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Yes we were.  You responded to me, and that was what I was talking about.  If you thought we were talking about something different, well that explains the disagreement.  Maybe you should read more carefully?   Go see for yourself, read what you quoted: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181485/apple-denies-installing-ios-backdoor-services-for-government-agencies#post_2567611
Your little hidden messages are cute, but I think we're done here.  You've clearly done some special course in reading that enables you to see things that I just can't see.  I bow to your specialness publicly.  Privately...  I think you probably know, you're special that way.
Sorry bro, you need to re-read the exchange, we were talking about accusations of being a paid shill.  I see none of that here, and as I said before, it invariably goes in the direction of those who are being critical (or sometimes just non-effusive) about Apple.
Oh I see, so you've imagined some extrapolations and future concern, and then blamed the person that you imagined saying something.  And it's ok to call them a concern troll because everyone else here is completely cognisant and in tune with your imagination.  I was at fault for not synchronising myself with your flights of fancy, which stems from me not being able to read the hidden depths and insight of your sixth sense posting.  It all becomes clear.  Gotcha.
I'm happy with that.   Now excuse me, I have to go and throw some poo.
No one has any clue what point you're trying to make any more. What idiots are lying?What lies are they telling?What device is unusable?Why is it unusable? If you're not talking about Lorin and I, the "fits in my pockets fine" claim, >5" screen phones, and one-handed use.... well I have no idea what you're talking about.  You've flip flopped all over the place.
I don't have proof and I doubt he does.  I don't even believe that what he said is true.  But making an assumption/claim doesn't equate to being a concern troll.  Do you even know what a concern troll is? Patent nonsense.  Never happened, not even once.  Point to a single instance where I have refused to read a post. You're a liar.
Well if one handed use is not the only use of smartphones, then how is the supposed 4.7 or 5.5 or whatever larger size Phone going to be unusable?   What on earth are you talking about?
Capitalising things doesn't make them more valid or true.  You used the label of concern troll to describe a post that was notably lacking in any concern.  I can read just fine, and from my point of view that seems ridiculous.   If that's not what you meant (I really do try and give you the benefit of the doubt, but you make it so goddamn hard with your constant hostility) then, as ever, a little clarification would be welcome.  If you were a little less snippy and...
If you say that something is "unusable" when you mean "unusable with one hand" then that's exactly what you're implying.
New Posts  All Forums: