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No. If I'm playing games for any significant length of time and with any kind of action intensity where I'm gripping the pad the last thing I want is a slate. I want grips and contours that my hands can fit round. Minimalist elegance here would be horribly uncomfortable; Apple would do better to learn from existing controllers.
Surprising how often you (and only you) hear that, isn't it?By the way you said it wrong, it's "I'm leaving because you're childish and impossible and this isn't a real debate".
If you prove that then you have something to add to the conversation.
Where is this even suggested, let alone likely?Youtube offering dual formats doesn't force anyone to do anything.And if VP9 is lacking then Google will improve it. They have a vested interest in making the technologies they use as efficient as possible and have shown their competence in doing so, e.g. SPDY, Go.
Wasn't that always the case? Anyone who relied on raw counts of apps to prove iOS's superiority was best ignored.
Presumably if Bluetooth is switched off its a non-starter?
The reason it might be a consideration is the obvious one that should be apparent from the criticism being applied, diversity and representation. If Apple doesn't have any women on its exec team then issues affecting women might sail past the male only group. If there are no black men then they may lack an appreciation of what matters to their black employees and customers. And moreover, what message is an an all-white, all-male exec team sending to the thousand of...
Don't be so petty and pathetic.
Probably correct, but I was expressing a hope, not an expectation.
The company doesn't get "punished", the share price gets revised in line with new information and expectations.
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