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No idea, but Safari with some frequency takes up multiple gigs of memory, and I only have 8GB on my MBA, so it's quite a hit.  I do often have lots of browser windows open, with video and other rich media in them, but even so, Chrome seems to deal with that same situation a lot better than Safari does.  As I say, may well be to do with my set up and use cases, but Chrome's performance seems to suit me better. I also don't have either ClickToFlash or AdBlock on either, as I...
I disagree.  Material is a well thought out paradigm, and it looks nice in all the apps that have adopted it.  Moreso than the iOS7+ aesthetic in some cases; it's still pretty clear that buttons are buttons. I also don't think it's much of a copy of either Microsoft and/or Apple.  From the most superficial angle, yes, it's "flat" and eschews gradients and lighting effects, but it's much more than that, it's a whole design framework.  And it's good.  Also, I wouldn't say...
Looks nice. Safari seems to be an increasing resource hog recently on my setup, so I've been using Chrome a lot more, and it does the job nicely.  Shame about the Flash. 
^ Not necessarily.  Entirely possible that the environment will end up noisier, more light pollution, and a whole lot more traffic. It might even be the case that the campus is an imposing eyesore from certain angles.  Value could even go down.   Said with a big pinch of salt, as I'm sure it'll be an improvement over the previous HP industrial park, but you never know, especially with the traffic issue, which IIRC was a concern at the Cupertino planning permission...
^ He gets it.  I genuinely don't understand what the "Monop-Sony" comment was supposed to be.
WhWho's a monopsony? Sony?
Seems a bit wonky. It wasn't Crimea that invaded Crimea, it was Russia, so why punish Crimeans? The law, not Apple, obv.
Cripes. If that's the gradient then the 27" iMac is going to be a phone before long.
iPhone 4 was 326, so notably higher. And I think "first" is an overrated attribute of innovation. Apple delivered the whole package to back up that resolution, in the supporting hardware and the software stack. And they delivered it all at volume, and in a package compelling enough that every other manufacturer followed suit. They set the standard. No one was chasing after the S8000 Jet as a trailblazing, one-to-beat market leader, it's just a footnote for pedants to...
4, actually.  And it was by a significant margin the highest resolution display on any widely available mobile device, that has since been copied by every other manufacturer of note. So yes, standard-setting, and pretty innovative.  The maker of that first screen (don't even know, Sharp? LG?) should probably get as much recognition as Apple for industrial achievement, but credit to both for bringing it to market in volume.
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