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^ My feelings are not meaningless when they are an influence on my behaviour, which was the subject of the question.  Did you even read the question?  Understand what you are talking about please.     I never made the claim that you say I made, so now who's making stuff up.   For the record "paying your dues" isn't the same as "paying the minimum amount of taxes mandated by law".  Not by my intent, my opinion, nor by definition of terms.     Had enough of your...
^ IKEA, apparently.  /s
^ I suppose that's true, but it doesn't seem to justify the accusation that PayPal is (unusually) insecure.  iTunes stores credit card and bank information too.
^ I think Q2 seems like a much easier answer than Q1, there doesn't seem to be any need for the phone to be present for the Watch to make a payment, there is no need for a network connection to anything. Q1 though, would you even be able to set up Pay on an Watch using one of the older iPhones?  How would you get the card information onto it given that the older iPhones don't have the secure element on the NFC chip?  Would the phone just be used as a pass through to...
 You put your faith in a man that you believed was a man with a "lack of vision or action"? That doesn't seem particularly rational, given that you believed that same man was already responsible for a $150 billion loss of equity. What on earth caused this turnaround in faith?
^ Why would Skype be considered a core part of eBay?
What are you talking about?  The subject was whether I'd claim tax credits, and my response was that I wouldn't if I didn't feel it was legitimate.  Since my feelings are the arbiter of my actions they are very relevant.  Maybe you should read that exchange again, you don't seem to have read it properly.The second part was a direct run on from the first.  Learn to read a sentence in context.  Given that "tax abuse" isn't a formally defined term, I don't really have a clue...
You seem to have difficulty comprehending when a statement is one of opinion and one of fact.  Let me make some adjustments to clarify...   "I'd only claim them where I felt I had a legitimate claim" - legitimacy under the law is a contributor, but not of the utmost relevance to a feeling. "I don't call it legitimate at all, it's abusive" - opinion, not a statement of technical detail.     And yet again, you're being hostile and taking arguments to a pedantic level...
Yes, "a" question.  The question was "how is PayPal insecure?" which is a perfectly reasonable question.
The frick, dude?S/he asked a question, that's all. Why so much hostility?
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