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No TouchId?  Deal breaker.
???  It's the same resolution as all retina iPhones bar the 6+
 I assumed you'd be able to do that yourself.  I gave you some facts, which you failed to provide when you made your assertions.   Leaving aside the nonsense hyperbole; nobody has any problem with electrocution from plug sockets?  No one?  Really?  Wall space is at such a premium?  Huge amounts of luggage space, are you kidding me?  And I have loads of power strips, and they're all perfectly reasonable.  My experience of US power strips is that I wouldn't touch them...
^ Their most affluent customers will not be using Apple Pay.  Doubtful their most affluent customers ever have to pay for anything at a register.
Hardly the most controversial thing HSBC has done...
Cool.  Look forward to using it when I upgrade my 5S later this year.
High stakes global negotiations would probably be well served by a bit more nudity.
I'd take universal health care over a couple of moon rocks any day of the week. But hey, you throw away your billions any way you want.
^ Also, weren't they mainly just protests, with a handful of escalation incidents, all within Quebec?  Hardly "widespread inner-city riots".
How about the IMF being accountable for the austerity conditions they placed on the original Greek loan, which plunged the Greek economy into an even deeper recession, and made the loan "impossible" (the IMF's own choice of words) to pay back?   Why is it only the foolish indebted that should be held accountable, not the foolish creditors?
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