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 And the pronunciation of christmas suggests that... how? It is Christ's Mass, the mass to honour Christ.  Christmas is a derivation, just like many words and concepts in modern mainstream Christianity.   melgross is not incorrect.
I agree, I like the high end Windows Phones a lot, and even the mid-range ones seem pretty good.  Defiance!
 Good job too, if there's any chance it'd end up as mangled as that sentence.  "now never being unthronable" - what tense exactly is that supposed to be in? 
A bit surprised that the Windows Mobile graph shows more of a tendency toward cheaper devices than Android.  I haven't seen many Windows Phone devices in the wild but they've all been high end Lumias.
 What?  Did you totally imagine a different argument that didn't happen?
Quote: I may be in the minority, but I quite like that as an ad.  Cheeky and fun. Whether there's much truth in it is a different story, but good work on the ad.
What a disaster of a thread.
Yes.  It's an excellent app.
 Predictable as ever; I can certainly read that much.  It's not as if you use particularly big words. Maybe if you put a bit of effort into explaining how terrible and obviously flawed my "rebuttal" is (it wasn't really a rebuttal, but never mind about that), then someone might take you seriously? Probably not though.
Obviously.  And there's a clear lineage.  Angles -> English, Engla land -> England.   There's a clear lineage fHispania too -> Espania.  But we're talking in the 21st century, not the 5th.   But just as Engla land is gone so too is Hispania, so too are the Angles, so too are the Hispanics.  If you mean people of "Hispania", they are now called the Espanola, or Spanish.  If you mean something else, well then you certainly don't mean Hispanic.
New Posts  All Forums: