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Any particular reason?  I find OneDrive to be a very good service, fast, easy to use, well integrated, and plenty of storage.
I don't think I've moved any goalposts or used any diversions or straw man arguments, but you seem quite wound up about it, so I'll let it lie.
They're certainly not as popular as they were, but what about them lacks credibility?
OneNote is good software, I use it pretty much every day on Windows and Mac and am very happy with it.  Don't let old rivalries influence you into making petty decisions.
You can play Half Life 2 on a Shield?  I thought it was Android based?   That's a great story Relic, hang in there, the world needs more of you!
Totally agree with you, and think this dancing on a pre-prepared grave of a competitor is really weird.  Well done Apple and all, but I don't want Blackberry to vanish, they're a decent competitor to Apple, they haven't ripped anyone off or done anything untoward, unless you count completely predictable and understandable comments from the CEOs praising their own platform (and if you do, you don't get how it works). I'm in the camp hoping Blackberry will bounce back; I...
Thanks for raising the tone.  I'm not really sure how inexecrable can apply to a person, or what senseless-obstinate means when conjoined like that*, but I'll take potato finger as a compliment, since I love chips.  * obstinate about senselessness? That doesn't sound too bad
You're right, sorry, I had a mind-bork and did the exchange calculation the wrong way.
You brought up declaring bankruptcy to get out of a contract, so I don't really see how you can say I constructed a straw man out of it.  I've been trying to understand how you deal with debt over there, and I'm still only a little way there, it just sounds so alien.  Your implication throughout seems to have been that the contract with the carrier doesn't count for anything, and the only thing tying a customer to the carrier is the phone being locked.  I find that totally...
Given the recent changes in the exchange rate the impact of a revisit would likely be in the opposite direction to what you want.
New Posts  All Forums: