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So turn off TouchID for iTunes and App Stores purchases? That's just about the smallest issue imaginable, Apple already provide a solution for it in iOS.  Incidentally, wouldn't it be cool if different fingerprints could be linked to different authorisations?  I'd like that.
How does it benefit Obama exactly?
My 5S and iPad Air 2 beg to differ.Though there's an additional point there, no Pay on the new Touch. Annoying.
I was inarticulate, I meant pixel density.  The Touch, 4" iPhones, and the iPhone 6 all have the same PPI.
That's sad.  I'll try not to express my opinion on this opinion board if it'll make Apple VPs cry, or other posters get snippy.
 Yeah, what a putz Jimmy Carter was for trying to promote human rights in Iran.  It is of no consequence at all that Britain and Russia invaded a neutral country in WW2 and deposed its ruler to secure oil, nor that the US and Britain staged a coup in 1953 to overthrow a democratically elected government to secure oil.  Jimmy Carter was the sole cause for idiotically refusing to ignore a brutal repression of Iranian people by a despot.  Oil trumps human rights, right?
Yes.  And it does FaceTime Audio and Video out of the box as well.
No TouchId?  Deal breaker.
???  It's the same resolution as all retina iPhones bar the 6+
 I assumed you'd be able to do that yourself.  I gave you some facts, which you failed to provide when you made your assertions.   Leaving aside the nonsense hyperbole; nobody has any problem with electrocution from plug sockets?  No one?  Really?  Wall space is at such a premium?  Huge amounts of luggage space, are you kidding me?  And I have loads of power strips, and they're all perfectly reasonable.  My experience of US power strips is that I wouldn't touch them...
New Posts  All Forums: