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No, because there is a higher law. If in the USA you follow state law, but in the process break federal law, you don't get to plead that you were within the law because of the former.  It doesn't work that way. Arguably the companies in question may have a case for filing suit against the host countries for misleading them about legality, but that's pretty tenuous.
Well you're wrong.  1Password has not always been redundant, not by a long shot. For a long time it was far more secure and functional than the standard OS X keychain, and it offered a way to sync password information long before iCloud solution.  And even now it is more secure (this current news item notwithstanding), accessible, and flexible than the iCloud solution.  Have no idea what you're talking about with the taste comment, have you seen Apple's Keychain Access...
Ah screw it, I'm just going to stick you on ignore, your factoids and guesstimates are too annoying.
They don't. There aren't. There is. It wouldn't. There, I've given exactly as much insight and logical reasoning as you have.  Insisting something is true doesn't make it true.  And your plan of setting up a trust is a logistical nonsense.  Apple cannot just "set up a trust" that includes international shareholders across institutions, individuals and other entities.  Even if they had the mechanism to do such a thing, Apple's executive team facilitating such an action...
Wow, what are you really angry about?
It's going to be a long journey for Apple to reach where Google is.  Apple Maps metro transit is great, in those few cities where it is, but I like to leave the city every once in a while too... 
As if you don't get the exact same behaviour amongst the sleazy element of every country on Earth.  China has over a billion people in it, of course there's some sleaze balls, and there's quite possibly more than in most other countries because of that larger population.  Proportionally though?  I doubt its significantly different from anywhere else, including the USA, which is a long way from being crime or sleaze free.
Who said it could?  Not sure what you're reacting to here.
Didn't use the Anywhere service, but this is a bit concerning; 1Password is a crucial application for me and many others, and if anyone had access to that data they could do major damage.  I'm not going to reactively crucify them for issues with a legacy format for a service that I didn't use, but they need to make a good response to this, and quickly.
Maybe I'm the last one to know, but I just discovered this by accident, really useful feature for peeking into web links, which is especially handy when browsing news websites.   Thanks Apple!
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