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What affirmative action legislation applies to Apple in the U.S.?I'm not sure what "annoying as all get out" is supposed to mean, but thanks for the useful tip on wiping things that I already said I don't see. Alternatively, maybe you should try reading and understanding what I said more closely.
Hey, I just found this sweet legal loophole that enables me to make money hand over fist while my neighbour works his ass off and pays way more tax than I do. I guess I could put my resources in play by helping fix the breaks in the system, but where's the fun in that when I could exploit it for personal gain? I'm doing nothing wrong! Also I'm unfaithful towards my girlfriend, I'm a terrible father, a drunk, and I cheat at Words With Friends, but if it ain't illegal,...
Cue lots of rich people declaring minimal income and hiding behind shell corporations that provide their housing, upkeep and leisure.
How do you imagine that conversation would go? - Please stop having a lower tax rate than us.- No.
 Tax changes are extremely unlikely to be backdated in any country of consequence, so whether your U.S. corporate tax holiday happens or doesn't happen won't make a jot of difference.
^ well since all of Apple's diversity programme so far has been an internal affair then he's barking up the wrong tree.
^ profit shifting is a difficult avoidance to address, but transparency, with country-by-country reporting is a good start. General anti-avoidance rules are nice and fluffy but difficult to pass muster and problematic to implement/enforce. Unitary taxation will also help in the corporation's home country, but there isn't really an analogue for the foreign operations. Sales tax is the obvious solution, but it's a crude and non-progressive tool. This stuff is complicated,...
It's great how many people there are here who are experts on Australian tax policy and how to avoid loopholes. Who knew it was so easy? You guys could make a lot of money seeking your services to governments around the world.
Forced? By their management? Yes, management should have the power to "force", i.e. "manage", the businesses that they are in charge of however they see fit.
Isn't available from here either... https://support.apple.com/downloads/   Though weirdly there are a couple of versions of Boot Camp (5.1.5x) up there that are newer than the version I have installed (5.1.4).  Boot Camp does get updated via the App Store, right?
New Posts  All Forums: