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Freaking hell. Any insight into what kind of battery drain that would have?
We did this the other day when I used some rough figures to show that Apple can cover all operating costs and most if not all infrastructure investments, acquisitions and hires from cash flow. If you have some additional information about why Apple might need $150m in banked cash, please feel free to share. You didn't the other day.
Why are you implicitly suggesting that there's a binary choice between a stock buy back and value creation and sound operations? The post of mine that you quoted was pretty clear in saying these with Apple's current wealth their financial management can mostly (bar what they need for cash flow and security) be considered a wholly different matter than their core business if they don't need the cash to operate (they don't) then they should do something else with it. I've...
Someone with an opinion, who are you?Where is the evidence that Apple needs such a bulging bank account when it's very clear that they've put it to no effective use for the past few years? Gathering a few measly percent interest in a security is not a good use, the opportunity cost is massive - if they'd bought back more in the mid-$400s they'd have made double digits by now. That's mathematics.
In the South the whole of the North is seen as chavvy ;-)
Weird how the Street view Apple as a zero growth company but views a deal with Apple as a growth opportunity for its suppliers.
That opinion is a few years out of date, Burberry have massively scaled back use the use of their tan check and are now seen as a revitalised brand. They make some very nice stuff.
The matter of what Apple does with its cash hoard has very little to do with the company, its products, or its customers, whichever side you agree with. This is about corporate finance and maximising return to shareholders, not Macs and iDevices. Apple do not need such a large cash pile, that is apparent; the only argument is what the best use for it is.
Texts sent over wi-fi? How does that work?
Nu-uhShould be "peoples' grammar"Top satires.
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