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What satellites are you talking about?  The ones that gave you the chart that you cleverly tilted above?   So they came from woodfortrees.org, let's head over there....   Oh my word, look at that - http://woodfortrees.org/plot/  The default timeline for that chart is completely different to the one that you posted, and shows a clear upwards trend.  Even changing the data source to match what you set it as shows the same upwards trend if you take the data from the...
If you're hearing that then you're listening to bad reporting.  Climate doesn't change daily, weather changes daily.  Climate is aggregated weather over a long enough period that a trend can be observed.  Climate can change, but not daily.
No, what's the problem? There's a few video channels I regularly watch on YouTube where I don't much care about the video, just the audio, so putting it in the corner while I do other things, or even entirely off screen would be useful.
 Good point, which alphabets does San Francisco cover?  Just the Latin, plus close derivations presumably?  Excuse my ignorance, but does arabic, cyrillic, hanzi and other different alphabets have wide font support and variances?  Would a San Francisco style of kanji make sense?
Categorically untrue.  It does not.   Should I report you for libel? (I won't, because I'm not ridiculous)
Pretty sure they'll still be licensing Helvetica and many other fonts.  Not being the system font doesn't mean it isn't on the system.
A replaceable battery to satisfy the few would negatively impact the structural integrity and design of everyone's iPhone.  A few software features that you don't have to use do not negatively impact your experience.  Don't like PIP?  Watch the video full screen.  Don't like multitouch text selection?  Don't use it.
 Congratulations, that was my point.
The complaint is about them being paid for that time while the bag search is taking place.  With the bag searches you've seen done elsewhere were the staff compensated for the delay, or expected to wait past the end of their shift?
Still think they should crowdsource this widespread stuff.  They have the users, and they have the technology, and they certainly have the money to offer user rewards (rather than paying drivers).  Just write an algorithm that detects areas of low information, then geotarget users in that location to ask them to (opt-in) go/drive around and take photos with their iPhone, with geotagging, for Apple Rewards.  Uberize it, and then it's super easy to roll out to cities and...
New Posts  All Forums: