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Pretty sure they "held back" from that so that the device wouldn't cost $300+.
  Nice burn there.  DED's over sensitivity and defensiveness is straying into posts where he isn't even being criticised.   Though ftr, I wasn't saying I'd get another Siri Remote for multiplayer gaming, just wondering why there's the limitation.  Plus, if games are going to be built for the Siri Remote, they might actually be better using it than using the SteelSeries controller, or using an iOS device.  Options are never unwelcome.
I wonder why only one Siri remote can be connected at a time.  Doesn't seem like it would be a technical limitation, but I can't see a compelling reason for Apple to choose to do it.
I read on another site that Apple had an active hand in designing the Nimbus.  Looks like it's the one to beat.
I'm sure we do, but (again) I fail to see how this redundant legal talk has anything to do with the Apple TV and thrang's set up.  Or your claim that someone who rips media for their own personal use is a believer in anarchy, which was weird.
Precisely, so why are people talking about anarchy and illegality as if it's a major issue for thrang to put all of his digital media on a server? It 's a niche use case for sure, focus on that, not legal nonsense.
Was chip speed really the issue with AirPlay?
Has an individual ever been charged with unlawful decryption of copyrighted works when the purpose has been entirely personal use? Of course they haven't. Hardly anarchy.
iCloud Keychain?
Huh? I was quoting you, hence the quotations marks. Not sure what you're so sensitive about.So not allowing them anything then, just presuming innocence and honesty, as is the normal rule of law, and not treating people who vote without eligibility as criminals without due cause.How exactly is this treason?How exactly is this even a problem, given that individual voter fraud has never been shown to be an issue of any significance?
New Posts  All Forums: