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Topping up Oyster is not a pain, you can set up auto top up very easily, and the silo of Oyster brings with it security in itself.  And on the other side of the spectrum, credit cards are still accepted in a lot more places than Pay, and will be for a while yet.   Don't get me wrong, Pay is great, but let's not paint it as so much of a revolution.  It's a gradual step to something better.
Not great diagrams given that the images of the watch show lots of the icons outside of your "usable area".  I think the design (what little is shown) looks decent, and not very much like Watch at all.  I actually think the rotary-style interface would work really well on a watch for navigation, in a similar way to the iPod wheel. 
Yeah, whatevs dude.  Stick your fingers in your ears against the voices of millions.  There's really no need for me to prove the self-evident. 
This is such a pile of horseshit.  Apple doesn't hand out jobs to bums, every beneficiary of a scholarship or an assisted programme has to overcome huge barriers and qualifications.   The idea that "they didn't earn it" is nonsense when the system is totally skewed towards the white, resource rich, and privileged, who have supposed "merit". And again, "competence" takes many forms.  Diversity (without the patronising parentheses) itself may form a part of competence if it...
 Since you can avoid tickets altogether and just use contactless cards (Oyster, or debit/credit), and have been able to for quite a while, this isn't such a huge step.  Nice though.
Jim Crow wasn't a person either. I'm sure you get the point though.
Really doesn't answer my question, no matter how much you roll your eyes. Like it or not, that is how Code2040 operates, and no one is going to bring suit against them. Just ain't going to happen bucko.
Who is going to make this "good legal case" against a charity that works to improve the life chances of underprivileged kids? That's a brave lawyer who's going to open themselves up to that kind of fire when there's next to no money to made from it.
And according to Apple's diversity policy, for these particular internships, black and Latino people are the best for the job. Filling a position is about more than being a code or design whizz, it means meeting a number of criteria dictated by policy.And since Code2040 is the source, these kids definitely won't be incompetent, which was the implication I was responding to. "Incompetent", not "not the best", specifically "incompetent".
"the best black and Latino computer science students in the U.S." They won't be incompetent.  Unless you're assuming that all black and Latino people are incompetent.
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