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Since Apple were throwing advertising weight behind Siri, which elsewhere they labelled as a "beta" product, I think they were a little bit lucky here.
You could say that, but it would be wrong (not all Samsung phones are smartphones) and even if it were true it would be making a completely different point. The point this comparison makes has nothing to do with Android, or even that much to do with Apple and iOS. The article is about Microsoft, and how it's cash cow business, the desktop OS, is being overtaken by the mobile OS. Apple is just being used illustratively there, you could use Android instead if you wanted,...
Or take a photo of the wrist area without the watch, use that as the wallpaper, and you have a transparent watch!Whether or not any of these health technology rumours are true, they're very interesting, and offer some different flavour to the Apple-verse.
Definitely not AppleScript. L
Not unheard of, they added Coverflow everywhere, with seemingly little regard for how useful it is. And in physical attributes the razor handles on the metal Mac Pro. Arguably the glass back on the iPhone 4 was a "because they can" feature too, rather than something useful in itself.
I don't think he was being entirely s for serious. Re. Sapphire, if TouchID is rolled out across the next iPhone plus both sizes of iPad later this year then Apple are probably going to double their need for home buttons. They may be smaller than whole screens, but they need to come from somewhere too.
Not sure what this 8 and 12 inch stuff is about, is that the total size of the wafer? Why is 12 better, just because the wafer is bigger and yields more units? Doesn't seem like a big deal.
You could have just said you don't care for The Beatles prefer other artists, no one would have any issue with that. Once you started talking about musicianship and talent (as if either are absolutely quantifiable) you lost it. The Beatles were talented musicians, even if not in ways that you (or I) care about or appreciate.
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