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The retina resolution will give options to display more on a smaller screen, if a user doesn't mind GUI elements being smaller. So while the physical screen space may be smaller, the pixel count is much greater, and the point* count can be greater if the user chooses, which affects the virtual screen space**.  * I think point is the correct term.** I think I made this one up, but hopefully you understand what I mean.
Ignoring the benefit of hindsight, was Cramer wrong when he said that the charts at the time indicated IBM as a better buy than Apple?  And if so, why did the charts give that indication when actual events didn't play out?   That'd be a much better bit of analysis than just remarking upon the path of the stock price.  I'm pretty sure Cramer wouldn't deny being wrong, it's why he was wrong that matters.
More than one.  And thanks for thanks for the correction (makes my prediction even more likely )
There will be an adaptor 
^ I predict that in three years this machine won't have one port.
^ pot meet kettle.
To be fair (as well as reassuring, hopefully) to the critics, the original 13" MacBook Air only had a single USB 2 port, mini-DVI (remember that?) as well as the headphone and MagSafe.  Current 13" MBA has the same MagSafe and headphone port, plus 2 x USB 3, an SDXC slot and Thunderbolt 2, not to mention the improved wireless.  Apple have a habit of scaling back then building back up and improving.  I'm pretty sure the new MacBook will have significantly more I/O...
"actual" job creation?
 Specialist website is specialist.  Shocker.  Pointing out a joke and highlighting how it is a joke really kills the mood.
That's hardly unusual.  Lots of companies won't let you past reception unless you're on a list.
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