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^ That's only good advice when the company has scope to grow.  Investing in plant when producing more will just lead to excess supply and waste is equally foolish.  Returning money to shareholders so that they might invest in something with more growth opportunity might be a better idea for all involved.
Photos seem like a complete waste of time on the Watch.  Can't imagine ever using that.
^ Over-sesnsitivity point: proved.
^ It will have fluoro-elastomer tyres.
 Where is the justification for Apple profiting from software quality and marketability of top apps in the app store as opposed to the apps that are less expensive and less desirable?  Nowhere to be seen... Swings and roundabouts dude.
There were banner ads in the YouTube app? I never saw any.
No idea about Somerset, but Here has very good transit directions where I am.  It also has a very good option to overlay the transit routes on the map, which is better than anything I've seen in GMaps.  No Streetview, but I suspect Apple are working on their own version of that.
No one did.  You entirely made up this entire tangent when you took issue with the idea that consumers and their money are the root of job creation.  Because without someone to consume the fruit of labour, labour is worthless.  No one suggested that was just a single relationship between consumer and employee, you made that up in your head.   Especially silly since this thread, and this forum is about Apple.  Apple's products are not required by anyone to "Step 1 -...
 What are you basing that on?
 The data isn't good so people don't use the service, but you don't think it's worth Apple purchasing data because people don't use the service? I tend to use GM too, because the transit directions are very good in London; Apple certainly have a few things they need to do if they want to be the app of choice for all, but they'll never compete if they don't try, either internally or by acquisition.
New Posts  All Forums: