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I have the P7s, and while they sound good I wouldn't wear them outside the house; they've very large.
In the past, Apple had never spent more than $1bn on an acquisitionToday, Apple have spent $3bn on Beats. Maybe the impact on the books is the only thing different about this acquisition, but given the scale of the difference, I don't think many would be surprised if other differences are on the cards. Many people think a large part of the value in this deal is the consumer brand value, something that has never really been true with an Apple acquisition before.  Throwing...
I didn't raise the quibble, and you responded to it.  Dismissing it as quibbling once you've been proved wrong is rather cowardly, and calling someone wrong without any supporting evidence doesn't mean anything.  You're disputing me, but you're not refuting me.  When you do that, I'll take you seriously.     Here is the dictionary definition of refute: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/refute Note the "to prove" part   Here is the dictionary definition of...
Took me 5 days to get my BTO Macbook Air a couple weeks ago, but I was pretty happy with that anyway.  What's a couple of extra days when the damn thing is coming from China via 3 or 4 European countries and ending up in the middle of the English countryside.  I think 5 days is pretty amazing.  
You are wrong.   Refute means disprove by providing evidence.  Apple haven't done that (not that they need to or anyone is asking).  They've denied it, or they've disputed it, they haven't refuted it.   Also, it isn't grammar, it's semantics.
Amazing article.  Off the charts.
Bottom left key
Any particular reason?  I find OneDrive to be a very good service, fast, easy to use, well integrated, and plenty of storage.
I don't think I've moved any goalposts or used any diversions or straw man arguments, but you seem quite wound up about it, so I'll let it lie.
They're certainly not as popular as they were, but what about them lacks credibility?
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