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 Given that many other countries also use the Biritsh standard, I hardly think they're all laughing.  Also, how does a switched outlet betray engineering ineptness, a lack of common sense, or ridiculousness?  It's a switch.  And how has engineering competence and common sense changed so significantly between the 1940s and 2015 to go from fantastic to ridiculous?  Finally, just some stats I found:51,000 fires in the USA per year caused by electrical fault, and 490...
Whoever created the second advert sure has a thing for videos captured over multiple iPhones.  That use case occupies approximately 0% of my usage of an iPhone, and I'd wager a similar amount for most people.  So flashy, but rather lacking in substance.
Pretty sure I don't
If black on black crime does not contravene Obamas point, then why do you consider it to be so critical that he makes a point of it? I didn't set up a straw man, since it was a self immolating, obvious point that you clearly weren't making. The simple fact is that your complaint about Obama here doesn't serve any purpose other than being a complaint about Obama. There's no contradiction, and no hypocrisy, just you, complaining and trying to distract one issue with...
The ridiculousness of limiting it to 4x4 when there's clearly the space for so much more is only beaten by the ridiculousness of them sticking with 3x3 for so long.
Politician has beliefs and tries to affect change in accordance with those beliefs.  Shocker. Not going into the rest since you're just repeating yourself.
Even if those are the only two options, which isn't true, it hardly makes the EU "finished".
iOS 8.0.1
I never said you were an elected official.  You quoted my post.  Understand the context of the quote before you act to push your own agenda. As a side note, do you think highlighting "black on black"  crime would be an argument against gun control?  Of course it wouldn't.  Obama is selective about the issues he highlights because he knows what will galvanise audiences, not because one is innately worth more than another.  That's how politics works, and Obama is far from...
Greece itself isn't the issue, it's the impact a Greek exit has on the wider EU that will affect stock prices and Apples prospects.
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