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It's a known fact that Apple only have one developer, who is incapable of multitasking.
Care enough to post, dontcha? I wonder what race those calling bullshit are.  I imagine it's going to be quite consistent.
Thanks heavens all of the iOS emoji are yellow! Oh...
Because that's the way the system works. You pay corporation tax where your corporation is incorporated.If you want country-by-country reporting then that's all well and good, but it's a big difference from the current system, and big corporations tend to be opposed to it.
What evidence of real product development would you expect?  What further emails would you expect for a preorder?   Brydge have shipped products in the past, they aren't a scam, and their stated release date in their updates has always been October, and recently was clarified to 24th October.  They've also seen high demand that has pushed shipping estimates for new orders to 4-6 weeks, so don't be too surprised to see your order backed up, unless you were one of the very...
Pro Tip:  Let other people describe you as gracious, don't do it yourself, or you'll seem like an ass.
Very true, how embarrassing.  You have my apologies.   Like I said, we all do it. (There, that's how it's done)
  Oh heaven's above, you're ridiculous! It's a point of grammar, not comprehension.  I understood the sentence, and most probably would, but it's still a clumsy contraction.   Not the end of the world, we all do it, but a bit of a faux pas when you're making a point about grammar.  "Degrading" isn't a particularly good word to use in that context either, but you weren't being prissy about semantics.
Way for both of you to miss the point.     The contraction, while not an uncommon or incorrect usage, created a lack of clarity in the sentence and therefore was grammatically poor.   So get off the high horse.
Ok, I'll take your word for that, as I'm not going to go through all that again just to check that an option is there.
New Posts  All Forums: