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 Nor do recruitment agents.  And setting up a job fairs, or visiting universities is an investment too.  Apple really don't lose here, they get access to skilled students, they put very little skin in the game, as it's just 10 people for 3 months on low pay, they make the right publicity moves for encouraging diversity, and they build a relationship with a charitable organisation (always good for PR) that ensures they can do the same year after year if they want, with no...
  Looks to me that Apple just found themselves a shortcut to a pool of the most qualified students.  Hiring can be a pain in the ass, if Code2040 can help Apple out with some low cost, low commitment interns, all the better for Apple.  That they're black and latino, well that's pretty good for diversity as well, but you can consider that a secondary benefit.
WAAAAH WAAAAH WAAAAH   So predictable.
Inconsequential, probably. Invalid, here, on the Internet? No more than yours buddy.Mature response btw.
Freedom to be slimy.  Hold on to that.
Wow, those people, what a parade of assholes Actually, scrap all previous objections, I'm wholly in favour of such an obvious declaration of moronhood. Makes it very clear that these are people I do not want to know.
Your ability to formulate a hypothetical question doesn't give you the right to steer the course of a debate.  I could give you a hypothetical question about whether you'd prefer to see guns banned or child rape legalised, but it'd be a shitty question and you'd have every right to object. The hypotheticalness of your question is a problem, the real world isn't hypothetical.You'd trust to "generally" would you?  I wouldn't.  They don't have to miss by a mile, just an inch,...
 If by "moderate level of crime" you mean that there's a significant likelihood of someone with a gun entering and shooting up the place, then I'd find another area of town, or more probably a different town in a different country. But, to more specifically deal with your point, I think your second option brings in a whole new level of liability.  I don't know if your concealed carriers are good shots, or overly quick on the trigger.  If something bad kicks off and you...
You've got it backwards; all you've done so far is opine that the EU needs to collapse and the founders were psychopaths. That's not a point, it's just a rant.My counterpoint was that the EU has brought peace and stability to its member nations that has lasted half a century, which given the history (as you yourself claim, pre-EU Western Europe rarely lasts a few decades without breaking down into war) is remarkable. Avoidance of war, which was one of the core founding...
 Hate to be a pedant (I don't really), but compression doesn't have to be lossy.
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