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This decade, next decade, who has the money to buy Apple to take it private unless the stock tanks? Apple is among the most valuable companies on the planet, no entity short of a state, or a coalition of either the other most valuable companies on the planet or the richest hedge funds, could possibly afford to take Apple private.
You call them lies but offer no contrary evidence. The NYP article had little supporting evidence either, and was little it did was culled from very narrow sources. The link provided, that you call lies, on the other hand, has a plethora of sources and supporting evidence.So your distaste doesn't seem to be swelling from the scientific method, but from an emotional reaction, which is poor science. If you claim to stand for science then walk the walk and address the...
I clicked on the link, but what the FBI say on an information page isn't the same as the law.  You can call it stealing, but to my knowledge that's not correct in the legal sense, in a similar way to how saying "she stole my heart" isn't, it's just a vernacular convenience.
 I don't think you understand what Crowley gets at all. Your use of the word stealing there, while sort of fine as a common sentence, does not conform to the legal definition of theft.  You cannot be charged with something as bland as "stealing a person's livelihood", and copyright infringement of intellectual property is not the same as theft of physical property.  That's why it is called copyright infringement, it is different. Crowley thinks copyright infringement is,...
Quite possibly/probably true.  Certainly a lot of those claims seem to flatly contradict scientific research published elsewhere that has a lot more credibility.
 I think you're responding to TS, not me.  He's claiming that the theft is of revenue.
Re. The hurricane claim, that seems so wildly out of whack with common knowledge that I wonder if there's a reason behind it. Does a hurricane making landfall have some particular technical definition that Katrina and Sandy don't fulfil for some reason? If that's the case then the claim seems somewhat disingenuous, even if it isn't a lie, since everyone knows how devastating Katrina and Sandy were, even without this "landfall" thing.
The revenue never existed. You can't lose something that doesn't exist.At most you could say the opportunity for revenue was stolen, but that's not really true either, since the downloaded could conceivably pay for the thing at a later date - some people use this argument to justify piracy on a trial and reward basis.
I don't think the argument here is that a crime wasn't committed, just that the crime wasn't theft, because theft has a particular definition that hasn't been met.  There are other crimes to cover the other situations that have been mentioned, copyright infringement, industrial/economic espionage, counterfeiting etc.   Lots of people getting hot under the collar over a definition.
There's a three finger drag option in System Preferences which works for some things, like windows and file icons.  Doesn't work for selected text though.
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