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I do know what artificial means 
This artificial muscle sounds amazing, and gross.  Here's hoping they give the first Terminators rubber skin, so we can spot them easily.
Suggests that the marketing images probably have been Photoshopped.
Huh? The Kindle is very successful.
Very surprising how high end Amazon has gone.
It's not without issues, but the most recent update put a lot of fixes in to the management of subscriptions, auto-downloads and auto-deletes, which was greatly appreciated by me. It still occasionally does the annoying thing when you pause a podcast then resume only to hear music.app instead though.I definitely think it's been built with iCloud syncing in mind. Whenever I cable connect to iTunes everything goes a bit screwy.
Apple bribed contracted Microsoft to make Office for Mac back in 1997. You do what you need to do to keep business rolling.
http://blog.tunheim.com/2014/03/26/rising-popularity-podcasts-listeners-rediscovering-podcasts/1438#.U6Fez_ldWno Seems pretty healthy
Funny that a lot of the things Kanye is being accused of here: egomania, juvenility, shooting his mouth off; are things that Steve Jobs was often accused of.   Maybe he's succeeding in his attempts to emulate after all.
Silliness. Obviously you'd want to get your notifications when you wake up, or exit the roller coaster, or finish whatever it was you were doing that meant you weren't paying attention to your phone.I think you've completely misread me there, and it's led to a sentence that makes no sense. Most people are not in constant physical contact with their phone. That's the point. Notifications get missed.Not really, but that's not the point and never has been the point. All...
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