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^ That's a whole lot of assumption about human behaviour across millions of individuals and multiple continents.   If I subscribe to Music, I strongly doubt I'll be buying much more music from iTunes.  Do you really think that Spotify subscribers, while paying for streaming, are also paying for significant quantities of music the old fashioned way?  I don't.
How has he politicised it, in any untoward fashion? It happened, it's a tragedy, and as with all tragedies that happened you should be looking at why they happened and what you can do about not making them happen again. That isn't controversial, that's sensible. None of his words are partisan or inflammatory, unless you're partisanly predisposed to be inflamed by anything Obama says.
You jest, but it is an intolerance.  We don't tolerate murderers, rapists or terrorists.  That's a good thing, for the extreme most part, and there is no contradiction in society punishing and/or rehabilitating people based on this intolerance, for the self-improvement of the society.  But when you start applying it to "traitors", especially when you don't have a particularly clear definition of what a traitor is, or how it applies to society, it's a problem. Are China and...
You could direct the exact same criticism at Apple, 3 months of paying royalties on a service will be worth it in the long run to establish the service that in the long run will benefit them.  Why is that the artists and labels are expected to give up to royalties to promote Apple's service, instead of Apple itself. I think Apple should pay a royalty for those three months. Dumb asses!
They don't.  That's not what I'm saying.  You're saying that execution is the punishment of treason and questioning how that is intolerant.  Because it's the freaking death penalty is why, the very epitome of intolerance - we are killing you for what you have done.  The fact that it is law is not much of a guiding principle to whether its tolerant or not since, as in the examples I gave, or indeed examples from the US's history, laws can often be highly...
Oh, so because it's an American law, it must be correct.  Gotcha.  It's a well known fact that American law hasn't changed since 1776.
Don't think you're sorry.
Castration is a punishment for gays.  How is that intolerant? Stoning is a punishment for adultery.  How is that intolerant? Beheading is a punishment for apostasy.  How is that intolerant?  Do you see the problem with your post?
No.  It'd be super annoying and strenuous.  Good demo, crap practice. If there was some way they could build a tactile feedback into a holographic interface with micro interaction then that might be something.
^ is he? Why? It's certainly true that there are no significant direct pay-for-search engines, and not a whole lot of direct pay-for-email consumer services.
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