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Debatable, but I've clarified my position anyway.
Actually I'm not even sure why I added the "external" qualifier, Apple assign new model names whenever there's a change in internal or external design, with only slight exceptions for variances in antenna design and chips.
The 5S has TouchID and the two tone flash, so is not the same design or SKU. Sorry.
I never denied it was based on data you maniac, I just pointed out that there was only a single year of actual data compared to two of speculation. A single data point. I have no idea what contradiction you're seeing, or how this in any way makes me "two-faced". And my "speculation" (which I haven't really done, just expressed doubt) is based on data too. The data of the 5C being pattern breaking, and the data of new external designs having always earned new model...
Nah, Apple get antsy when executives from partner companies spill the beans publicly about known product announcements, but I doubt they're going to have an issue with low level employees maybe talking to a rumour site about a possible release date. Certainly not to the degree where they'd cut out a major carrier.
What? It's one year of data, and an extrapolation of two further years that is speculative. No ambiguity, even TS couldn't claim otherwise. No idea what the "faces" comment is referring to. Try actually addressing the point instead of vaguely insulting me.
Looks pretty tranquil to me.
I haven't made any vapid guesses. Doubting an assertion is not making a vapid guess. And one year is not "solid data", it's one data point. TS's chart claims to show a pattern when the simple inclusion of the previous year's data would show that the 5C broke that pattern. So it's misleading, and rather disingenuous to claim that this is "solid data". The rumours are merely another point of doubt.
TS's chart includes 1 year of actual data and two years of speculation. If 2012 was included then the chart would show that the 5C was a pattern-breaking product.So no, it is not concretely based on Apple strategy, and his confidence, to the extent of calling others "insane", is as usual, hubristic.Apple could easily do otherwise, and the repeated rumours of multiple sizes suggest that something else may be on the cards.
 What he's talking about isn't what you were talking about either.  You claimed it was a rumour that hasn't been repeated anywhere else.  My counter is that while the specific use of the 6C name may not have shown up elsewhere, the rumour of two models has.  Because you whine very loudly about unimportant things and annoy me, obviously.
New Posts  All Forums: