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  I didn't make that argument, but I disagree with you.  Fairness is the supposed bedrock of our society, so taxation should be based on a fair share principle.  Specifics are obviously debateable. But whichever way you look at, what Apple pays in corporation tax in many countries is not a fair share.  0% or close to 0% is not anything approaching a fair share.
 Is a man beating his wife in a country with lax domestic violence laws not abusing her?
You win the prize! There should be some kind of alarm bell that rings whenever anyone uses this spurious argument anywhere, about anything.
Unlike Apple to palm off infrastructure to a third party.  I'd expect them to want to be in control of the end-to-end service.
Wonderful how the response to this issue when it was first raised was "don't blame Apple, change the tax code."   Tax code gets changed and the frothing at the mouth begins that Apple might have to start paying up after decades of tax abuse.
How is corporation tax of 25% insanity?  It's about the going rate for Western economies.  Domestic companies in the UK pay 20%, so all Apple needs to do is stop trying to pull a fast one and declare it in the proper jurisdiction, not some crummy tax haven. Few of the companies engaged in this sort of behaviour are in any likelihood of going out of business, and those that are, good riddance, other businesses will replace them.  The businesses that aren't doing it are more...
Where do you get off telling other people how they should do their shopping?  If other people want to invest in a few aids for those supplies that are both important, yet forgettable, that's entirely up to them. Lots of snobbery going on here.  "Lazy" a few times, even "irresponsible".  Get out of town, it's none of these things.  Everyone has forgotten to buy more laundry detergent once when they need it, it happens, and this offers a handy hedge.
^ The word "disaster" is being used a lot more liberally these days....
New Posts  All Forums: