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Isn't available from here either... https://support.apple.com/downloads/   Though weirdly there are a couple of versions of Boot Camp (5.1.5x) up there that are newer than the version I have installed (5.1.4).  Boot Camp does get updated via the App Store, right?
Has this arrived for everyone?  I'm still on 5.1.4, with no updates in the Mac App Store, on a 2014 MacBook Air.  Maybe it's rolling out very slowly across regions?   Only other thing I can think of that might make the difference is I'm on the public beta for new Yosemite patches.
How is it a head start if they started after?
Guess + (Assumption * Oversimplification) = airtight conclusion about what Apple should do.
^ I wasn't responding to you.
I hope that when plugged in via USB it functions as a wired keyboard/mouse/trackpad.  Sony have been doing this with their joypads since the PS3, and I'm sure they weren't the first.
Really good point.
Giving the consumer choice shows contempt for the consumer?
Nah, I just don't see the point in putting in effort to show some people what is right before their eyes.  Black and hispanic peoples have no barriers to entry into the professional workforce you say?  Pull the other one.  I know enough about you to know that there's nothing in it for me to justify putting in the time to prove such an obvious fact, since you're ideologically blind to reality. Disagree if you like, call me names if you like, I care not.
Topping up Oyster is not a pain, you can set up auto top up very easily, and the silo of Oyster brings with it security in itself.  And on the other side of the spectrum, credit cards are still accepted in a lot more places than Pay, and will be for a while yet.   Don't get me wrong, Pay is great, but let's not paint it as so much of a revolution.  It's a gradual step to something better.
New Posts  All Forums: