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Well, when the alternative narrative is that he's "the most hated since the end of WW2" then a different, less hysterical view can be useful.  The Gallup approval polls actually show that even at his worst points, Obama's pollings have been above the respective worst of Bush 2.0, Bush 1.0, Carter, Nixon, Truman, Ford, Reagan... hell actually every President since WW2 except Kennedy and...
I won't just try, I'll succeed...   The exact words?  He did not say them.  He said he was leaving in different words, but the second part of your "quote" is entirely your imagination.   So I might be a troll (aside: I'm not), but you're definitely a liar.  And you've painted yourself into an absurd corner in this thread and made yourself look very foolish.
As if parenting isn't hard enough, now they have to be electronic device experts and administrators as well.   Consumer protection agencies exist because caveat emptor needn't always apply.  The seller has a responsibility to provide a reasonable product.
Only just, and the incumbent will always carry a current bias for those kinds of questions, whether good or bad.   Obama's average approval rating still seem to be tracking above Bush's at exit.
That's the first time you've asked for any, you originally just insulted him.  Don't start acting coyly innocent and rational now.
True enough, thanks for the correction.  I think it probably has a fair impact though.  I seem to remember reading that Apple normally negotiated a 90 day window for paying their subcontractors (no citation, sorry), so taking that down to 15 days is a substantial reduction, which commits their cash when it could be sitting in a high interest-bearing account, or doing something else. "Fair impact" obviously comes in the context of Apple's many billions of reserves, so I'm...
Good for you.  But that doesn't mean that other people doing a similar thing aren't doing it for very different reasons.
Point to the industry-led initiative to take the principled stance.  That's why.
 I don't think gay men or women are trying to get each other pregnant, so what is the relevance?  Plus, gay love is not all about sex. Aside from that, the list of things that men will put their penis in to get pleasure is a very long list, and probably gets a new addition every day.  The vagina is certainly not alone in it's ability to produce pleasure, nor is it unheard of for heterosexual sex to be uncomfortable and to cause tearing and other unpleasantries.  And don't...
Why not?  Markets can be wrong, markets can be self-destructive and markets can fail.  So can government and regulation of course, neither are perfect.
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