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A requirement (or an optional security setting) for TouchID or your iTunes/Apple password in order to switch cards would be a pretty good idea, I think.
Howso?  There are 54% of devices that haven't upgraded, and that's not including those that haven't connected to the store recently (which presumably skews to older OSs).  If 40% of devices can't run iOS8, well that just means that a lot of the devices that can have been upgraded, but not all, and certainly not an impossible amount.
Does the Chinese equivalent of the FCC execute people?
I guess that could be useful, but the iPhone 6 won't do that either (save indirectly, via Handoff), so again, I don't think the security of the WATCH is the concern.
25% processor speed increase and a die shrink is so easy my mother could do it Improving things is so boring, why do they even bother?   No revolution, no respec' /s
Or, get a cable that doesn't rely on weak sleeves and strain relief, and have a bit of flex that still manage to be cheaper than Apple's, while being more robust.  There are plenty of hardy USB cables around that can be had very cheaply.  That's the point, and it stemmed from an unsubstantiated claim that $25 Thunderbolt cables are 15 times more resilient than $2 USB cables.  Apple cables are more expensive and yet more frail than comparable cables.  Which is why I don't...
Nor do Google.  They sell advertising space that is weighted to appeal to you through analysis of the data that Google collects, in line with their Terms Of Use.  I'm not sure in what world that could be called whoring and it's a pretty gross comparison.
Perhaps, but it's a cable, I don't want to have to treat it like a baby.  Plus it's not particularly well built for connecting and disconnecting, it requires a fair bit of force and there's no much grip room round the little sleeve near the Lightning connector.  Other, often cheaper cables are much more robust, that's the point.
 Huh?  How would you even use the watch to buy things online?  For that surely you'd need watch apps with stores and all sorts of stuff that would be painful to use on a watch?  I doubt it's anything to do with security and much more to do with it being a horrible user experience to even contemplate.
Sure they are.  And so is my Apple Lightning cable, frayed beyond any use, just like many dock cables before it.   Third party cables are much more reliable in my experience.  I recently bought some Juicies, and they seem much more robust so far.
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