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Blur?  Sure about that?
If you're in a situation where you don't know whether it's morning or evening, I'd hope you're in a safe enough situation that you're familiar enough with the clock to know if it's 12 hour or 24 hour.   I guess there might be some ambiguity if the clock supports both 12 and 24 hour time, and you can't remember if you changed it recently, but seriously, if that's a sincere complaint then you don't deserve to know whether it's morning or afternoon  Stop fiddling with your...
That's vaguely blasphemous.
I think he's saying that if you don't know if the clock is 12 or 24 hour, then seeing 8:00 on a 24 hour clock could be confusing, as you wouldn't know if it was AM or PM.  Which is stupid, because the absence of an AM/PM indicator would give it away.   Plus, if you don't know if it's morning or evening on a regular basis then you should probably be reviewing your life rather than complaining about your clocks 
I'll wait until Nas buys a streaming service.
UK Netflix is a pretty poor showing compared to US Netflix.  And iTunes selection isn't all that wonderful either, which is why a variety of sources is better.
Bit defensive Dan, the following passage could quite easily be read to imply that Mitsubishi is the next largest carmaker from China:Adding a "(from Japan)" after Mitsubishi would clear it up without detracting to any significant degree.
^ why so formal?
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