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Nice big sample size you have there.
 Probably because you don't seen to understand it.  Apple has no significant play in the console space.  When they announce something, then you can compare it to Sony's offering.  Sony do a lot more than make controllers, just like Apple do a lot more than make crappy headphones.  Why are you attempting to put a slur on Sony?  Just because they aren't Apple?  Steve Jobs was a big admirer of Sony.
Which part, the XMB?  I think that's pretty good actually. Some of the store UI could be a lot better though, if that's what you mean.
I'm really interested in this, and think an AppleTV is going to struggle to match it for gaming. Good work Sony.
Because the chassis is the most important part of premium consumer electronics¡
Lightning cables are expensive, USB cables are cheap, so why would the adaptors get thrown away? I'll be happy to take yours off your hands.
If they make the iPhone waterproof then Apple can't take my money quickly enough.
Me neither. What micro USB adaptors, and why will almost all of them end up in landfill?
They could just use the sub-mini 2.5mm audio jack and plug instead of the 3.5mm. Quite a few phones do/did. The use of the 3.5mm was widely applauded for its compatibility when the iPhone was released. I can't imagine they'll take any decision to change it lightly, and a transition path will be on their roadmap.
I believe the iPod Shuffle was Apple's first wearable device.
New Posts  All Forums: