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Edit: deleted, since the point had already been made (but hasn't loaded in my browser)
I have a hard time believing that. Insider traders can hawk their information but there's no impropriety until someone uses it? Any release of information to anyone is ok until some scallywag uses it for personal gain?If that's truly the case then that's stupid. I doubt it's the case.
I don't think whether he did or didn't act on it is the point. Did Tim Cook have a reasonable expectation that Cramer wouldn't act on it, and was it an appropriate thing to do in the circumstance. If no, then SEC.
Since when? Apple give lots of interviews and scoops to individual media outlets. Phil Schiller getting on stage with John Gruber for example.
Please don't be another "Eddy Cue is uncool" comedy skit.
^ No, tax avoidance is usually not illegal and is exactly what Apple is doing. Tax evasion is illegal. Apple do not appear to be doing this.
Or maybe this is sog's budget phone. But not a PeachPhone, a StarFruitPhone!
Can imagine the news stories "man survives in desert for seven days by sucking on iPhone exhaust"
 You didn't mention anything about it going up in your previous post, I'm just responding to the rubbish you're making up here.  So now the fact that there's fluctuations prove that there's manipulation going on? You do realise that the stock market goes up and down?  That's kind of it's thing.  It's what it does. Check back in when you have something resembling actual evidence.  I won't hold my breath.  
Eventually the market will close?  No shit sherlock, it closes every day.  What kind of insight is that?   The fact that the market is down is supposed to prove that there's manipulation going on?  You're the delusional one if you think this constitutes any form of evidence or proof.  It's down for a multitude of reasons, and has been teetering on the edge of a burst for a while now.
New Posts  All Forums: