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"In the US" and "to a Native American" are rather different things.
Watching the movie What Dreams May Come (not a great film, but I like some of its artistry) will have a very weird mood after these events.
Afterlife is generally taken to mean a form of continued consciousness after death, not death itself. But I'm sure you're aware of that.Shameless trolling.
That's exactly what you said, you numbskull. Stop copying TS, he's the last person on this forum you should consider a papa bear.
 I always admit it when I find that I am at fault, and I'll apologise when I think it's required.  When have I ever failed to do that before? A specific example please, not a TS style "oh all the time, too many for me to possibly identify one"
A man now deceased claimed, while offering no examples, that he was proudest (i.e. he was being hyperbolic already) of things he'd said no to, and BF considers that proof that Apple created products in their labs that were unlike anything on earth, and didn't release them?   Wow.
Funny, given your churlishness and spreading of discord on this forum.  Not very Christian of you.   I don't actually believe you're a Christian at all, I think this has all been a troll on the forum.  I don't recall you ever mentioning religion before the past couple of days, and now it's in every post?
 I honestly don't know why we're even talking about patents in a thread about a lawsuit over executive misconduct, but what the hell.  Note that I'm onto the distraction you're attempting, but I'll go with it anyway... The owner not using a patent does not make the lawsuit frivolous.The defendant not infringing a patent doesn't make the lawsuit frivolous, unless if the plaintiff is aware of that and brings suits anyway.  But how many of those lawsuits are there? Where the...
To be fair to BF, he has offered solutions, albeit in the most obnoxious way imaginable.   1. 5GB is enough for anyone (even when the OP already stated that he'd bought extra storage) 2. Buy more storage (for every family member, presumably) 3. Use a Mac (quite a significant expense for just for storing photos)   Though since the question was about whether family sharing would allow aggregating of any purchased storage, god only knows why he was offering a hodge...
How do you give to a charity you haven't heard of? The ice buckets are raising awareness, which thereby encourages them to give to a charity and cause they may have been oblivious to previously.
New Posts  All Forums: