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Bullshit survey that doesn't take into account the cost of process re-engineering, staff re-training, and re-negotiation of support contracts yields bullshit results.
Also, Angela Ahrendts is American.
Don't see how this affects Apple in any substantive way.
Just what I always wanted, extra cases to go on top of my case.
Too big and sprawling.  Apple don't want that trouble.
I just noticed this, I wonder if Apple is reading this thread and trying to get the jump on the color conscious competition...   
The negative being a major incentive to not repatriate cash. Allowing selling debt to an offshore subsidiary without limitation or cost would be a pretty gaping hole in any revenue system, as there would be no need to formally repatriate cash in order to put it to work in your home country.
I'm sure the SEC must have rules prohibiting that.
So you can only advertise your unique selling points?  Well the iPhone 5C certainly wasn't the first colourful phone or smartphone, so where was your criticism of their incessant promotion of colour in the "for the colorful" advertising campaign?  Not unique, so tone deaf, right? There's no irony.  MicroNokia are advertising colour as a feature of their device, and a part of that will also be allegory towards being different with a different kind of phone from everyone...
New Posts  All Forums: