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I don't really agree that Spotlight is an app, it's a function that you dip quickly into and then close straight away when you're done. It's more widget-like than app-like. Even if you were right, if Spotlight is an app proper then it should be in the dock, not the menu bar. Menu bar items by and large open up menus where you click them.Notification Centre opens a panel on the right, close to where you click.
Moving the Spotlight window seems really strange to me. The click area with the magnifying glass is still top right, right? So they've made the window pop up in a completely different place to where you click, which seems like bad UI to me. I realise you can keyboard launch and browse Spotlight too, but I don't really see that as an excuse, there's no new functionality in Spotlight that demands it be in the centre of the screen. To be clear, the improved Spotlight seems...
No need to set a password, use an ad-hoc PIN that comes up on your TV screen.
I was talking about the choice of example in the iBook rather than the syntax, but thanks.
I like Swift already.
Really, in the keynote?  Can't see it.  There is plenty that goes on at WWDC that doesn't get included in the keynote, and I would expect improvements to WebKit and stuff about CarPlay to end up a few rungs down in one of the sessions.
They've managed to stick an FM receiver in the iPod Nano, and in an earphone remote clip before; I'm near certain that the technology isn't the problem, it's just that Apple doesn't want to do it.
Apple aren't exactly known for stellar audio hardware.
Well yes, obviously. Killer hardware features rarely happen in OS updates.
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