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Can't imagine many people arguing with that.
You think bickering about product numbering is interesting and constructive?Good to know you're around to fight the important fights.
I'm seeing the Wii Classic Controller more than Xbox controller (save the coloured ABXY, which are definitely very Xbox-y).       The shape of the iOS diagram is a bit reminiscent of the Genesis controller     I think it's safe to say that in the field of joypad design there's a lot of copysharing going on.  The original Xbox controller was heavily inspired by the Dreamcast too.   Don't see much point in criticizing Amazon for it when all the other players...
 Heh, I forgot how busy the top edge of the iPhone used to be.  I wonder if it's been a conscious effort in Apple to separate that stuff out, given how the SIM card slot is now on the side, headphone jack on the bottom and the rumours of the sleep/wake button moving too.  Would be quite sensible, seeing how the top edge is the least accessible as it's furthest from your hands when the phone is in portrait orientation. It'd be quite strange to have the top completely...
How many people? TouchID would be nice, but I don't care that much.  Lining up for an Apple product launch is a mug's game.
You can fill your library with torrented eBooks anyway.  Likewise with movies.  If you want to do that then iTunes having DRM is not going to stop you in any way, shape or form. The point of iTunes is that it's convenient and it's honest, and most (/many/enough) people will buy into that.  Adding DRM into the content just punishes those honest customers by giving them an inferior product. Apple got past this with music, it'd be greatly appreciated if they put greater...
And you think the analysts are the ones spouting pointless opinions? Apple delisting and becoming private is not going to happen; from Apple's perspective it's impossible. It could only be an option if a vastly wealthy consortium of rich people or funds got involved. If you can imagine such a scenario occurring and the result being in Apple's best interest (vastly rich people/funds taking over companies rarely is) then you have a much wilder imagination than I do.
I really hope you're right, the endless nonsense of iPhone numbering is so terribly boring. Apple seem to have escaped it with the iPad, here's hoping they put it to rest with the iPhone.
I'm imagining that would actually be a really good idea.If it's illegal, then why object to enforcing the law with technology? Unless you intend on breaking the law, that is.
It's certainly more cumbersome on iOS than the Mac, since AgileBits can't plug directly into Safari. They've come up with some clever workarounds though, first the bookmarklet, and more recently 1Browser. I use 1Browser almost as much as I use Safari, it's just a matter of getting used to it.
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