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I'm not the arbiter of moderation, and don't have a fully-formed book o' policy handy.   Off the top of my head, you do want an authority to police/prevent illegal cyber activity, including but not limited to: illegal money transfers, sale of illegal goods, spreading of illegal media (child pornography etc).   Other things you might want them to do: enforce net neutrality, educate children on use of the internet.
 And government research, support, and regulation led or contributed to the creation of the internet, the telephone network, the electricity grid, and the business and skills environment and standardisations that the iPhone, personal computers and so many modern conveniences rely on. Both are important, and both are problematic when they are unmoderated.
What flaws in Windows come anywhere near justifying the "criminal" hyperbole? Not being as elegant as OS X isn't illegal.
Someone else will have to help, I don't have the new Pages to know the specifics of how the saving works. If saving the document to iCloud solves the problem, I'd suggest just doing that for all the documents, if that's practical.
From within Pages try File > Open and open your documents that way?  Then, if that opens, save a new version to native .pages format.
Don't be pointlessly pedantic, you know exactly what he means.
A failure with TouchID is probably still exposed to a developer of jail brake apps without giving them any access to the fingerprint or hash. I don't disagree, this would be great functionality to have, and increases the value of jail breaking.
Since the iPhone 5C is a rough stand-in for the iPhone 5 this year (yes it has improvements, but it's in the same slot) then separating it on the graph shows a potentially misleading picture.  The graph appears to show the 5C languishing, but if you combine it with the 5 numbers, then the combination of the two is right up at the top, and holding relatively steady at around 40%.   Also, without comparison to how the proportions moved in previous years, these values...
No, none of these do what you claim.  They offer app level security, but nothing on the lock screen.   It is impossible for an app to take control of the lock screen and trigger actions on a failed unlock attempt on an iOS device that hasn't been jailbroken.
Can't find anything that doesn't require jailbreaking, as expected.
New Posts  All Forums: