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Oh, ok, left is right and up is down.
That's an absurd point to cloud in a graph with no written explanation. I refer you to my earlier point about visual aids and additional interpretation.
Pretty sure I remember reading that John D Rockefeller at his richest was worth 1% of all dollars in print. Might be urban myth.No particular point, just a (possibly) interesting (possible) fact.
I'm the fantasist yet you're the one conceiving of a full blown driverless car implementation with no extra conditions or changes to our road systems.Obviously that won't happen. But more machine-assisted driving or a partial driverless implementation in certain zoned "safe" areas could be on the cards (cruise control is already deployed as someone else mentioned).Handing control back to a driver in specific conditions, such as rural roads is a solution until the...
Spoken like a true believer.   I don't agree at all.  The road of pure competition and deregulation is a sad, squalid and painful road of ever expanding inequality, economic classism and deprivation, and multi-faceted abuse and pollution.  Not one I want to walk on, either as a rich or poor man.   What, exactly, is more severely broken about healthcare now than was before the PPACA?
I know they're just illustrative and Apple gets no benefit from making them good, but wow, those gamepad drawings are terrible.
Oh get off. All I'm saying is that the graph axis showed a misleadingly large drop. In reality the number of outstanding shares dropped by 5%. The graph implied much more by jerking around with the axis levels and there was no need for that.
???That's pretty much it. What is North America other than a continent? What is Asia?
They appear to be blocking BitCoin wallet apps, so yes they are.Hardly. The point becomes "is this what Apple is doing"? It doesn't immediately appear so, since Apple doesn't currently have a payments service, but the argument has become more of a theoretical one anyway. If Apple were to develop their own payments solution and also take steps to remove or hobble other payments services then that could viably be called an abuse of position.
Aggressive. I always vote and no one was whining.
New Posts  All Forums: