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I don't think "a kill switch" is a particularly specific implementation, sounds very much like a minimum standard to me.
What makes you think this is controlled by the state?  The state are requiring it, but as far as I'm reading it's still very much at the control and discretion of the user?
Or, y'know, just giving.
 According to what law?
"Explicitly"?  Add another word to the list of words that you don't understand.   No.  I meant, and I said, that you were making a semantic point that had no real relevance to the argument being made, not that there wasn't any truth whatsoever in what you were saying.  If you think otherwise you are imagining I've written something I haven't.  Learn to read real words, not imaginary ones.   If someone interjects the special theory of relativity into a discussion about...
Repeating a lie three times over doesn't make it come true.  Stop it.  I never said, implied, or i any way suggested that, nor am I pretending anything.  That you're saying I doing either is a perfect example of a straw man, which apparently you hate.  Until you quit with the lying and posturing I'm not going to do a goddamn thing to service your diversions and distractions. Answer my question or shut up.
Admissible?  Are we in court?
And again, thanks for putting words into my mouth that I never even slightly implied.  If my "reading" problem is that I can't read the words that you don't write it seems that your reading problem is that you imagine I've written words that I haven't. Oh wait, no, both of those are your problem. Really?  Care to detail even a half dozen of them?
Great, if I'm developing an app.  But if I want to use the out of the box control that Apple provides to turn on the LED flash for alerts for Apple apps like Messages and Mail, can I control the brightness there?  I don't believe I can.
 Apologies for giving you the benefit of the doubt that you'd have a decent point, rather than just a pedantic language gripe. Though, since you brought up the subject, how many appreciably different implementations of "put camera behind speaker grill" do you think there are?
New Posts  All Forums: