?  They can still be felonies, which you labelled as "not a minor crime", "serious", and implied that they're not worthy of any sensitivity or forgiveness ("God forbid we offend some felons"). Possession.
Turn off Bluetooth on your phone?
This seems to work now. And thanks for pointing it out, I'd hadn't noticed the Media section before.  Quite funny how Apple allows you to select songs bought from the iTunes Store, but not movies or TV shows.
Cripes, I just checked and mine went from 1.6GB to 18.4GB!  Obviously I knew it was a bit screwed beforehand, but man, that takes the ticket!
How comes I need to enter my password before updating?  What's wrong with TouchId?
New Posts  All Forums: