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Doesn't work for me.  Siri acknowledges the request, but no music plays.  Bit disappointing.
That's a complete distortion of what I said.  You haven't understood anything.
Again, you're putting words in my mouth.   I precisely explained that I was using the spellings as a textual device to signify the different meanings.  The difference in meanings is crucial to the point, but you still aren't getting that.  I'm not capable of explaining it any more clearly than I already have.   You aren't getting it, and for that reason there's nothing more to be said.
"Wig" was actually an autocorrect faux-pas, I meant "wigga ". Other than that, I've stated my case and you've responded by putting a whole bunch of words in my mouth, made some sizeable assumptions, and not really taken on board my counterpoints or the context I've laid out. As I said, I don't really care all that much about this, so I'll leave it at that, as you seem to be itching for a fight again. No thanks.
I agree with you, but I don't think this is a case of that.
Err... I'm doing that mainly to be cute, but if it bothers you that much I'll stop. Yes, it's ok.  White people pretending to be part of black culture are not an oppressed minority.  The black culture that we're talking about does exist, and the white people making out that they're gangsta do exist.  The W word, sorry... "wigger" (not a word I actually use or care about), isn't actually all that derogatory, certainly not on the level that the N word... sorry, "nigger" is;...
  Well played sir.
I... entirely agree with this (well, the second part anyway).  If this is all you've been getting at then I genuinely have no idea why you've been cussing and insulting people all over the place.  No one has really said anything different.
 I confess I don't really understand the question.  The w word is not especially taboo, in my experience, though it is certainly meant in a derogatory sense.  But not every derogatory word is taboo, for example, "idiot", like you keep calling people.  Since the W word is very directly and unambiguously a play on the latter meaning of the word, and is a distinctly different word, there is no really problem with either white or black people using it.  The derogatory nature...
^ Why are you bringing up these irrelevant examples of racist behaviour?  Yes, they're racist, and they don't involve the n word.  So what?  No one is claiming that the n word is the source of all racism.
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