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I can't think of many socialists who are pushing for a state religion.
You thought IBM wouldn't make software for anyone else? You realise what IBM do, right?
HoloLens is Geordie LaForge's visor.
^ Would you do that via geofence, or via some identification with the store during the actual payment?   Sounds like a reasonable idea, but it also sounds like it could be complex to administer, and I'm not sure how wide the use case is.  I tend to use a single credit card for everything.   I'd quite like for Pay to make it to the web, and to the Mac via Continuity with iPhone - i.e. when in range, you can use TouchID to authorise via a secure wi-fi bluetooth or...
 With the iPhone steadily evolving into a tricorder don't knock the Nostradamus effect of Star Trek! :D
No.  Changing the card to pay with may be a little bit fiddly (though difficult to see how it could be made much easier than two clicks and scroll), but you don't need to do that to pay.  Just wave the Watch in front of the terminal and you'll pay with your default card.   It's actually a simpler process than the iPhone, where you have to use TouchID.  The iPhone also has a method for changing cards via Passbook, which is no simpler than the Watch, and there is no two...
Again, Radio?
Blur?  Sure about that?
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