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^ I think I'm following now. Putting the iPhone against the NFC terminal will show your cards on the home screen, with your default card selected, but changeable, and you finalise the payment by touching the home button. I didn't know you could change your card during the process, that's good. Can imagine it being a bit fiddly because of the way some NFC terminals are mounted though, it'd be good if there was a way to do it before putting your phone against the NFC...
I will, when I upgrade my 5S this September. Calm down.You've conflated two things. What he is describing is the process for changing the selected payment card on an iPhone, not the payment process itself. He's pretty clear about that.This seems like an oversimplification, where are you choosing the card? What are you bringing to the forefront? The post that you called lies broke the process down into steps which were easy to follow and made sense to me, but your...
All affirmative actions laws force Apple to change their hiring policies? No they don't.  Affirmative actions laws will probably apply to civil employment, not private employment.  There aren't actually many "affirmative action laws" anyway, affirmative action usually comes from internal policy, not law. Name a single affirmative action law in the USA that has any impact on Apple whatsoever.
What are you talking about? What do other countries have to do with anything, we're talking about the USA? The question is, does the US have any affirmative action laws that specifically are "forcing" Apple to "adopt racist diversity policies" (from SpamSandwich's original post)?  The answer is no, so the original post (by SpamSandwich) was moot. Congratulations on a spectacularly pointless tangent.
This is just nonsense though.  Using ApplePay is not just about using Apple's technology, it's about using the sales system, and if they don't work well together then the whole experience suffers.  That's ApplePay's problem as a solution; if the same problem doesn't exist with cards or cash then it's going to hurt ApplePay's uptake.  Whining that it's not Apple's fault is neither here nor there.
Apple Pay without retailers is just icons on a screen.  When people talk about Apple Pay they're talking about the whole user experience, not the technical implementation.
^ True enough, we don't know where Apple are going, but this article seems to be suggesting an awful lot without even a glimmer of innovation or good reason why gaming would be such a big opportunity for Apple.  Kindle Fire TV also has games (I believe) and a similar model, but no one much seems to care about that.   Re. ergonomics and how good the volume buttons would be as game controlling buttons, we'll just have to disagree on that.  Sounds rubbish to me.
^ What buttons?  The volume up and down?  Not sure Apple even allows you to use them, and they're hardly ergonomic.
How are any of those lies?  Seem to make perfect sense to me.
 So none then?
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