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This is about tablets though, and I think Amazon Kindle Fires are included in the Android figures, which presumably isn't activated by Google?  Likewise all other non-Google Play Android devices.
Wouldn't be a useful stat to an individual buyer even if it was available. What you want is a comparison between the number of Macbook thefts when they were secured with a Kensington lock compared to number of rRMP thefts where the user would have used a Kensington lock if possible. Obviously that stat also isn't available.
Really?  Pretty rubbish feature then if no one knows about it because it never gets explained. If nothing else, what Apple mean will become clearer when the product ships.
With no clarification of what that statement means, it doesn't really tell us anything.  If it all happens on-device in a user-visible way it's hardly a problem.  e.g. since location is a part of calendar appointments, then it makes sense for iOS to be intelligent enough to tell that I want to drive where my next appointment is, if it's in 30 minutes time, and a 30 minutes drive away.  Doubly do if I've put in transit time (built into Mac OS X Calendar).  If the location...
 Except that they haven't done anything.  I'm not locking it up from a horde of people I know to be sociopaths, I've taking a minimal-effort precaution against the possibility of one person being an opportunistic thief.   I never mentioned two minutes, and the time period isn't particularly relevant anyway.  Only takes a few seconds to swipe a laptop.  A place like what?  A place with other people?  I'm not judging my colleagues or visitors at all, just taking a sensible...
That's a monumental leap to go from reasonable caution to a judgement of everyone else as sociopaths.  I don't think of anyone I work with as a sociopath, but I also work in a building of a hundred people, and I don't know all of them that well.   Plus, we have visitors to our office who I can't account for.  It's no great skin off my nose, as part of my normal docking ritual, to attach a Kensington lock.  If I were to use my own personal Macbook, I'd be doubly inclined to...
Interesting, thanks.
I'm not sure there's anywhere short of a private home office where I'd feel comfortable just leaving a £1,000+ easily baggable machine on display.  I'm sure it'd be fine 99.9% of the time, but it only takes one 0.1% to have your day ruined. Plus, as someone else mentioned, it's not just workplaces; laptops get taken everywhere and a Kensington lock is a nice and flexible bit of added (not infallible, but nothing is) security.
I don't give a damn about the optical drive, but it'd be nice to see a workhorse non-Retina Macbook in the middle, that's a little bit thicker and heavier, but comes with mega battery life.  Retina is great, but performance and battery is better.
Apple can be careless with their own confidential material as much as they want, but when another party has a stake in the confidential material then Apple has obligations to keep it confidential, or face legal consequences.  Obviously.
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