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Monopoly is generally held to be 70% Don't know the figures, but it's plausible that YouTube could be serving 70% of internet video, it's a big site.
Think it's pretty clear he meant 47, with one more to go, and excluding Alaska and Hawaii from the total. Easy enough mistake to make, he had 50 in his mind, the started thinking about the exact number, worked back to the 7, then his tongue got a little tied over what he was thinking.
Pretty understandable that Wall Street looks to iPhone units, since that's their biggest selling product and has their highest margins. They make very little comparatively on services, and there's little evidence that will change any time soon. Wall Street looks to the money, not the tangential offerings. Not convinced by this analyst.
D-pad is more PS like. The contours are a bit more Xboxy, but overall it sits squarely between them, not really enough like either one to be grounds for any singular accusations of copying.
Are you kidding? The point was that Apple could add Swype as an option and it wouldn't be wholly against principle because the have other choices and configuration options in iOS. You can't logically use the fact that Swype isn't on the iPhone as an argument for Swype not being added to the iPhone. Unless you are actually insane. Waiting on any acknowledgement of the false accusation of a strawman argument...
Apple offer no choices or configuration in their software? Odd that I have all these options in Settings.app then. I must have been imagining it when I turned Control Center off, changed the wallpaper, modified ringtones, added text expansion shortcuts and made numerous modifications to the behaviour of the keyboard. So, are you going to apologise for calling a legitimate point a strawman then?
The layout is more like the PS controller, so don't see what cause Microsoft have to complain. I strongly doubt they have a trademark claim over AB and XY buttons or the "One" suffix especially since Nintendo use the same labels for buttons, and everyone and his cat has used the One suffix (HTC, Palm, Sony, Mini)
You keep laughing at things that aren't funny, which is a mark of a crazy person.Why do "choices and configuration options" suggest hardware rather than software in your warped little mind? Or is this another case where you keep your own private definitions of common words that everyone else is expected to have foreknowledge of?
I also love your first paragraph where you seem to be suggesting that your ability to quote things will come as a surprise to me. I asked you to do that.
What? I'm not claiming I didn't say those things. What's your problem with them? Note the critical application of "if" and "might", and the lack of any proof of policy put forward this far. Calling something troubling is an opinion, not an assertion of fact. Again, what do you want me to prove, and what have I made up? This is getting really pathetic. I genuinely would respect you a lot more if you would just admit that posted hastily and apologised. But you seem to...
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