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I know I'm just joshing on the relative unimportance of soccer in the US compared to everywhere else.
Incorrect. Siri doesn't accept a text query, nor does she have any third party API, beyond "open AppleInsider app".
Blackberry had pretty big cash reserves iirc. Though surely they're dwindling now after what seems like years of losses. Shame, I was rooting for them to pull through and thought BB10 looked interesting. Still do, but hopes of it happening are falling every day.
Nah, in other countries they're just "moms". "Soccer" aka football is for everyone.
Where exactly will Microsoft make money, is it from advertising linked to Bing search? Or are they just going for market share for now? I suppose the Nokia division might help pick up some $, but if that shuts out other OEMs it could end up damaging both of those income streams.
Looks really nice, and I like that Cortana has a text entry option via keyboard (I.e. Isn't voice only) which I've complained about with Siri since day one. If I wasn't so invested in iOS I think a Lumia with WP would be my phone of choice, to my eyes the OS has a coherence that is superior to iOS's current offering.
I expect the next iPhone unibody chassis to be milled from a single block of oleophobic sapphire. Anything else would be a disappointment.
Benjamin Frost is going to become notorious if he continues posting effectively the same thing 6 times over ;-P P.S. I think he's making a joke about a couple of world wars.
Actually I inadvertently told an untruth through ignorance, Flixster does provide a link to the corresponding iTunes page, I've just never used it or noticed it before.
No, iTunes does. Why would you search on Flixster to find a movie released for download in iTunes?
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