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I don't see how album sales as a count are particularly important or relevant, overall revenue is what counts, and a widely available three month free streaming package that applies to most music will have a massive impact. It'll have a massive impact on your count of album sales too no doubt, so if you want to consider those your goalposts then let's leave them wherever you think they are. And stop inserting Spotify as an equal equivalent. Spotify Free has ads. Spotify...
I don't really see what any of that has with your OP.  Spotify's "free" service still pays content providers, and has the disadvantages of ads, and not much of a mobile proposition.  Music won't require a difficult sign up, it'll likely just appear on every iOS device and Mac come June 30th as an update, and use already existing iCloud info.  And Apple have a well-noted ability to galvanise an industry/service that others had difficulty breaking - mp3 players,...
Very good
That's not Lana Del Rey's twitter account.  It's probably some dungeon dwelling fanboy having a pop.   https://twitter.com/LanaDelRey
Good decision.   And yet still some people are reducing the tone to ad hominem attacks on Taylor Swift and her music, seeing a successful woman and calling her a whore.  Stay classy internet. 
Why not?  If someone is on the 3 month trial, what incentive do they have to buy the album?  After the 3 month trial is up and they decide to cancel the subscription, sure, they may then buy those albums that they liked, but during the free period?  Buying something that they have access to for free (barring edge cases of people with intermittent internet access for streaming) is not particularly rational behaviour.  Come 30th June, some 250 million (give or take, I don't...
^ That's a whole lot of entitlement that you've imagined a large group of people having.  Not wanting to provide your product for free is not the same as "expecting to make a living off of it".  Many musicians never hit the big time, but manage to do alright.
 That sounds like an engineering nightmare, but actually pretty neat as a solution for the hardware issue. Video calling on the watch though?  I don't see it happening.
^ That's a whole lot of assumption about human behaviour across millions of individuals and multiple continents.   If I subscribe to Music, I strongly doubt I'll be buying much more music from iTunes.  Do you really think that Spotify subscribers, while paying for streaming, are also paying for significant quantities of music the old fashioned way?  I don't.
How has he politicised it, in any untoward fashion? It happened, it's a tragedy, and as with all tragedies that happened you should be looking at why they happened and what you can do about not making them happen again. That isn't controversial, that's sensible. None of his words are partisan or inflammatory, unless you're partisanly predisposed to be inflamed by anything Obama says.
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