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Are you suggesting they are?  Effective corporation tax rate on non-US profits of Don't you think that kind of imbalance is fuelling an anti-competitive environment?I don't think I used the word demand a lot at all, twice by my count in the same sentence back on page 1, and I was using it as a synonym for legislate, with the implication that it is needed to enforce a principle.  You used it more in your cute little "demand" quotations back at me to casually imply I was...
 Obviously not, because it's a reaction exaggerated for effect.  I'm not responding to that, I'm responding to you.
 Only the last one of those links has anything to do with technology, and in it appears the EU is standing its ground.  It may not be winning the fight any time soon, but it's fighting it.  So not gutless. The Ukraine one is hardly a simple situation, and in the spying one the entire point is that the commissioner is under fire for backing down.  Maybe she was gutless, but she's being taken to task for it.
 No one is demanding that. And as you mention, Apple already does that in one area, with WebKit, so it's not all that ridiculous.
That's all well and good, but it's the specific implementation details that get the juice flowing, and if you're having to interpret high level abstractions that are bogged down by years of legacy (which I understand OpenGL is) then you're pretty encumbered from the start.  Apple have ditched the legacy and brought in something much closer to the specific implementation details that allow developers to write much closer to the machine.  And yes, that makes cross platform...
Really?  Seems almost exactly the same to me, and almost completely non-functional eye-candy in both cases. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with non-functional eye-candy, but call a spade a spade.
It's been two weeks Dan.  No one is going to drop developing with Unity because they haven't updated their development kit with technology announced just two weeks ago.  Especially not with all the other benefits Unity offers. Apple worked with Unity to develop Metal, so name checking it as a contrast to Metal doesn't really sit right.  Unity have publicly stated their support for Metal, and will update their tools soon enough.  Given the development lifecycle of games...
??? They weren't gutless when they fined Microsoft or Intel, or put restrictions on Google. Why are they "gutless"?  What have they done (or not done) that showed a lack of guts?  Especially in the area of resisting the influence of US technology firms.
 I agree, demanding 100% improvement every single year doesn't sound like a sustainable strategy; Tick-Tock works pretty well for Intel.
If people are apathetic enough about their health enough to eat unhealthily, then I doubt appealing to their wallet or their insurance coverage will have much impact.
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