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Quote:Have you listened to a pair?  What are you basing this on?
Sorry, I was being facetious in my post, and that wasn't clear enough.  My intention was to state that I agree with you and most reasonable people would too, but there's little point in trying to interject reason and reality into these Samsung-bashathons and anti-Korea rants.
revenant you're missing the point, this is about emotional hysteria to Samsung, the Skeletor of consumer electronics.  Political and economic realities have no place here.
Lowlife?   For this?  I bet they sounds better than Beats, and if they cost less, well that's good competition.
Gartner seriously need to upgrade whatever junk they're using to generate charts.
I'm not talking about the supplier's margin, I'm talking about Apple's. And as mentioned, the semantics are not particularly important to the point.
It depends on how you view it.  The cost of paying the supplier at 90 days is greater than the cost of paying them at 15 days.  The cost of paying suppliers is a factor in the cost of the supply for the product, and thus will contribute towards margins. Not that it's particularly relevant to what I'm saying though, this is about the wider effect on industry and, from a PR perspective, it's about the impression that Apple are giving.
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