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The war with all arabs?   The war with everything that isn't America?   What war exactly is Al Jazeera and/or the Qatari royal family so wrapped up in that you would sanction bombing their journalists?
When have Al Jazeera supported terrorists?  They're a news organisation, reporting news isn't support.  Besides which, the USA and a number of its peoples have definitely supported their fair share of terrorists too, so your broad strokes are just painting a whitewash over your prejudice.   Given that dictatorships are antithetical to most leftist politics you probably should be surprised.  Nevertheless, the quality of Al Jazeera's journalism speaks for itself, quite apart...
It has defined UI from day one.  Functionally, others were and have often been, at comparable, or even superior levels.
Do you also laugh when paediatricians get attacked by idiots who think they're child molesters?  Because that's the same level of link.   Bad, stupid, contemptible.  Wear it with pride.
Really?  I mean really?  Watch some Al Jazeera and then come back and tell me what the factual problems were.
 I find Al Jazeera to be an excellent news source, especially some of their feature pieces.  RT is also an interesting alternative angle.  I think many are too eager too dismiss different perspective as bias; they aren't necessarily the same thing.
I was pitching the end of Pax Britannica and the British hegemony at WW1, but if you want to extend it another 40 years that's fine with me.Aside, I think any nuclear nation with a seat on the security council and an internationally relevant economy and military presence can reasonably be called a "world power". Not "the" world power for sure, but that's a hard position to maintain when everyone's looking to take a chunk out of you. Just ask Apple.
The USA is not the whole New World. Look north.Plus, "you" were not in that war, and "your" country was not alone in that war, so it could hardly be said that "you" did anything like what you say.But as I said, no one in Britain really cares. Took more than that one little insurrection to break the hegemony; it took another 130 years.
Yes, I'd call inventing something with no plans to use or allow anyone else to use it spiteful, at least in the way it was suggested Apple might do with this invention. It's knowledge hoarding and rent seeking on existing products without developing or advancing anything. Bad enough for any company, but a technologist consumer electronics company? That'd be disgustingly self-serving behaviour. I'm not sure where theft comes into it, but if we are talking about...
1. We're not pissed. 2. You didn't.
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