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Strongly doubt that.  Do you have an example of any such lawsuit being filed against any company for this reason?
I wonder if the Beats Wireless will move to Lightning for charging.
Christian Bale has made his fair share of flops, and shown far worse judgement when it comes to picking his roles.  Terminator: Salvation?
You can modify subscription and download settings for individual podcasts, so i'd suggest checking those out, they may have been mistakenly modified.     If everything is correct, then toggle it off and on, to refresh it.
Obviously, since England has neither a constitution, or a government. Why did you think I would think we would be?  Are you seriously suggesting that the sole purpose for the constitutional government of the USA is to protect the few from the many?
 It's supposed to do both, and more besides.
An excellent argument for social regulation!
Has the Apple News format been released yet? Until then Apple News isn't much more than an RSS reader.
Or people could grow a pair (of ovaries, balls being such fragile things) and do the exact opposite, realizing that the individual interest of law taxes pales in comparison to the societal benefits of good administration and regulation. Demand better government, not smaller government.Gravity can't be governed. People can.
Don't then, no one is making you.Never understand these pointless questions posed by people who have no interest in a product. If you don't mind ads then of course a subscription to remove ads will be of limited interest. Some other people don't like ads and are willing to pay to avoid them.
New Posts  All Forums: