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I don't think there's any particular evidence for that.  Turn on the news.
I think mine was perfectly meaningful, but fine, have it your way - people are prevented from driving more cars than other people by the laws of physics.  You cannot physically drive more than one car at once. How on earth you think that is more meaningful or proves your point I have no idea.  You must mean something else, but you'll have to spell it out I'm afraid.
I was talking generally, not specifically about the iPhone.  Though even then, the iPhone should be held to a reasonable durability standard for sale.  I think it's a pretty foregone conclusion that it would meet any reasonable standard, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be held to a standard, irrespective of how many review sites are out there.  The reviews and the discussion boards are part of the arbitration of what a reasonable standard is. In the hypothetical: the...
Not a word of sasrcasm. Recalibrate your sensors. Screw 'em?  The world?  That's the rational approach?  I will not pretend anything, nor will I surreptitiously use hidden text to put words in someone's mouth."something best for you" is subjective.  It can be safely assumed that the people buying Beats over aurally superior price comparable headphones aren't highly motivated by the sound.  So what is best for them?  The respect and admiration of their peers probably...
Just because it contradicts your view doesn't mean the analogy doesn't work.     But broadly, I agree; car analogies rarely work.  Analogies in general aren't great for any close inspection.
Sure, as long it is offered at or above the minimum acceptable offering, in line with reasonable consumer expectations.   Consumers can't be expected to be omniscient about the quality of a product that they haven't bought.
Nonsense.  Your style affects how the world sees, judges and treats you.  Taking that into consideration when you make a purchase is in no way irrational.  Wanting to be seen as cool by your peers is in no way irrational.
In some ways they are, if you consider what you mean by "more". You can't drive a vehicle that is wide enough to occupy more than one lane without some very special circumstances.You need a different kind of license and insurance if you are driving an especially large and/or heavy vehicle. The price of petrol/gas means that the more you drive the more you pay, and there are usually additional taxes on petrol increasing that variable cost.Insurance rates may penalise you...
It's my understanding that all these unlimited plans are grandfathered plans that are well outside of the period where a new phone is being paid off.  I don't believe Verizon offer an Unlimited plan any more. And since no one is locked in, the slippery slope falls over.  Verizon can't force their customers to tolerate a breach of contract, the customer can at the very least change their contract, or leave Verizon if they want.
How are Verizon not allowing the customer to break free of the contract?  Surely all of these people are on contracts from years ago and Verizon would be more than happy to transfer them to a newer contract?   Your slippery slope is a bit silly, since Verizon doing that would lead to them being slaughtered by the competition.
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