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I think he's saying that if you don't know if the clock is 12 or 24 hour, then seeing 8:00 on a 24 hour clock could be confusing, as you wouldn't know if it was AM or PM.  Which is stupid, because the absence of an AM/PM indicator would give it away.   Plus, if you don't know if it's morning or evening on a regular basis then you should probably be reviewing your life rather than complaining about your clocks 
I'll wait until Nas buys a streaming service.
UK Netflix is a pretty poor showing compared to US Netflix.  And iTunes selection isn't all that wonderful either, which is why a variety of sources is better.
Bit defensive Dan, the following passage could quite easily be read to imply that Mitsubishi is the next largest carmaker from China:Adding a "(from Japan)" after Mitsubishi would clear it up without detracting to any significant degree.
^ why so formal?
^ He demoed the card selection in the presentation as well, unless I imagined it.
That's a very niche use case to be invoking such a big security risk.  Plus, Apple would have to license/sell TouchID for implementation into the dash. Doubt very much.  Maybe something like that could happen in an iCar (and even then, it's a long shot), but not with CarPlay.
Let's give the hardware business an arbitrary value that massively under-appreciates earnings and brand?  Sure!
I think USB-C on both sides is almost a dead cert (though would you be able to charge from both of them?), Thunderbolt is reasonably likely, SD or micro-SD a possibility, and HDMI (or mini HDMI) an outside bet.  Plus, in two years there could be something new, or maybe Apple will bring Lightning to the Mac (I doubt this, has few advantages over USB and little of the ecosystem). Mostly I'd just bet on 2 x USB though.
The retina resolution will give options to display more on a smaller screen, if a user doesn't mind GUI elements being smaller. So while the physical screen space may be smaller, the pixel count is much greater, and the point* count can be greater if the user chooses, which affects the virtual screen space**.  * I think point is the correct term.** I think I made this one up, but hopefully you understand what I mean.
New Posts  All Forums: