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Calling angry white mean "angry white men" is certainly operationally correct.
Some of those panoramas are really weird.  The Thames and Covent Garden shouldn't look like that.
 Do you actually have any documented proof of the "most posts in these forums from the UK" claim?  Have you been counting? Aside from being a pile of nonsense in that there are plenty of pro-Apple UK people here, why do you even care where people are from?  Why does it matter to you where "that kind of garbage" is coming from, except to use it as a nationalistic tool to counter-troll people? People from the UK got just as pissed off at BF as everyone else did.  I was...
Pretty sure that there's been a guy saying this the day before every economic crash in the past twifhundred years.
 That might be true of some, but my phone is always either in my hand, or in one of my more accessible pockets.  My card is inside my wallet which is awkward, and I tend to stash it away (and some people will keep in a bag).  I think the phone will be easier for me, and at least a few others. Plus, Watch.
Works out well.  I'd decided I wouldn't upgrade my iPhone (5S) until Pay was operational, so now I'm happy to wait for the 6S.   Hope the banks start announcing too, as I was thinking of switching accounts as well.
Not sure what Apple has to gain by doing this.  Seems petty.
^ He didn't say it was.  Again with inserting this hang up of yours about the US not being a democracy.  Sure it isn't.  But it is democratic. And it's hardly relevant to the conversation anyway. 
Seems a lot more sensible to me, I never really understood where the subsidy model had come from.     Something funny going on with that table though - for one, it doesn't match the one on Apple's site at http://store.apple.com/us/carrier-financing-overlay/att?product=MGF02LL/A (initial phone cost on the 2 year contract), and two, (going by Apple's site) it can't be right that you can get an iPhone for just $40 activation fee, with no real commitment (a 2 year contract...
New Posts  All Forums: