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I'm amazed some of the people here make it through the day without having a heart attack, they're so highly strung. Take a chill pill Soli.
Thanks Obama!
I thought all of the SIM ejector tools were Liquidmetal, not just the 3G?  So they've not actually been using Liquidmetal alloys at all since the late 2000s?
^ It doesn't, since no one who knows anything would take such a rumour seriously.
It has to be.  Apple issues shares through the NASDAQ in the U.S., so any repurchase goes through the NASDAQ in the U.S.
 A loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent, implied or explicitly stated, of the system. There is no implied complexity in a loophole, it is merely where the implementation of the law falls short of enforcing the intent of the law, and offers an escape to those who would not follow the intent of the law.  Don't be silly.  Apple are not going to spend >$100b in foreign...
I think he was talking about transgender people, not homosexuals. Not that that makes what he said any better, but let's be accurate.
Sure thing.  I must have imaged that time where the Senate rejected Obama's proposals for enhanced background checks, cross-state information sharing, and bans on assault weapons.  I guess that the Constitution expressly forbids all those things.  And I'm sure if Obama had sent through such a series of proposals, Congress would have worked on a compromise solution, not just rejected it out of hand because of the usual obstructionism.  Because it's always Obama that's the...
^ Seems like he's wagging his finger at Congress's inability to act rather than at all gun owners.  But hey, whatever fits your narrative.
So lower the rate as well?  I never said anything about not lowering the rate.  Or don't, and risk letting the multinationals go, I've never been particularly fond of them, and I'm never convinced by the "mass exodus" claim.  They're still hanging around after decades of threatening to leave. As I understand it, the rates are tolerated because of all sorts of loopholes that mean few big companies pay anything like the baseline rate, and more taxes fall on SMEs.  So sure,...
New Posts  All Forums: