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^ is he? Why? It's certainly true that there are no significant direct pay-for-search engines, and not a whole lot of direct pay-for-email consumer services.
Apple can investigate whatever they want, but I'll be very surprised if hover gestures ever take the place of tactility.
The what?  Where have you pulled this nugget from? No strawmen here.  Argue properly.
Company has no right to root through your personal belongings without due cause. And if they're going to make it a requirement of employment then they should pay for the time as part of your employed time - Supreme Court can do one; bad decision.Disappointing that Apple is doing this and not compensating employees. They may not have to under the law, but they still should.
It does?  Seems like an entirely pointless, unintuitive and reduced functionality change to me.  And as pointed out by others, it looks near exactly like Flip 3D from Windows Vista.
If a car manufacturer used to charge for the battery then stops charging, without making any other changes to pricing or product, then they have absorbed the cost of the battery from their own margin. That's additional value, and tantamount to free, from the perspective of the consumer.
 Shake to undo works for undeleting email on iPhone, possibly on iPad too?  Not exactly an ideal solution, waving around a 10" tablet, but if it'll save you losing emails...
Why does every activity have to be deeply engaged with?
So will they be launching iTunes Radio outside the US at the same time as Apple Music?
What satellites are you talking about?  The ones that gave you the chart that you cleverly tilted above?   So they came from woodfortrees.org, let's head over there....   Oh my word, look at that - http://woodfortrees.org/plot/  The default timeline for that chart is completely different to the one that you posted, and shows a clear upwards trend.  Even changing the data source to match what you set it as shows the same upwards trend if you take the data from the...
New Posts  All Forums: