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The iPhone rear flash is way to bright to use as a notification, I'm not even sure why they bothered adding that in as a feature.   Plus, I think it only flashes for a little while doesn't it?  Would probably be a big battery drain otherwise.
That might be true if the people who said "I could care less" said it with a sarcastic intonation, but I've never heard that,
I wish someone (Apple ideally, but anyone really) would make a keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo that worked like the play-and-charge Xbox and PS3 controllers, wireless with bluetooth, but as soon as you plug it in it goes into wired mode, even while it charges the built-in battery.     I'd quite like a keyboard and mouse I could go wireless with sometimes, but messing around with batteries is annoying, so stuck with wired the past few years.
I think you're being a bit picky.  If you read the review and feel like it went a bit over your head then I'm sure Autodesk have a product page for Sketchbook that you can investigate.
Oh do shut up TS.
Really?  The first line calls it a "feature-rich ... desktop drawing app" And the screenshots are pretty illustrative about what sort of thing it would be used for.
I know, I was being sarcastic.  Do you really think I'd be suggesting that patents should be grantable for "the general jist of an idea" ?
 Presumably the patent is for something specific about the implementation, not the general jist of the idea.
New Posts  All Forums: