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So will USB.  What's your point then?  Where did the "4 years" claim vanish to?
Where's the evidence that Thunderbolt cables are 15 times as reliable as USB cables? I've never had a USB cable fail on me.  Excepting a few Apple iPod cables, and one Lightning cable that is, but I'll blame the manufacturer for that.
I'm going to assume the post was self-referential, just to be contrary 
Assuming that you're counting wearing the watch as using one hand, how exactly are you supposed to make a watch that doesn't require two hands to operate with any degree  of complexity?
Thunderbolt hasn't been reversible, DisplayPort 1.3 compatible or capable of carrying 5K video for any years. Meanwhile USB is popular.
But... big is unusable, right?  Seems to be playing right into your court. Although, apart from the word "Compact" in the name, it's not really playing the small game all that much, it's putting forward other compelling features.  And it's not that small.
I didn't deliberately obfuscate anything, I directly quoted a Microsoft ad that I saw on the Tube yesterday.  Claiming prior knowledge about another person's intent makes you look very arrogant.  Stop being so provocative and people might like you more.
Lighter Than Air is a really good ad slogan.
I'm pretty sure Apple weren't reacting to the AppleInsider forums or me personally, which are the contexts that I'm talking in.
And that is the sound of a butthurt fan.
New Posts  All Forums: