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But... no one is doing that?  Why would anyone do that?  How is that in any way analagous to people with no religious faith referring to the winter holiday as "the winter holiday" (or any other non-denominational synonym)?  Christians can call it Christmas, no one is stopping them, just like no one is stopping Jews from calling their holiday Hannekah, Pagans from calling it solstice, or Costanzas calling it Festivus.  All are fine.  And together they're the winter...
And people who hunch over books aren't doing their back and neck any good.  Plus, there aren't many people employed to read books for 8 hours a day, and those are quite likely to invest in a book holder to bring it up to eye level.  Or, y'know, hold it there, or in whatever position they find comfortable.  
 I get the feeling you're trying to be sarcastic and dismissive, but actually you're pretty much on the money.  Maybe not no crime, since "crime" is quite a broad thing, but the world would certainly be a better place with more empathy.  I believe your Bible preaches it (though there's no way you get to claim it as uniquely Christian).  The paths are exactly the same width.  A good person is a good person, whether or not they believe in a magic old man in the clouds.  And...
If you're actually addressing the crowd, then calling them Crowley just plain doesn't make any sense, though if anyone were to be offended by the association I wouldn't take it personally.  Calling a crowd of forum members "Forum Members" would  actually be quite appropriate   Of course, you aren't addressing the crowd, you're trying to deflect the argument with a facile brush off that doesn't bear any relevance to anything.   Sorry, no dice.
Give over.  Calling the winter holiday a holiday season has nothing to do with white man's guilt.  It has everything to do with Christianity not having a monopoly on deciding the given names for holiday periods that are observed across religious and secular groups.   Politically correct is not meaningless, it's polite.  And not offending people needlessly is actually a pretty good thing to aspire to.  It's probably in your book somewhere, messed in amongst the blood and...
A more horizontal one would be an osteopath's boom with the amount of neck pain it'd cause.
Empathy. Apparently you need a supernatural being and the threat of an unpleasant afterlife to feel kinship with your fellow human beings.  Others don't.  Plus, y'know, society and community and all those things that exist perfectly fine without any manifestation of a divine being too.
"Atheists" don't believe they are free to takes anyone else's life without consequences.  Psychopaths do.  And there are plenty of religious psychopaths, including many that identify as Christians.   As an atheist I'll defend to the death my right to take my own life.  If that sends me to hell (it won't) then so be it.
? Presumably he will, if he doesn't have enough.  Most people tend to not want to pay for things they don't have to though, so why shouldn't he ask the question? Anyway, according to your dictate 5GB is more than enough, so why buy more?
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