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What is uneducated about that whine?  Is there a secret way to uninstall preinstalled apps that you enlightened users aren't letting on about?
What a weird word to throw in there.  Do you have any proof that he has been a liar since before he was able to speak?
Sounds fairly similar to the accusations often levied against anyone posting anything not in favour of Apple that they're a paid up Google or Samsung shill. I think this has more basis than that.  Has any professional who has spoken out against climate change been totally unaffiliated with any industry that has an interest in lax environmental regulation?  There seems to be a depressing inevitability that they all end up being exposed as on the dime of the Kochs or Exxon...
Thank heaven they ditched that ridiculous library nav button. Going from a one click solution to a two click solution was never going to be a good idea.
Hell to the yes! If I have to watch that 2 minute opener to Game Of Thrones one more time I will be most vexed.
Sure is, but that happened two pages after you complained about name calling.
90% of their customers won't ever hear about it.  90% of those that do won't care.  Half of the remainder might be pissed off, while half will be pleased.   It won't move any needles.
Oh, I see the name calling now.
Traits that are very suitable for a career in PR.
What name calling?
New Posts  All Forums: