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I wasn't proposing a different system, I was taking issue with what I see as a problematic qualification of why the free market is universally better than the public sector. To your post, every other business?   Police?  Fire service?  Coast guard?  Army?  Navy?  Air force?  Road building?  Bridge building?  Rail?  Metro?  Legal aid?  Watchdogs?   I don't even slightly agree with you.
Perfectly phrased, I may borrow that, thanks! 
 The Code of Hammurabi made murder illegal and predates the Mosaic Laws.
 Actually I think most people who know Apple's history would acknowledge that a very large part of Apple's success is down to Mr Cook's running of operations.  That's what got Apple back in the black in the first place, many years ago, and what enabled them to excel and to continue to excel. Steve Jobs didn't invent Apple's products on his own, but Tim Cook spearheaded the lean machine that is Apple's operations on his own.  Tim Cooks genius is on a par with Steve Jobs,...
I don't think it's hypocritical.  Tim speaking out has an impact on Indiana.  Tim speaking out is not going to have any impact in Saudi Arabia.  Only bad things could come from that choice.  Tim knows that, and that's why he doesn't speak out, it's not hypocritical to pick the battles you can win.
Please stop with the ALL CAPS.  They're irritating, and aren't helping with your point.  As I said, they make you come across like an enraged psychopath. Anyway, you presume scrolling.  I anticipate doing minimal scrolling with a smartwatch.  Single screen, no scrolling notifications can make use of that space with properly formatted text. I think you underestimate this bit.  The device is called a watch.  The watch is going to be a substantial part of it's function....
 There is no legally enshrined "fiduciary responsibility to shareholders" that would prevent Tim from saying anything like that.
^ Apple engineers speaking highly of Apple products is hardly a shocker.
The "non-rectangular parts of a round watch face"?   Ok, I know what you mean, but are you kidding me?  You can't think of any? Well for a start, you can fit more text in the horizontal strip along the centre, a few fair more characters.You can have left/right and up/down buttons that sacrifice comparatively little of the screen face (compared to a rectangular face)You can show more of the horizontal and vertical parts of an image, particularly useful for faces for...
99% of people don't call it anything.  They don't care.  The rest call it Modern UI.  Because that's its name.
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