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Yes yes, we're all star dust. How very profound. #TeamJacob.
Anyone complaining about anything being unnatural should go and live in a tree and stop bothering the rest of humanity with bogus arguments.
Oh do stop your repetitive bleating of obvious falsehoods. 
The fact that the parents are required to give consent for a decision that will define the child's entire life makes that something of a nonsense if you ask me.  And again, that is a nonsense that largely comes from the traditions of religion and arranged marriages, and presupposing the sin and shame of an unmarried child.
^ Children cannot give consent to an adult contract. That's why we call them minors. You should have heard of something called the age of consent. Clue is in the wording.
Shotgun weddings in their original form were mostly held because of the shame in children from unmarried parents, which is a hangover from a religious interpretation of marriage and the roles of women. I don't think it really applies all that much to the modern secular world.
You seem to have confused atheism with nihilism. Atheism is not an ethical philosophy, it's an existential belief, based on science.  You should probably look into that. Also, the slippery slope argument to bestial marriage is a complete dud, and you should know that.  Marriage (and many other things) for liberal people depends on consent.  An animal cannot consent to a marriage, so it will never happen.
Of all the hideously offensive things you've said, this may be the worst.  Congratulations. If this doesn't earn you a ban nothing will, and this forum is beyond help.
No.  There are overlaps between not-for-profit businesses and charities, but they are not the same thing.  All charities are not-for-profit organisations, but not all not-for-profit organisations are charities. Take a look here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501(c)_organization.  Many of these types are indistinguishable from any other type of for-profit business, apart from the use of their surplus. Also, since you mention it, while some of their funding may be...
I hear you, but digital oscilloscopes and streaming large amount of data via cable aren't exactly mass market features. If you're putting fast I/O on an iOS device then I can't see the primary intended use of such I/O being anything other than high speed sync and file movement.I may be wrong, and since this is supposed to be the iPad Pro, maybe the narrower appeal is ok, but still, not entirely convincing.
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