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From reading the original post I don't think he does that at all.  In fact he very deliberately doesn't call him stupid, using "no" and "but" to back away from that judgement. Not that anyone would blame him.
Emails aren't in the same app as SMS and iMessages.  If Apple didn't intend for the users to expect a certain amount of parity between SMS and iMessages and how they behave then they shouldn't have linked them so closely.
This thread is thoroughly depressing.  The usual suspects spreading the sadly unsurprising cynicism and purveyance of human misery.  Government is so ideologically evil that we'd rather see our fellow man starve and wither than support it.  Hideous, impractical and morally bankrupt thoughts 
-100, would make Apple look petty and vindictive.
Good luck!
I wonder if this means alarms clocks will work this year?   /s
If the majority are asking for cash, gift cards or clothing, then I'd guess yeah, and they're pretty practical at that.
I recently got given for a Surface Pro for work and I quite like it, but it's a weird looking beasty.  Putting its image next to a MacBook Air makes it look like a strange origami-like creature.
And yet the Lenovo Yoga has been a success story.  Not everyone thinks the way you do.  Go figure.
Are they?  I wasn't aware of Apple having any stake in Disney.  Steve Jobs, and now Laurene Powell Jobs, certainly had/have a lot of shares, but Apple itself?
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