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I'm really interested in this, and think an AppleTV is going to struggle to match it for gaming. Good work Sony.
Because the chassis is the most important part of premium consumer electronics¡
Lightning cables are expensive, USB cables are cheap, so why would the adaptors get thrown away? I'll be happy to take yours off your hands.
If they make the iPhone waterproof then Apple can't take my money quickly enough.
Me neither. What micro USB adaptors, and why will almost all of them end up in landfill?
They could just use the sub-mini 2.5mm audio jack and plug instead of the 3.5mm. Quite a few phones do/did. The use of the 3.5mm was widely applauded for its compatibility when the iPhone was released. I can't imagine they'll take any decision to change it lightly, and a transition path will be on their roadmap.
I believe the iPod Shuffle was Apple's first wearable device.
Not sure about that, more than once I've dropped my iPhone but managed to catch it by the headphone cord before it hit the ground. Handy bit of contingency there!
Assuming that this is true (which is a Godzilla-sized assumption), why are Apple  again walking headlong into a autumn release fest.  Surely it makes more sense to stagger releases of your product line throughout the year, rather than have one super heavy period?
And Apple have already done something similar to this with the FM radio remote, which connected to iPods via the Dock connector, and had a 3.5mm pass-through to headphones.   If Apple made a similar dongle with Lightning connector on one end, and headphone clicker/microphone and a 3.5mm port on the other, then you get the best of all (wired) worlds.  They'd definitely need to package one with every iPhone though, not sell it as an extra dongle.
New Posts  All Forums: