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Oh.  That's a whole lot less impressive then.  Still a good start though, especially given that there's only so many retailers with the hardware  deployed to take Pay
What's a digital payment dollar?  Is that including all credit cards, debit cards and phone e-wallets?   If so, 1% is an amazing start for the first month.  No dollar values in the article, but that's got to be handing some hefty change over to Apple in the run up to Christmas, even if their cut is a small proportion.
What a useful and practical comment.  That should be the new policy.
And how is reporting news from a war zone the same as showing support for terrorists?
The war with all arabs?   The war with everything that isn't America?   What war exactly is Al Jazeera and/or the Qatari royal family so wrapped up in that you would sanction bombing their journalists?
When have Al Jazeera supported terrorists?  They're a news organisation, reporting news isn't support.  Besides which, the USA and a number of its peoples have definitely supported their fair share of terrorists too, so your broad strokes are just painting a whitewash over your prejudice.   Given that dictatorships are antithetical to most leftist politics you probably should be surprised.  Nevertheless, the quality of Al Jazeera's journalism speaks for itself, quite apart...
It has defined UI from day one.  Functionally, others were and have often been, at comparable, or even superior levels.
Do you also laugh when paediatricians get attacked by idiots who think they're child molesters?  Because that's the same level of link.   Bad, stupid, contemptible.  Wear it with pride.
Really?  I mean really?  Watch some Al Jazeera and then come back and tell me what the factual problems were.
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